Sunday, June 24, 2012

Applied leave on Sunday classes and once again dutied for Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012!
Gathered at SJAM HQ at 2am, there were 119 of us encompassing cadet to officers who dutied for this one of the biggest marathon in Malaysia.

t-shirt and reflective lanyard

My team was assigned to station HFM11 (20+ km) which was located at the Jalan P. Ramlee, and yes, KLCC is in front of us.
It was great to have stationed at the heart of the city. haha

"You can do it!"
words for the runners!

drumline cheer for the runners

There was some slight different rule compared to previous year - we were allowed to touch the patient and provide treatment without having to remove their qualification.
Plus, they also provided us some first aid equipment.
Uh oh, including the Salonpas spray and anti-pain liniment oil.
We were lucky to have Salonpas spray counter not far away from our booth so we have got additional 2 cartons of spray while most of the other booths only provided with 3 bottles of spray.

life saviour for the runners? haha

We were actually choked and suffocated upon inhalation of the spray when we were aiding the runners.
Spraying non-stop when the hordes of runners approach us.
Hope there's no side effect on us.
Sensation of coldness struck and intensified when we were running out of spray and start applying the anti-pain liniment oil.
Nah, the oil did not seep through the gloves but we can feel it.

Hmm.. not much severe cases happened this time except one that we faced.
Good job to Lenard L who treated the casualty so well at the nick of time and enabled her to finish the race regardless of having to dash here and there.
That's the spirit!
Well, it was so delighted to meet your friends during the marathon.
Congrats to them who attained the medal! :)
In conjunction with the 104th St. John's Day, there was a celebration at the HQ by the officers with the orphans.

A total of 12 hours of duty, this time turned to be special since it falls on 24th June, the St. John's Day with so many members and officers!
Umm.. I can feel side back pain now probably due to hours of spraying for the runners at the similar position.
I need to warm up before duty next time I guess. lol
Exhausting yet contentment gained!

"Well-being of public is our passion"
quoted from Mr. Wang

Time to work on the assignments upon 2 hours + of power nap! Ciao...

Friday, June 15, 2012


The dreaded exam has finally over.
Yeah, manage to get myself  long black dress at last.
Well, I don't put much expectation on it, realising the fact that the failing rate is relatively high but it's ok as long as I tried.

hydrometer for the grand piano 

 nah, this was not taken during the exam

 my programme note

that's the place!

I don't think I will take it again in the near future since I really not able to spare time and juggle between my academics and this.
Bear in mind that I am a business student in which there are a lot of things that I should know in the business world as I don't get to expose to it often.
Move on, there are a lot of things awaiting for me to explore and discover!
Right after this, I will be performing in the premiere concert of Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra on tomorrow.
Do come and support this historic event if you're free!

it is better to fail trying than wondering

Friday, June 8, 2012

T.G.I. F.!

Okay, it's time to stop the pervasion of gloom in my blog!
Yes sis, I did the homework and google-d it right after reaching home. heh
It's Friday and I usually have class as early as 8am in the morning but not today.
In 1 week of mid term break (more like a week of assignments in fact)

look what I found in MHua's car! haha

Finally manage to spare a lil bit of my time to meet up with my siblings after for so long.
Apologies for turning down their invitations for so many times :(((
We initially planned to have a healthy activity in the morning - jog together.
Yet, it ended up walking in the park.
Still, at least better than none.
I can't remember when was the last time I engage in any sports activity.
I don't even able to go for uni gym upon registering in April.
I have to do more sports to de-stress.

We went for dim sum after that.

"Gai Wo Bao", signature bun over there... selling like hot cakes!

Bacon in dim sum!
something special to me

My favourite and I am now seriously bloated.
Guess won't have it in any near future. lol
They were planning to have other activities after that but seriously I really need to go back and work on my assignments and prepare for my music exam though I really wanted to catch up with them after so long :x
How many months ago when I last had movie at cinema?

childhood days... haha

different theme of other countries.. another ideal place for photography

 but seriously it's not recommended for close up

Anyway, that's all for today.
I miss you all...
Thank you for making my day!

