Thursday, August 26, 2010


Blogging again in library of my campus.
Yes, Hunter is in front of me now.
Haha, we are waiting for the meeting which will be held later at 5pm.
Nothing special happened in my campus life.
Having typical uni life here, tonnes of assignments need to be done.
Glad that my activity 1/ first assignment due today!
1 Assignment down.

Oh well, went Farah & Ana's residence with WTeng..
They saved us from being waiting forlornly for the rain to stop!
Haha... Many thanks to them... :)

Just checked my final exam's time table.
It will be held on the day just after my concert days!!!
Gosh... I'll be dead meat then...
Time management is crucial!!

Raya holiday is coming!
Can't wait for it...
Can't wait to meet my siblings & friends....
Miss you all so much (you know who you are)
met up with some of my siblings on last Sunday.
shared loads of interesting uni life over there...
I get to try McD's GCB at last!
the portion is not that big but cost like double of the McValue meal...
Not as nice as expected..
Perhaps I've too much expectation on it since most of my friends said it's very nice.
Not to be forgotten,
get their hair trimmed at saloon before going back to hostel.
" Do you want to trim your hair? Like your fringe...?" the hairstylist asked.
" Haha...  No thanks, I would like to try on side swept."
I actually trimmed my hair 1 week ago, not cutting that short so not that obvious.
Yes, except trimming fringe.
Shopped for attire and accessories for the course night of MHua.
Managed to bought a cap that match the theme of the night.
OMH!!! Wish you will be the Course King of the year!!
May my scarfs suit your costume & bring some fortune for you.
* finger-crossed *

Look smarter with short & trimmed hair. Haha...
Ohya, had a great hands-on experience of changing tyre at night while we were heading home.
A tyre of the car was punctured and we actually gathered the knowledge that we know (not all of us actually learnt how to change tyre), and fixed it!
It was our first time~!
 Saw the tanner one? MHua, you really get tanned a lot!!! D:
 Tadaa... almost done!

Of course, all of us went home safely :D

I've been kind of depressed lately...
Planned to go for mental health talk actually, yet it clash with my class.
Apologies to those that I ignore or try to end up every single conversation with me... =S
In the process of gaining more positive thoughts & motivations to recuperate...
Yeah, I am getting better, thanks to all my friends who are supporting me by all means... ^^
Glad to have you all~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"It's good to keep a journal or blog..." my tutor told during tutorial session.
"Hey how you doing lately?", "...", "How's life?", "..."
Since I don't really have time on catching up, chatting with friends via sms, calls or windows live messenger,
so here I am, blogging again.

Admitting that I am not that kind of easygoing, adaptable and sociable people, I still need some time to mingle around...
Pardon me if I was sort of ignorant...

Anyway, went shopping mall nearby my campus on the second day after the commencing of tutorial class.
Not for mere fun or hang out.
Instead, for assignment purpose.
Aiks, haven't get my books for my sem...
I don't have any basis for few subjects!
Definitely need more time on coping with my studies...
Eileen, I understand your condition...

Although I am not at outstation like most of my friends, yet I kinda miss my dear, siblings and friends!
Got a call yesterday night from CCSK, after I reached home not long ago.
"Where are you? Wanna come out yumcha with us later?", "...", " You come la, I fetch you home"
 A super random gathering by a super random gang.
Hey tell me earlier mah, I just came back from that area...
Was planning to go to bed already.
Really miss you guys a lot...
The super random, hilarious yet inspiring gang.
Its really hard to meet you all as you all are very busy as well..

Oh yes,
supposedly will be having siblings gathering today and...
My dear is coming back today!
Only one day and will be going back on Sunday..
Should have went the opening ceremony of National month at my previous secondary school today too!
Yes, the alumni is having gathering as well and some sort of activities in conjunction with that.
Here's a great random & spontaneous artwork in collaboration with Patriotic/National month celebration by the alumni & juniors...
This is so fantastic!
"KY~ u should come u know. it really fun. XD"
"Yes I know, Lukhman. =X"
I couldn't meet them even I wanted to, deadly.
Invitation on Saturday is a big no no for me.
Only if I could split myself into two. [quoted from Shir]

Received notification from KFong about music exchange concert with Penang SB...
The rehearsals will be on weekday nights.
Looking at my current level, I don't know how shall I react about this.
Excited? Sad?
or both?!

