Sunday, January 29, 2012

Traveling is a very fun activity especially when you're exploring with your friends!
While I'm still enjoying my semester break, I'm trying to plan some trips if possible.
Yes, it can be motivating during the planning process and turn out to be relaxing during the trip!
What's more, when you have friends from different states that could bring you around the places...
One of the best parts is, awesome friends of mine even offer me to stay at their place..
Yeah, you can really save a lot of time and money thanks to them!
Hmm... Thinking back there are a few places that I've yet to travel in Malaysia...
Uh oh, those without being 'striked'...

1. Perlis
2. Kedah    
3. Penang
4. Perak
5. Kelantan
6. Terengganu
7. Pahang
8. Selangor
9. Negeri Sembilan
10. Malacca
11. Johor
12. Sarawak
13. Sabah

Oh yesh... I've yet to go to the islandssssss...
There's a long list of islands actually...
1. Pulau Langkawi
2. Pulau Pangkor 
3. Pulau Redang
4. Pulau Perhentian
5. Pulau Sibu
6. Pulau Tioman
7. Pulau Kapas
8. Pulau Sipadan
9. Pulau Lang Tengah

* KAKIss wanted for traveling! *
Meanwhile, I'm looking for friends especially from other state who is kind enough to bring me around when I travel that time...
I'm dreaming, no?

I traveling... Do you?


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