Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chris Botti in Boston

Huhu... Guess what, I was still editing my assignment at 3am on Friday before handing in.
It's a whole new subject for me and I wasn't confident on my work after editing for numerous time.
As a consequence, I can hardly wake up at 6am and go for class.
It was raining incessantly in the Friday morning, and just a nice weather to sleep.
It did not bring any cheer to my, however.
Rushed to class after woke up late and I was trapped in traffic jam on my way to campus!
Gosh... I had car sick throughout the way and nearly throw up in the car.
Received message from SEn that our tutor will end the class earlier and allow us to revise for the upcoming exam when I almost reached my campus.
I had a mixed feeling of happy & disappointment after getting know about this; happy in the case that I wasn't feeling well and I need to rest while a bit disappointed as I hope the tutor will show us more examples and enlighten us.
Umm... Friday night shall be a party or chill out night.
Yet, I need to attend classes in the morning and from evening til night, thus rejected Am's birthday party celebration and SB gang's gathering invitation...
How I wish I can join them... T.T

Well, nothing much to say about the fully-occupied Saturday.
As usual.
Skip it.

Oh yes, brought my lappy and transferred the Chris Botti in Boston from KFong today!

It's such an astonishing concert!
The music, indeed, melts my heart...
Emmanuel featuring Lucia one of my favourite songs.
(Uh oh, it's playing in my iTunes right now xD)
I used to dislike violin played in solo as the sound is quite grating for me, but Lucia's interpretation was just nice :)

They are so marvellous, aren't they? 

Watching the show makes me reminisce of the scene where Benny played his trumpet in school hall while we were staying back to practice for the promotion of musical instrument(s) competition.
Winter Sonata was our duet piece (yes, our favourite song!)
His playing and the echo projected in the school hall really intoxicating...
Anyhow, not to be forgotten, Yo-yo Ma and Josh Groban were performing in Chris Botti in Boston concert too!
And many guest players and singers who made this show an amazing one!
Big thanks to KFong for sending this to me ^^

Alright, signing off to study!
Exam's on tomorrow =x


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