Sunday, September 23, 2012

Expressions - Moving Souls in Symphony,  a concert with fusion of orchestra & dance was successfully held on 21 September 2012 with the aid and support from the organising team, sponsors, dance clubs and of course, guest players!

No no, it's a misconception when people thought that we (TUSO) are music students.
As a matter of fact, there's no music faculty in Taylor's University while all of us are studying courses e.g. business, mass communication, pre-u, architecture, tourism and hospitality and so on.
It is not easy to gather music enthusiasts (especially orchestra players) from Taylor's to form a orchestra.
Therefore, I've personally invited a few guest players in enhancing the orchestra.
Take a glimpse into the world behind the scenes in order to acknowledge the many professionals who played indispensable roles in the successful completion of this concert and they are (names are arranged in random manner):

(from left) Faris, me, Andrew & Wei Han

Andrew Ng Wen Hao
Violin soloist of the night who plays the Carmen Fantasy
If you are a MPO/ MPYO concert go-er, you may be able to recognise him  :)
Ah yes, he is brother of James Ng, the principal cellist of MPYO.
Needless to say, be amazed by his profile (flip to page 12!) as shown in the programme booklet.
They are music prodigies!

 (from right) Liko & How Keen

Yong How Keen
Professional oboist from RTM Orchestra
You may often see him playing in RTM Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra (NSO), KLPac Symphonic Band, MPYO too.
Ah ha, he's one of the founding members of High Winds Ensemble from MPO and a music lecturer from UiTM.
Besides, he's a reed maker in which many local oboists are highly-sought after.
Some people are indeed, so surprised that he was playing with us in the concert!
We're honoured to have him regardless of his uber hectic schedule.

Faris Romzy
Principal French Horn player from UiTM Orchestra and National Youth Symphony Orchestra.
He's also a full time music student from UiTM who plays in KLPac Symphonic Band, KLPac Orchestra and Istana Budaya too.

Aizat Adli
Violist from UiTM orchestra
President of La Bella Orchestra

Nigel Ang Zhou Tien
Violist and violinist from Sunway University Ensemble (SUE) and SPO
One of the founding members from KLPac Orchestra who teaches violin and viola
Actively engage in TUSO's funtions since last year

Gerald Lim Fang Jun
Flautist from KLPac Symphonic Band who learns flute with Mr Takahisa Ota
Ah yes, he was the one being interviewed on behalf of KLPac Symphonic Band and played the solo piece on NTV7 on the first day where he came to our rehearsal.

Arthur Lam
Principal Double Bassist from Selangor Philharmoinc Orchestra
Appreciate for spending time with us regardless of having a very tight working schedule and your guidance on playing double bass.
Feel so sorry after knowing your double bass was hit by the door at Taylor's :(

Yap Sheac Yee
French Horn player from PJ Philharmoinc Orchestra

Chris Wong Ken Lun
Principal Euphonium player from KLPac Symphonic Band
Helped us in last year's concert as a Tuba player

(from left) Chun Yeen, Ken Lynn, Kyle, me & Ailee

Kyle Low Kyle Yi
Cellist from Selangor Phiharmonic Orchestra (SPO)

Lee Ken Lynn
Cellist from SPO and PJ Philharmonic Orchestra
A music teacher who teaches violin and cello

Karen Lock May Yin
Violinist from MPYO, SUE and SPO
She's also a FTCL holder who teaches piano and violin
Helped us during last year's concert too

Chan Chun Yeen
Cellist from SPO and SUE

Yoo Ai Lee
Violinist from SPO and SUE who teaches violin
Ex-president of SUE, helped us in last year's concert as well

Diane Sim
Violinist from SUE who teaches violin
Thank you for spending time with us before leaving to UK and helped us once again in this concert

Robin Kim Seong Shik
A very committed and good violinist from Monash University
Joined TUSO since the very first practice of TUSO in 2012 (not for concert rehearsal!)

Phua Kien Han
Violinist from SUE who teaches violin too
Actively engage in TUSO's functions since last year
Low Young Pin
Violist from SPO

beloved guest players & Sunny (founder + conductor + ex-president)

Indeed, I'm very grateful to have all of you in making essential contributions for the success of this concert.
Some even shared your thoughts and gave suggestions on improving not only on the music playing, setting up and even managing the orchestra.
It's a blessing to be friend with all of you.
Debts are not usually very pleasant, but I am delighted to acknowledge all that I owe to all of you.
Thanks for your guidance and particiption!


