Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Of modelling clay, colour papers, transparent plastic sheets, adhesive tape, glue, colour pencils, toothpicks, ice cream sticks...
Sounds like having kindergarten life huh?
Believe it or not, we were actually working on our group project for Organisational Behaviour subject.


Eda's masterpiece from blocks of modelling clay!

Let's get started! 

Restaurant & Bistro on the sea!
Bird eyes' view 

Jazz band - my part 

bar area... good job Shannon! 

notice the chairs are actually made by paper clips? SMan's creativity! 

Merry + Marine = Merrine! 

Model of other groups...

Lastly, thank you to all my group members for the planning, coordination and execution of work!
Special thanks to Christina, Natasha, SMan, Eda & Shannon :)
Yes we did it from scratch!

Apparently I am not suitable to be an Art & Design or Archi students... haha


  1. Wei Xiong said...
    I like your group modelling.
    How long does it takes time to become compelte?
    ~* kY *~ said...
    haha.. thanks! we were given 2 hours to complete it. however, 10% of work can be pre-done. so it's hard to estimate the total hour to complete it as different parts were assigned to each member to complete it beforehand :)

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