Thursday, October 28, 2010


"... I wanna be a lawyer!"

Stop the rants of the day before yesterday...
But yes,  it's great to take law course.

Now I would like to scream out loud!(should be yesterday actually... haha!)
Got to know my mid term exam & individual assignments result yesterday...
It's really incredible...
Never thought that I will be getting such mark...
The assignment was redo by me and finished at around 3am!
And.. Another one was completed in the school computer lab.
It's understandable that one can get full marks in mathematics subject...
But not this subject, for me!
I just started to learn this... umm.. about 3 months ago only...
I wonder if my lecturer keyed in wrongly or what... hmm...
It's just a beginning anyway.
Urm yeah, big thanks to my friends who helped me in it.

Anyway, final exam is just in less than 2 weeks time..
I shall work more hard and do better in it!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big & Brassy!

Out of the performances that I've performed, be it solo or group performance, I guess this would indeed an exciting one!

Yes, it's Big & Brassy Concert!

Big & Brassy celebrates the diversity of band music with an eclectic programme that will be brought to life by the 40-strong KLPac Symphonic Band under the baton of Music Director & Resident Conductor, Bruce Lee, and Guest Conductor, Mitsuo Nonami!

Sit back and enjoy this wonderful journey that will take you from classical pieces like Mozart's The Magic Flute which rarely heard in band repertoire to almost forgotten band favourites like Sempre Fidelis and to Broadway numbers like 76 Trombones. In addition, the Tsun Jin Choir under the guidance of Wong Wai Quan will also be performing Cantate Dominum, Chinese Folk Song Alamuhan and I See You from the epic motion picture Avatar with the band.

(source: leaflet of Big & Brassy Concert)

When? Where?
Date: 13th Nov @ 8:30pm, 14th Nov @ 3pm
Venue: KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)
Ticket: RM35 for public, RM23 for students and disabled people
p/s: It's numbered seating!

How to purchase?
KLPac Box Office @ Sentul Park 03 4047 900
The Actors Studio @ Lot 10  03 2142 2009 or 03 2143 2009
Online purchase @
Walk in @ Axcess HQ, Jalan Semangat & 1 Utama
via ME!!!
(call or text me via Fb, Blogger,  MSN or SMS)

How to get there?
Here's the map and few ways of getting there!

Oh yeah, I am going to get the tickets tomorrow!
So for those who have yet to respond to me, please do so by tomorrow morning if you want to get better seat and sit with your gang!

Tickets are selling like hot cakes...
So what are you waiting for?
Hurry up and get your ticket(s) now!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As in fore-mentioned blog entry, I am engaging in Project Revive. And yes, here's the details!!

Well, what is it?

It is a Charity Concert + Dinner organized by Taylor's University Student Council.

  • To raise funds for Precious home orphanage (where the children here are not only orphans but most of them are neglected children by drug abusive parents and other illegal activities.)
  • Provide a platform for local artist & youths to showcase their talents on stage!

What, when, where? 

Theme       : Lend us a hand, Give them a hope
Date          :4 Nov 2010 (Thursday)
Time         :7.30 till 11pm   
Venue        :Multipurpose Hall, Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus
Ticket Price: RM 70 (Standard), RM 90 (Premium) 

Lots of fantastic performances including local artists and bands (Oh yes, Juwita Suwito is coming too!) as well as in house Taylorians.

It's gonna be a huge event and we are sincerely hoping that this event may contribute significant proceeds to the shelter, as their needs have become increasingly necessary.

 People, please spread your kindness & love!!

Where to get the ticket(s)?
Kindly contact:

Victoria Lin: 0172106817
May Zhen: 0164210946

or me!!

For more information, please click here
Taylor's University Student Council:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Officially FULL!

Life's getting busier and I am officially fully-occupied on everyday from today onwards!
Let's take a peek on my uber-hectic schedule...

Yes, I have to rush to other places after my classes in uni for different purposes.
Project Revive/ Charity Dinner & Concert on 4th November...
Most importantly, it's mainly due to the preparation for Big & Brassy Concert that I'm involving in which will be held on 13th & 14th November.
Guess what, my final examinations will be held starting on 12th November.
In the meantime, I have to juggle with my work too besides academic.
I know this is gonna be tough, but I will thrive & endeavour!
Must stay tough in this prime period!
Oh well, leaving house at 6:30am and reaching home at 9:30pm seems to be my routine.
Soon, it will be 11pm.
Some of my friends have been asking me, "Why are you so busy?"
In fact, I guess it has become my habit that like to fill up my leisure time with all sorts of activities or classes.
"Colour your life. Live your life to the fullest!" have become my favourite quotes.
Apologies to siblings & friends that have been asking me out...
I will clear out my free time in end of November where there will be no important event going on and hang out with you all!

Uh... Time to hark back what I've did in this few weeks...
Face to face Noodle House started to operate on 4th Oct and my friends and I manage to get a nice seat and tried it out!
Umm... The noodle was delectable and we were lucky to serve by a charming lady (one of the owners I guess) on the very day.
Mind you, the Noodle House is a self-service restaurant.

