Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My blog is in hiatus for a long while...  It's not other than hectic & busy schedule, as usual. Suddenly have the urge to post something & clear the dust over here. *winks*

13 April 2010
It's the day where KHeng turns 20th!!
Took leave and had a great celebration with her & friends at Sunway Pyramid.
Of course, we went ice-skating.
I never fell down in my first attempt of ice-skating!
Met JHao's gf at last.. xD
Thumbs up for food at Fullhouse.
Thanks EAun for the ride ^^

16 April 2010
* Scream *
Forgot to bring my piano lesson book to class today.
Play from memory throughout the lesson?
Gosh... Initially I thought I'm sure dead.
Neither have mood, concentrate nor play well during flute lesson.
* was Worrying & Sweating *
My flute teacher was considerate & did not angry with me.
Aiks... Feeling guilty =(
Surprisingly, my piano teacher did not scold me during piano lesson.
Instead, she suggested me to seek for help from two of my classmates.
Michelle lent me her book whereas CFei fetched me to and fro from Michelle's house to collect the book.
Big thanks to two of them for helping me even though they were not available that time.
It was a close call!
Lesson resumed after that...

17 & 18 April 2010
Went for a trip to Salad Bowl of Malaysia with friends/ colleagues.
"Budget budget" was always reminded to us from the "mom" aka tour guide of the trip, HHua...
Enjoyed the cool breeze at there instead of boiling atmosphere at KL.
In love with old-British style & vintage thingy :D

23 April 2010
Had an interesting music lesson today compared to previous.
Yesh... My teacher was using iPhone to teach us.
It would be nice if it was an iPad.
hoho... * dreaming *

25 April 2010
Define symphonic band.
State the role of flute in it.

27 April 2010
Just a coincidence, my classmate, coach & I were wearing purple apparel today.
Yes, same tone of purple.
My classmate & I were wearing purple shirt while my coach was wearing purple pants.
Two of us was at the end of the row, and the coach was teaching us in the middle front.
The scene formed in the mirror is just nice... :)
hearts purple~

Alright, time to rest!
Many things are awaiting to be done...!
Aza aza fighting~!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nice artwork from Jimmy, 几米 :D
Thanks Marilyn for sending these ^^