Friday, June 15, 2012


The dreaded exam has finally over.
Yeah, manage to get myself  long black dress at last.
Well, I don't put much expectation on it, realising the fact that the failing rate is relatively high but it's ok as long as I tried.

hydrometer for the grand piano 

 nah, this was not taken during the exam

 my programme note

that's the place!

I don't think I will take it again in the near future since I really not able to spare time and juggle between my academics and this.
Bear in mind that I am a business student in which there are a lot of things that I should know in the business world as I don't get to expose to it often.
Move on, there are a lot of things awaiting for me to explore and discover!
Right after this, I will be performing in the premiere concert of Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra on tomorrow.
Do come and support this historic event if you're free!

it is better to fail trying than wondering


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