Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seriously I'm having a tough time now..
Immense depressed in these few days even though I don't really show or tell anyone..
Some may think that I just resumed my new semester and it's not really a big deal.
In fact, my busy schedule has never ceased though I was having 3 months + of break.
Responsibility & obligation play the factor.
There's a long list of things that I want or should do but I have to turn down or even disappoint some people due to unavoidable circumstances.
I only have that insufficient but precious 24 hours a day.

The stress level is increasing day by day.
What really matters at the moment is the one that I've been struggling for years.
I shall not procastinate nor prolong it anymore.
Just do it and put an end on it!

I nearly broke down lately. Nonetheless, I know and believe that I still have the strength to hold back my tears (I hardly cry since cry wouldn't help me to solve the problems anyway) and get up!

Surprisingly, the stress level that I'm facing when I'm working is comparatively lesser compared to my uni life.
Indeed, I find that working at the current workplace has the miracle of de-stressing!
My colleagues are always so cheerful & funny which motivate and give a positive impact on me in some way regardless of their pressure in work too .
Some may wonder why am I going back to work though I don't really have much time for myself.
Not to say work, sometimes I'll just get myself involve in other activities no matter how occupied I am.
I don't even mind to sacrifice my opportunities to earn $ (no, I'm definitely not from a well-to-do family) just to divert my mind and myself to different environment.
Some may think that it's a stupid act when you have not enough time to complete your tasks.
Yet, surprises do happen when you least expected!
Serendipity is invaluable.
Just like today, I really laughed out loud like no one during lunch with my colleagues and boss.
Laughter is the best medicine and it does help in relieving the tension that I'm facing.
My another colleague also baked a chocolate marble cake for us as tea time & gave me some fruit tarts to try on after the kitchen class that he was conducting.

 a slice of heaven~ thanks to my colleague

It was trully toothsome..
What a bliss of life!

Another inspiring moment that struck my mind was the quick chat with my boss.
True, I've been so busy and never thought of that till he asked me.
I really need to sit back, think and plan for my future as soon as possible.

Yes, mine.

Anyhow, I need to do my tutorial questions & assignments now..
Class starts at 8am till 8pm tomorrow and I have only 30 minutes of break throughout the session! O.O

It's not going to be easy but I know I must pull through!!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Max + Faith LOVE Day!
Held on 2012, March, 4th, at 5pm - a memorable & blessed day..
It was my club advisor/ friend, Faith Yeo's big day.
Yeap, we've saved the day!

 It was such an honour & great pleasure to be invited to play for her.
Also, it was a blessing for her.
It was not only my 1st outdoor wedding performance (my 1st christian wedding), in fact it was 1st ever garden wedding ever held at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus Square!

 as featured at Taylor's Memes on Facebook

As for the performances, we actually performed twice: during the reception & wedding dinner.
Here's the repertoire that we've played:
1. Canon in D (String Ensemble)
2. Por Una Cabeza (String Ensemble)
3. Love Story Meets Viva La Vida (String Ensemble feat. Keyboard & Drum Set)

featuring the string ensemble and drummer (at the back, spot him!)

the sun was really scorching and I look terrible under the hot sun -.-!ll

Wedding Dinner
1. Just The Way You Are (Alto & Tenor Saxophone feat. Drum Set & Keyboard)
2. Everything (Vocalist feat. Keyboard & Drum Set)
3. Forever Love (Vocalist feat. Keyboard & Drum Set)

tenor & alto sax: Eric K & SHong

 SKiat looks so serious!

 vocalist: Nigel A & JJie

1st Violinist: Joel W, KHan
2nd Violinist: JJie, Alyssa L
Violist: Nigel A
Cellist: KYee
Drummer: SKiat
Alto Saxophonist: SHong
Tenor Saxophonist: Eric K
Keyboardist & Arranger: Me
Photographer: KShen

with the cacat cat man: KHan.. lol

it's even taller than me..!

missing person in the photo: SHong, Joel W, SKiat, Eric K & KShen the photographer himself!!

Bravo & thank you so much to all the performers who came all the way long from other place, took leave from work and even sacrificed the time to do revision though in exam period to come for the rehearsal and made this performance a success!
Alas, one fall sick on that very day but still manage to perform his best during the event.
You guys are really amazing!
Big thanks to Nigel A for the inspiration and big help for this performance!
Not to be forgotten, thank you Roy, Lionel & Justin for helping us to get and return the music room's key, making our practices possible during public holiday & weekend!
Last but not least, thanks to my boss, Nigel G who allowed me to do the arrangements for the songs during the working hour!
Appreciate all of your help, understanding & consideration :)
Ah ha, thank you Chris C, the Performance Coordinator of the event for keeping us in the loop throughout the preparation stage & the event day!
I was too busy with soundcheck and coordinate my members till forgot to get myself dressed up until he reminded me. lol

Of course, we were not the only performers of the day..
Flashmob performed by Taylor's University Dance Club was really eye-catching!
Feel like dancing with them when the music starts...
Another highlight of the day was the duet by Jess & her partner...
Like the way they interpret the song~

1 of the performances
umm.. Relent Band..?

