Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy St. John's Day!

Applied leave on Sunday classes and once again dutied for Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012!
Gathered at SJAM HQ at 2am, there were 119 of us encompassing cadet to officers who dutied for this one of the biggest marathon in Malaysia.

t-shirt and reflective lanyard

My team was assigned to station HFM11 (20+ km) which was located at the Jalan P. Ramlee, and yes, KLCC is in front of us.
It was great to have stationed at the heart of the city. haha

"You can do it!"
words for the runners!

drumline cheer for the runners

There was some slight different rule compared to previous year - we were allowed to touch the patient and provide treatment without having to remove their qualification.
Plus, they also provided us some first aid equipment.
Uh oh, including the Salonpas spray and anti-pain liniment oil.
We were lucky to have Salonpas spray counter not far away from our booth so we have got additional 2 cartons of spray while most of the other booths only provided with 3 bottles of spray.

life saviour for the runners? haha

We were actually choked and suffocated upon inhalation of the spray when we were aiding the runners.
Spraying non-stop when the hordes of runners approach us.
Hope there's no side effect on us.
Sensation of coldness struck and intensified when we were running out of spray and start applying the anti-pain liniment oil.
Nah, the oil did not seep through the gloves but we can feel it.

Hmm.. not much severe cases happened this time except one that we faced.
Good job to Lenard L who treated the casualty so well at the nick of time and enabled her to finish the race regardless of having to dash here and there.
That's the spirit!
Well, it was so delighted to meet your friends during the marathon.
Congrats to them who attained the medal! :)
In conjunction with the 104th St. John's Day, there was a celebration at the HQ by the officers with the orphans.

A total of 12 hours of duty, this time turned to be special since it falls on 24th June, the St. John's Day with so many members and officers!
Umm.. I can feel side back pain now probably due to hours of spraying for the runners at the similar position.
I need to warm up before duty next time I guess. lol
Exhausting yet contentment gained!

"Well-being of public is our passion"
quoted from Mr. Wang

Time to work on the assignments upon 2 hours + of power nap! Ciao...


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