Not to be forgotten, Famous Amos officially opened on that day too.
Imagine the irresistible smell that came out from the shop,
it's an indulgence of whiffing the smell of cookies when you pass by...
There are some promotions given in line with the opening of Famous Amos...

Apart from that, Baskin Robbins start scooping in my uni on 7th Oct!
My friends and I were lucky to be among the first 100 customers who enjoyed free scope of ice cream.
Of course, we wore pink stuff too!
Saw the crowd?

Alright, back to my studies part...
My group once again achieved highest mark in the class in our BMA assignment!
Glad to have such efficient, brilliant & cooperative group members.
Not to mention, our tutor who guided us too...
Thanks a million!
Well, Mr. Lim & Mrs. Lim 'appeared' in our process of accomplishing the assignment.

We miss our ex-tutor, Dr. Usha badly...
Can't wait to make appointment with Dr. Usha during her consultation hour...
We need help...! SOS

Oh yes, 95% recovered from sickness already.
I used to get well from sick in a day or two yet somehow it took me days to recover lately.
Currently still having minor cough.
My mum even wondered & asked me why do I take such long time to recover this time...
I must take good care of myself especially during the upcoming full-engaged month!

Oh yesh,
just registered AIESEC today...
We are considered lucky as currently only Taylor's University has this international affiliate among other private institutions...
Looking forward to the forthcoming projects!

Actually I would like to blog more about my life & what I've been up to.
However, I tend to forget as time goes by & life's getting busy...
Undeniably, my memory is getting worst...

Alright, time to finish my design now before I forgot!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Uni life

It's been 2 weeks time I did not update my blog.
Let's have an overview of my uni life in this period.
"Hold your horses, UNI life?"
"Yeap. Taylor's University College has obtained the prestigious full-fledged UNIVERSITY status."
It is now known as Taylor's University!

(Sounds as if I am advertising for Taylor's huh.. >.<)
Had my first exam on 20th Sept in MPH during my uni life.
It was freaking cooooold in the hall!
Just like what I use to experience in the classroom.
This was definitely not a good thing as I can hardly write nor think well in frozen mode..
Next, hanged out with Eileen, Melissa, SEn, Daniel & Jon after our examination.
Had our lunch at Xian Ding Wei, a Taiwanese Restaurant.

Uh oh, it was rather disappointing. Taste weird.
Hmm... Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant @ The Gardens is way better!
Ahh... Recalled the moments which I dined with my siblings...
Our next plan was went to arcade centre.
Out of the games that we played, standing position shooting game was the most exciting one!
We headed to bowling centre after that.
I scored terribly low and my nail even cracked while bowling.
My nails were not long at all!
Still, enjoyed the game with them.

Oh yes, the first NTV7 Golden Awards was held on 25th Sept @ PICC.

Glad that Debbie Goh was awarded the Most Popular Actress Award!
Was wishing Age of Glory will shine on the event.
Anyhow, The Iron Lady showed its mettle when it won 5 of the 7 nominations. 
While watching the show, I realized that my original Age of Glory soundtrack is missing!!!
Whoever borrowed my soundtrack please remember to return it to me...
I've forgotten who I've lent it to.. Sigh...

Went to school as usual on Monday.
Many students of different schools resumed their classes starting that day too!
Duh... The campus was back to crowded & bustle condition.
Umm... Bazaars, roadshows and all kind of events, either educational, entertaining or commercial were held quite often in my campus.
I wonder if it applies to other universities, university colleges and colleges too...
There was a small bazaar by HTC, Lenovo, Majorlica Majorca & Voir took place at my campus on Wednesday.
Lucky draw, games & competitions like catwalk were carried out.
My friends and I were attracted by the Voir booth (girls what... haha) and got a goodies bag when we approached there!

Hmm... Sometimes I think my campus is just like a shopping mall where you can find the shops in shopping mall at there too!
Starbucks? Wong Kok Char Chan Teng? Baskin Robbins?
You name it, my campus most probably have it.
Anyway, these do not really interest me as I don't drink coffee nor have preference over ice-creams...

Tuesday, received a shocking news from my lecturer.
We will be having exam on this Saturday at 9am.
It was 4 days before the exam when we were notified!
And, my classmates and I were kinda surprised when we got to know that one of our friends, quit the course.
No definite answer is received.

Well, went ACE The Assessment Centre talk on Thursday with SEn, Eileen, ZHeng, Melissa & Hunter just after our lecture session at meeting room in administration block.
We got to peek around the executive office of our university.
It was a brief yet fruitful & informative talk by the counsellor.
To our delight, we were given some gifts after the talk.
Spotted the stamp in the booklet? xD 

Friday, officially had our ACC class with new tutor today.
We miss Dr. Usha!!
Well, the new tutor isn't as bad as we thought initially.
I feel a sign of relief in our first class.
Had piano masterclass in the evening.
Tempo, fingers' dexterity & dynamics are the main things that I need to put more effort on!

Exam in the morning, followed by 7 hours non-stop classes.
A fully engaged day.