I find that christian wedding is more of sharing...
There are sessions whereby the guests share their memories, thoughts & feelings on the stage which I did not really be all ears all the time.
They all really spontaneous and good in public speaking I must say.
I'd be wordless if I were to be asked to speak on stage. lol

practising while waiting for soundcheck..

soundcheck in progress under the hot sun!


 the grilled lamb was fantastic but I did not get to take any photo of it @.@

p/s: just realised there were quite a lot of ex-MBS who helped out in this performance: KShen, Joel W, SHong & Nigel A... Go forward! Play up, play up, play up! hahaha...

Anyway, it's a whole new experience for me and thank you Faith & Max for the invitation!
Have a blessed & lovely marriage life


* most of the awesome photos shown above credited to Liew Kit Shen,  Jimmy Tan & Faith Yeo.

The one & only video that we manage to record due to technical problem. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last X'mas

What you did on last X'mas?
Well, I know it was few months ago but I had an extraordinary & memorable one last year which I decided to blog about it after procastinating for so long.
25.12.2011 is my old friend's big day - wedding day!

Yes, he is my ex-primary school classmate.

Due to seat limitation, he only invited some of the classmates out of 53.
Yeah, I was one of the lucky ones.

 my invitation card with my traditional chinese name printed on it correctly! ^^

Getting married at such an early age is not very common yet, the reason why he's getting married is definitely NOT what one'd think of.
LOVE is the reason.
We are really glad that he found his Mrs. Right.

He's a lucky guy seriously.
Having such a pretty & capable wifey, graduated with Distinctions in his Business Degree recently.
How awesome!

cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers! bottoms up!

'senget' at the 2nd photo.. lol

with our Frank.. haha.. spot JHao's facial expression!

the funny guy - KHo

 us.. taken using KHo's iPad

the guys

they said that the restaurant serves the nice & famous 'Buddha Jump over The Wall'

she hardly put on dress...
must grab the chance to take photo with her!
Thanks SFoon for the days :)

photo with the bride & groom!

souvenirs for the guests: calendar card & wedding photo

May two of you live happily ever after! ^^

It was a really unforgettable X'mas that was full of laughters & happiness..
It's been so long all of us last gathered and chatted for so long...
Thank you PYee for inviting us, witnessing your big day and giving us the chance to unite again ;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

* blowing the dust off *
My blog was on hiatus for the past 3 months!
Reason? I think I've been repeating this for quite a few times in my previous posts.
My new semester has commenced (finally after 3 months + of break!!) and it's time to get everything back on track.
My English proficiency is degrading apparently so yeah, I need to write (blog) more!

Well, my 1st lecture session in the early morning started off by having a pre-test!
zomg... It was held when everyone was unprepared and I was still in half-sober condition. lol
Nonetheless, we have no class on Tuesday (cheers!) but Saturday!
Having the need to attend academic class during weekend is disastrous! D:
Went to my favourite hideout: LASC in the campus today.
Guess what, all the computers were changed to new ones!
How nice if they change/ upgrade it annually... heh

No class on today!

Life is like a box of chocolates.
Indeed, I like my university life which is always full of colours!
There are 4 events going on in the campus in this week: Book Fair, Career, Employment Fair & Health Awareness Week as well as Clubs & Societies Recruitment Drive.

This is the high time to have all kinds of activities where most of the intakes & schools are returning to campus!

screening using the ultrasonic machine..

 my result :D

My buddy and I actually went for the free bone check up worth RM40.
As for the Clubs & Societies Recruitment Drive, I've helped out my club throughout the day and guess what, I'm so excited that we actually manage to recruit piccolo & bassoon player this time!!!
Yes, those rare instrument players!
We're still desperately hunting for oboe, double bass, viola, cello & French horn player at the moment but I believe that they are hiding somewhere in the campus..
Meanwhile, we sent a wind quartet to perform for the launching ceremony of Kelab Sekretariat Rukun Negara as requested by them.
It was concurrent with the recruitment drive yet we manage to carry out both though experiencing time constraint and lack of manpower.
Bravo to all the members who involved!
Another exciting moment of the day is I've got myself register for the Introduction to Spanish class as my elective!
I've been yearning to take up foreign languages all this while...
Uh oh, it happened that I got to meet most of my ex-foundation classmates today.
What a coincidence :)

props by Wine & Dine Club... I'm really curious of what is this about...

collected my certs at last... came with the free file (at the back)!

Had my 1st lesson on Finance today and it seems fun to me!
I like the way the lecturer introduced Finance subject to us...
Wish my interest on this wouldn't fade.

Since our tutorial class will only start on the 2nd week, so I only need to arrive campus at the afternoon.
In other words, I can take my time and enjoy longer hour of rest!
Umm.. Headed up to the new uni gym today to apply for the membership...
I need to do more sports to cater my busy lifestyle...
Health is wealth!
Gym... Anyone?

It's time to sign off now..
Lecture is on tomorrow morning!

"It's a breeze coming for class during the weekend - no traffic congestion," my Management Information System lecturer told.

Before I forgot, here's the to-post list for my blog:
1. My Working Life 2012
2. 1st Outdoor/ Garden Wedding Performance
3. 17th Edition of French Language Week Kuala Lumpur Opening Ceremony
4. Flashback 2011

Wish I have the time to finish them off by next week!