And good luck MHua for your final exam on next week! ;)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have been saying or posting this for quite a number of times.
Alas, I still can't find it until now!
I know it wouldn't appear by blogging about it nor posting at Facebook but seriously I have spent quite a lot of time searching for it.
Basically this post is sort of random rant -.-
Guess what, I just came back from IPC and e-Curve.
In fact, I've shopped all the malls at Bukit Bintang area (yeah, name the malls and those are the ones that I've been to).
All I need is just a simple and plain long dress, preferably black that I can wear it for my exam and performance, which are on next week.
How many days do I left in getting it?
No, I did not start to look for it at the very last minute but few months ago.

In desperation...
Any recommendation?

The days are numbered...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Of modelling clay, colour papers, transparent plastic sheets, adhesive tape, glue, colour pencils, toothpicks, ice cream sticks...
Sounds like having kindergarten life huh?
Believe it or not, we were actually working on our group project for Organisational Behaviour subject.


Eda's masterpiece from blocks of modelling clay!

Let's get started! 

Restaurant & Bistro on the sea!
Bird eyes' view 

Jazz band - my part 

bar area... good job Shannon! 

notice the chairs are actually made by paper clips? SMan's creativity! 

Merry + Marine = Merrine! 

Model of other groups...

Lastly, thank you to all my group members for the planning, coordination and execution of work!
Special thanks to Christina, Natasha, SMan, Eda & Shannon :)
Yes we did it from scratch!

Apparently I am not suitable to be an Art & Design or Archi students... haha

Monday, June 4, 2012


Life surprises you when you least expect.
It was an unexpected night with my orchestra friends.
The main entrance of the Dewan Filharmonik Orkestra Petronas at KLCC was closed for 25th World Gas Conference Welcome ICG President Dinner.
Therefore, the MPO concert audience need to take another route to get to the hall.
Ah yes, not to forget the MPO players too.

notice the difference between the 2 tickets? (except seating number of course)

As included in the programme booklet, this is the repertoire for Dances Around the World concert:
Hungarian Dances by Brahms
Dancing Girl in the Orient by Sugata
Dance of the blessed spirits by Gluck
Estancia Dances by Ginastera

Yet, I got exalted when they actually played Dance of the Hours by Ponshielli, Masquerade Suite by Khachaturian and Malambo by Ginastera!!
I have been looking for orchestra scores for Masquerade Suite: Waltz for so long.
And the Malambo that I have been watching over and over again at Youtube conducted by Gustavo Dudamel featuring Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra.
That kind of feeling is undescribable when the songs that you have been listening from Youtube or mp3 in your phone are actually showing LIVE IN FRONT OF YOU!
They actually played 2 encore songs which are new for me (yeah right, I'm not pure classical music student) but awesome ones.
Just realised that there are actually 2 songs are in the list of ATCL exam repertoire: Scherzo-Valse by Charbrier and Malambo by Ginastera.
The concert was inspiring and just in time for those who are playing the piece(s) for the exam.
Wondering when is my luck that they will play my exam repertoire...

Anyway, this is the full list of repertoire (excluding encore pieces):
Hungarian Dances No. 5 & 6 by Brahms
Dance of the Hours by Ponchielli
Suite Pastorale: Rustic Dance & Scherzo-Valse by Chbrier
Sketches of the Desert: Suite in Oriental syle No. 4, Dancing Girl in the Orient by Sugata
Samson and Delilah: Bacchanale by Saint-Saens
Orfeo ed Euridice: Dance of the Furies & Dance of the Blessed  Spirits by Gluck
Slavonic Dances No. 3 & 8 (Op. 46), No. 7 (Op. 72) by Dvorak
Aladdin Suite: Hindu Dance & Chinese Dance by Nielsen
Masquerade Suite: Waltz, Romance & Galop by Khachaturian
Estancia: Wheat Dance & Malambo by Ginastera

They are heading to Spain for next station!

Okay, gonna sign off and immerse myself into the slumber land with smile,and perhaps followed by musical sweet dream? haha

Nitez readers.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stunned silence when the TCM doctor told me that I need to undergo acupuncture treatment during the consultation.

I wanted to say no but it's either I will continue to suffer or just endure a lil while and recover.

A total of 7 or 8 needles.
2 on my hand and the rest on my head and neck.

it seems I have used to the bitterness

Lesson learnt: don't get overloaded again.

I need to get more rest