Monday, February 28, 2011


Here comes the end of Feb 2011!
A pretty short month (there’s only 28 days in this year) yet definitely an eventful month!!
Visited my relative in the hospital on the 2nd day of CNY, fall sick twice (zomg my health is so bad!), had reunion dinner with dearest Morianz and and…  back to AP comm for a week (LOL) and worked onsite on the last day of CNY.

I miss hantu, khinzir & miang!!

Back to KLMCCD to refresh my first aid skills and KLPAC SB has finally resume the rehearsal yesterday!
Mentioning about my work, I guess it was one of the luxurious IBM events that I’ve worked for as the invited guests not only had scrumptious lunch, they were also receiving a goodie bag containing ipod and.. a box of yee sang by Zuan Yuan Chinese cuisine at One World Hotel!!

You know what, each box of yee sang cost RM80++!
Such a deluxe luncheon~

the ingredients were freshly made!

just a random shot. teehee~

Uh oh, went for a fun-filled trip with my classmates to Johor and Singapore too.
Will blog about it on my next post.
Stay tuned readers! :D

Oh yeah, approximately 1 more month to go before my sem break ends…
Any job intro??? xD

Immigration Office

Took half day leave and went to settle my passport thingy on last Friday.
I know it was a last minute one but I was quite busy during weekdays…
Many people have been telling me that most probably I can’t get it done at such late hour with the you-know-why reasons.
Yet, I still give it a try and went to the Immigration office in the late afternoon.
It was my first time to go to the branch nearest to my place though it’s still quite far but thanks god, I manage to reach there within 20 minutes using my phone’s GPS function.
I love Android, seriously!!

To my delight, the security guard was very friendly and helpful.
Yeap, he was the one distributing the forms to those who want to renew or make a new passport.
It wasn’t as crowded as I’ve expected and my passport is done within 1 hour!

I guess it was quite efficient and time-saving compared to what I’ve heard from my friends and relatives who have been telling me that it’ll take me around 2 hours time or more.
Another highlight is that, besides weekdays, Immigration Offices operates on Saturday and Sunday too starting on 27 November 2010!
However, this only applies to certain branches:
1.       Putrajaya, Precinct 15
2.       Subang
3.       Pelabuhan Kelang
4.       Wangsa Maju, KL
Of course, these branches only operate from 8am to 1pm during weekends.

 pass by this shop when I was on my way back... it's located at Kajang.
according to my dad, this kind of building has more than 100 years of history... O:

Monday, February 21, 2011

TBS? Good news to those who take bus to or from Kuala Lumpur to other states! Haha..

It was my first visit to TBS at Bandar Tasik Selatan yesterday after having class.
Yeah, I am leaving KL and going to have fun at somewhere else... hehe... * excited *
Don't ask me why I don't drive to the destination instead since I've own driving license.
Well, my closies know this pretty well.
KLIA was the first thing that struck into my mind when I first stepped into the new bus station.
Yes, it looks like an airport!
Alright, time to let the pictures do the talking!  :)

 You can eat or shop at there... Quite many shops were not opened yet though...

 Like an airport.. No?

 Not only purchasing ticket is touch screen, even the directory too!!

1 more highlight, you need to buy your coupon/ prepaid card to dine at food court... haha

Oh yes, special thanks to YWey who came all the long way to my house and picked me up!
Sorry for being looked so tired... I was having bad flu and slight fever..
Umm.. I'll have to read the notes again to refresh my mind of what've being taught...
You know, sick people can hardly concentrate and remember well...   =S
Anyway, finally learnt foot drill today with the recruits...
It was quite funny when WXin was pointing at me and asked ''The one who kawad for so many times one, why are you here?''
Haha.. Or else I will drop dead especially before and after duty.
St. John Ambulance members would know why... ROFL


Cute eh?
Guess what is this...
Doughnut? Donut? Sinker? 甜甜圈?
Ahahaha... I''ll bet none of you would get it right :P

(except a group of certain ppl.. ) xD

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have you ever have a feeling of missing somebody, suddenly?
Randomly clicked and glanced through my friend's blog,  here I came across about her food trip at Petaling Street for the first time, I guess.

