Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stunned silence when the TCM doctor told me that I need to undergo acupuncture treatment during the consultation.

I wanted to say no but it's either I will continue to suffer or just endure a lil while and recover.

A total of 7 or 8 needles.
2 on my hand and the rest on my head and neck.

it seems I have used to the bitterness

Lesson learnt: don't get overloaded again.

I need to get more rest


  1. Wei Xiong said...
    Feel pain when needles stuck your skin?
    ~* kY *~ said...
    like ant bite. but i don't like the feeling when it actually stays there for about 20 minutes! you can feel the numbness and the blood flow >.<
    Wei Xiong said...
    Oh. Can't you move your hand, head and neck when you having acupuncture?
    ~* kY *~ said...
    haha... good question. I was so terrified that I did not ask the doctor that time. I think better not to move it and let it flow smoothly..
    Frances said...
    Surely, those who would undergo the procedure of acupuncture might fear it first since needles would be used but those from the Synergy Institute will definitely mention that the sting will only hurt for seconds, but its benefits will be for long term.

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