What will spring up in your mind when you heard of "orchestra concert"?
Classical repertoire, lengthy and sophisticating show, only for audience with music background? for old folks or even... another type of show that's boring where you can see and hear some audience actually snoring?

Inspired by Andre Rieu's version of 2nd Waltz from Jazz Suite, composed by Shostokovich (yes, I the moment when not only the performers but the audience are enjoying during the concert regardless of different age groups as well), I've decided to organise a dance-themed concert for Taylor's University Symphony Orchestra (TUSO)'s 3rd annual concert and so, the idea was running on my mind and started to plan in last year.
Some may be asking why we were not playing the orchestra version but string orchestra version instead for the Waltz No. 2?
Well, the answer is simple: I somehow can't get to find the orchestra version of the music scores since last year. However, this version arranged by Paul Lavendar is quite good.

Though I was trained more on classical musics (no, I wasn't from any school band that many people may think as I play flute usually in the orchestra), I understand the feel when you're watching the concert with so high standard and sophisticating pieces that you can hardly enjoy the gist of it and may even fall asleep.
Therefore, I've selected an array of well-known dance repertoire ranging from classical to pop songs.
Uh oh, you may not familiar with the names but I bet you've heard the music from the movies or somewhere else before.

The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Dance of the Reed Flutes
Waltz of the Flowers

Blue Tango by Leroy Anderson

Csardas by Vittorio Monti

Anitras Dance by Edvard Grieg (String Orchestra)

Waltz No. 2 by Shostakovich (String Orchestra)

Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel (String Orchestra)

Sway by Pablo Beltran Ruiz

Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms

Carmen Fantasy by Pablo Sarasate

Chicago from Chicago Movie

There are actually few songs that I wish to play:
Danzon No. 2 by Arturo Marquez (gosh, I the one conducted by Gustavo Dudamel)
Golliwog's Cakewalk by Debussy
Waltz from the Masquerade Suite by Aram Khachaturian
La Cumparsita

Due to time constraint and limited sources, we have to forgo these :(
Anyway, hope the audience enjoyed listening to this repertoire!

Well, I joined the Dance Club (TUDC) before I was officially joining the Symphony Orchestra (TUSO).
I always admire the dancers whenever I pass by the Student Life Centre, watching them dancing freely (I can never synchronise my hands and legs well. lol)
This sparks my interest of collaborating with the dance clubs: Latin & Ballroom Dance Club & Taylor's University Dance Club (TUDC) to have a different touch and whole new experience for both players and audience in this concert.

Ah yes, in case you don't know, these are the songs that were featuring by:
Por Una Cabeza (TUDC)
Sway (Latin & Ballroom Dance Club)
Hungarian Dance No. 5 (TUDC)

Also, there were solo performances by Taylor's Latin & Ballroom Dance Club!

I feel so grateful to have them in spicing up the performance!
 ♥ you all...
Taylor's University Latin & Ballroom Dance Club

 Taylor's University Dance Club

Thank you Latin & Ballroom Dance Club and TUDC!


With love,
Kit Yee
Concert Organising Chairperson

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Music & Dance lovers listen up!

Taylor's University Symphony Orchestra (TUSO) is BACK once again for their annual theme concert! As they never fail to fascinate their audience with their spectacular performance, this year, they are set to SURPRISE their audience with a BIGGER & BETTER show!

For the first time ever, TUSO will be collaborating with Taylor's Dance Club and Latin & Ballroom Dance Club to put on a different touch into their show this year, EXPRESSIONS!

"EXPRESSIONS" is a dance themed concert featuring an array of dance repertoire, ranging from classical to contemporary dances such as tango, waltz and salsa. By combining two wonderful art elements together, MUSIC & DANCE, TUSO promises another remarkable and exciting night where one will be fascinated by the mesmerizing live music and dance!

Some of the repertoire that will be played in the Expressions Concert 2012 are:

 Selections from The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky
 Blue Tango by Leroy Anderson
 Waltz from Masquerade Suite by Aram Khachaturian
 Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms
 Waltz No. 2 from Jazz Suite by Shostakovich

and many more...

Curious and wanting to know more about TUSO's Expressions Concert 2012?
Do contact the following contacts as listed below for further information:

i) Chris Fong - 012 617 2663
ii) Valerie Koh - 016 748 7118

Tickets are selling fast! Hurry, get yours now as we go according to first come first serve basis! You don't want to miss this AMAZING performance by TUSO..

RM20 (Normal) | RM40 (VIP)
Special Group purchase discounts (buy 10 tickets FREE 1)*
*Subject to availability!