Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hong Kong, a random destination with my friend for 4D3N.
Made the bookings and there we go.
I really love the fast-paced city and everyone seem to be so efficient.

Yes, including the walking pace where you can hardly find someone blocking your way.
Hey, that's my walking speed too and I like it.
Clean and organised - words that I would describe Hong Kong.

17th March 2013 (Sunday)
Check in > Ho Hung Kee Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop > Tom Lee Music Outlet > Lan Kwai Fong > Hollywood Road & Upper Lascar Row/ "Cat Street" > Tai Cheong Bakery > Man Mo Temple > Western Market > Stanley Market > Stanley Waterfront > Stanley Promenade v Murray House > Stanley Plaza > Times Square @ Causeway Bay > leisure street walk around Causeway Bay area

landing at the Lantau Island soon..

 Airport Express

何洪记 Ho Hung Kee Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop
(Michelin-starred Restaurant)

The dry noodle was too sweet due to excessive honey sauce; the noodle soup was good.

 蜜味叉烧捞面 (Roasted Pork with Honey Sauce Dry Noodle) HKD 58;  叉烧云吞面 (Roasted Pork & Wonton Noodle Soup) HKD 50

condiment & vinegar marinated vegetable cubes

the wonton was real big and fresh!            The kitchen is located just next to the entrance

Long queue right after we step out from the restaurant. we were very lucky to dine over there right away without having the need to queue.

Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌饼家 Egg tart HKD 6 each
Fresh from owen, I must say the egg tart was really crispy and the aroma of it filled the air even before you enter the bakery shop! Must try

The historic Man Mo Temple 文武庙 that was built in the 27th year of Emperor Daoguang, Qing Dynasty (1847 A.D.).

Western Market
上環街市/  西港城

赤柱市集 that's Stanley Market behind me

Stanley Waterfront

Poodles in the ladies

a row of newly-renovated ancient style guest house and residence

it's a pretty common thing that you can see pet dogs (no stray dogs at all!) are everywhere and there's even a special spot for 'dog parking'!
that Husky was really a good dog

yeah, they were right in front of Starbucks & Mc Donald's 

Pork Sausage Burger with egg at McD. haha

Yes, that was Stanley Plaza

Double Bass book section...

so I was the last customer of the day at Parson Music Group, Times Square Causeway Bay. heee
It was the showroom with crystal glass grand piano!

I like the mirrors in the washroom that they were designated as magazine cover with the wordings at side. my camwhore skill is truly not good -___-
(hey that's my miro's last photo before I lost it back in Malaysia :x )

Hui Lau San 许留山 Dessert. Nothing special, it's almost the same price and same small portion that we can get in Malaysia.

Street food at late night: 鱼蛋烧卖 Fish balls & dumplings HKD 20 (12 pieces)
Not very fresh and they were quite sticky.

Well, we actually went to 2 music outlets today: Tom Lee Music & Parsons Music, concluded that the books over there were not cheaper than what we can get back in our own country :(
Anyway, it was good that the 2 outlets were just walking distant from our place.

18th March 2013 (Monday)
Lin Heung Tea House > St. John's Cathedral > Peak Tramway > Victoria Peak > ... (tbc in next blog entry!)

Yay, I manage to wake up on time early in the morning (perhaps that's the power of my favourite breakfast: dim sum). haha

 did you see the birds in the bird cage on top?

One thing I realise was that Hong Kong bun outer layer and skin of the dumplings, cheong fun or wonton tend to be real thick. Perhaps that's the original HK style?
So this breakfast cost us HKD $128 in total including chinese tea.
Food was fresh, overall quite nice but the skin was a bit thick for me.. haha
Another michelin-starred restaurant.

It was moving real fast, pretty YAI YAI.

I really love the licensed plat over there. ICEMAN, LOVE YOU, BEN 10 are the few that caught my sight and stayed in my mind. Ohya, ICEMAN was drove by a lady!

 "Ding ding" bus on the road

hmm.. so this was what we seen outside of the bank with an old man sitting there protesting...

St. John's Cathedral, the oldest surviving western ecclesiastical building in HK, the oldest Anglican church in the Far East that was built in 1849. The 2nd church that I've entered besides the Wesley Methodist church in my former high school that was built in 1897.

 macam yes. lol

there was a team of church members doing cleaning job; they were really particular and mindful on that.

what a steep slant road

 it feels real good to be surrounded by peaceful and picturesque environment

 on the way heading to the peak via the peak tram!

in the peak tram.

It was another world on the peak... And... More details coming up on next blog post!