Mr. Nonami is coming for this rehearsal...

How well can I perform?
I don't want to be the black sheep!

Passion of life, where are you?

Before I forgot,  an early Happy Birthday to bro a.k.a. daddy!
Sorry for not able to turn up your invitations...

Monday, August 2, 2010

During commercial break while watching tv programmes, I guess you are probably seen the advertisements by Nippon Paint, and of course, those adorable mascot - Blobby!!
Haha... Well, Nippon company doesn't pay me for posting this, but I just love these cute blobbies :)
Below are some of their ads & wallpapers:





There's a collection of calendar wallpaper too!
However it's only from March 2009 till Feb 2010 =(








*October 2009 is missing =[





Your Colour Your World

Solar Effect 2010

Spotless 2010

Aircare 2010


Credits to Nippon Paint Sdn Bhd. and the designer(s).

Blobbies are lovely, aren't they? xD

p/s: too long didn't blog using html code... the alignments are kind of messed up =x

Time Flies!

Yoohoo, I'm hitting 100th post in my blogspot!
Well, as the above-mentioned, time do flies!
Looking back and see how far I've went through..
Tomorrow will be the Annual General Meeting of Board of IT Brigade, in fact all the three main boards too!
I've been invited to attend the AGM tomorrow by my juniors.
Too bad, I couldn't make it as I need to attend my classes.
2nd Aug would be a memorable day I suppose..
Had the 1st Inter-school Graphic Design Competition in 2009 and AGM of batch 2009/2010 in 2010.
I still remember how was I elected as vice-chairman during the AGM in 2008, retire in 2009 and pass down to the next batch in 2009.
Look now, the batch of 2009 is going to retire tomorrow!
Being in a board, we had worked hard and carried out so many activities together like camp, benchmarking trip, competitions, IT week and so on...
So much of fun, laughter and also tears...
There were some misunderstandings and caused fights.
We nearly got into really huge trouble, became a well-spread news in school & almost cause our testimonial get affected.
If you are a keen reader of my blog or student of MBSSKL, you'd know what happened about the fights. Hah
Anyhow, glad that we've reconcile and be in good terms again at last!
Here are some photos that we've taken during our activities as a member of Board of IT Brigade:

 Pc fair outing... LOL
 Perak trip

CBD '09 performance
Board of IT Brigade 2008/2009
CBD '09
p/s: more unseen & haven't-exposed-photos taken during the benchmarking trip and other events will be posted in upcoming post! (I think I promised some people before long time ago that I'll post it. Sorry for the long delay.. >.<) Stay tune!

Ohya, and and....
The choir team that I've joined for many years in SMKBDP, coached by our beloved Pn. Leong.
A team that surely got a place in top 3 every year in the competition since the year it has formed in 2004 till now.
So much of effort, tears of joy & sorrow as well as precious time we've spent on it.
We even sacrificed our time during school, after school time and holiday for practices.
The team has been invited to perform in few occasions and gaining its fame.
A rising team I assume.
Although it may not be as good as SMK Kepong or CBN currently, but I know they can achieve it sooner or later.
Oh yes, they are preparing for releasing an album now!
Very excited and looking forward to it! :D
SMKBDP Choir Team '07
Contrary, I failed to raise the glorious time that I had in my previous school choir team in MBSSKL.
Insufficient time and ineffective teaching + training method on mbsskl choir team...
Blame on me.
Anyway, the members were still able to organize and carry out few events!
Great experience & exposure for them. No, it's us!
Nevertheless, really appreciate their (club members & even non-members! ) help & effort in making these events success.
And, the team performed during an Unicef event last year if I was not wrong.
Positive comments were gained!
Haha... Happy to hear that.
Umm... I was told some saddening news about the club this year...
A teacher was planning to change the music & choir club to dancing club!!
Of course, the m & c club teacher advisor is fighting for retaining the club.
Mmm... Then I didn't really catch up the news as I already retire & graduated what.
Anyway, wish the club will be retained and grow stronger!

Not to be forgotten, my dear morianz 08/09!!!!
Way too much to blog about it.
Will blog about it perhaps in the future?

Stop recollecting and back to reality TKY!!!
Early morning class tomorrow and get back to your bed then REST!

Move on & cheers!  :)