Well, browsing those photos that she took had recalled many memories of my dear and of course, Morianz and other MBS buddies.
My previous high school, Methodist Boys Secondary School KL, together with SJK(C) Jalan Davidson, Confucian Independent School and SMJK Confucian are located at the centre of city, Kuala Lumpur and it's just a stone's throw from Petaling Street.
Hence, we were always hanging out at that area, including Bukit Bintang; it's a place where there's no longer strange for us.
Since my dear and I went for tuition at Petaling Street as well, we used to have food adventure by going to different restaurants, food stalls and tried a variety of food before and after tuition as well as school hour.
Oh yes, before and after school events too!!
Haha... Sometimes, we fed our stomach with our lovely classmates, Morianz too  :D
It was very common to bump into Kensettians, other MBSians and even Victorians...
Though there are many people out there saying taking Form 6 is just a waste of time, I wouldn't agree about this statement.
Especially studied at this school.
I had all kind of adventures, unforgettable experiences and fond memories during my sixth form.
Most of the ventures at there were accompanied by my dear, KH.
Ranging from the famous beef noodles, mochi, yong tao fu, tau fu far, yao char guay, lao shu fen, laksa, claypot chicken rice, vegetarian food and even fancy gifts..
Ohya, chin long pao and other snacks that we used to buy and munch during our tuition classes.
Gee... it's too much to name a few!
Thinking back, I am glad that we've almost conquered Petaling Street! Muahahaha...
I still remember that after graduated, we purposely came all the way to Petaling Street again during CNY, just to go for the temple that we've longed to, and pray...

Haha... It's still in CNY period now and.. I just remembered that we haven't go there and pray!!! D:

Well, it was just few hours time ago when I read the blog post and miss her.
Later on, I was found tagged by her in a post.

Here's the content of the post (worth pondering!):







朋友们,请记得长和身边的朋友联系,无论多忙,一个月最起码也要发几条短信。 希望大家的感情天长地久。也希望我的好朋友们感情永远不会变淡!

Though we are far apart now: one at North, one at South.
We are still missing each other!!

p/s: I miss my friends!!! T.T

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bah.. This post should be up like 2 weeks ago but you know, my lappy is not fixed yet so I can hardly blog about it.
Still, some great memories should be remembered.
It was about the pre-screening of Green Hornet starring by Jay Chou and Seth Rogen at KLCC on 26th January.

KFong was so lucky, oh no, creative I should say.. Haha...
Yes, he won the 4 prizes among the 5 prizes in a Green Hornet-related competition, including the 1st prize and thus, 8 free tickets of the pre-screen of Green Hornet besides the merchandise.
He was so nice to invite 7 of us (CYean, Ting Ting, CYuan, CYuan's gf, his ex-course mates and I) to watch it together.
Though I was in final exam week, my exam was ended way earlier and so, I was able to make it for the movie.
The timing was just nice... Muahahaha...

I shopped for a while in Pavilion before meeting up with them and guess what, I found the A Time To Embrace OST at last!

Oh yea, I've tried Carl's Jr. Burger at last and it was so tasty!
I would drop by again for the next time...  :)

Later on, headed down to KLCC and found a gift for my friend.
What gift? *undisclosed*

I found the words that my classmate has always been saying and ill of it!! haha...

After having their dinner, we went to TGV to redeem the prizes.
We were shocked by the long queue before stepping into the cinema!
Yet, winners have their priorities.
We need not to wait for a long while to get the tickets :)

The lucky guy.. haha
See the queue? O.O
continuation of the queue!! I have no idea where it stopped

Some may regard it as a stupid movie but it's undeniably very funny and entertaining.
Laughters can be heard incessantly in the cinema.
Last but not least, thanks KFong for the movie and the ride :D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


演唱: 许亮宇

跟随记忆的照片泛黄了    那最纯真的笑容都停格
还以为心够彻底    能留住那一刻    跨过时间的河

谁能了解我此刻的忐忑    离开始害怕寂寞的选择
耳边这熟悉的歌    筑起万般不舍    梦也许下一分忘了

人追逐的永垂不朽    让花树醉了几个秋
一风落叶岁月漂流    走过辽阔的予取予求
留不住海市蜃楼    宽恕眼泪就放手

放不下过去遗憾有多重    幻灯下突然视线很朦胧
面对无尽的空洞    心酸还要多浓    人散后是否一定曲终

人追逐的永垂不朽    让花树醉了几个秋
一风落叶岁月漂流    走过辽阔的予取予求

留不住海市蜃楼    宽恕眼泪就放手(百年后不及回首)

Nice song huh?
Undeniably, 伍家輝, 许亮宇, 李欣怡 did a great job!
Wanna own full version of this song?
Buy the original soundtrack from any authorised cd sellers..!
I bought mine from Speedy Video though :P
Support local production what :D