Friday, June 8, 2012

T.G.I. F.!

Okay, it's time to stop the pervasion of gloom in my blog!
Yes sis, I did the homework and google-d it right after reaching home. heh
It's Friday and I usually have class as early as 8am in the morning but not today.
In 1 week of mid term break (more like a week of assignments in fact)

look what I found in MHua's car! haha

Finally manage to spare a lil bit of my time to meet up with my siblings after for so long.
Apologies for turning down their invitations for so many times :(((
We initially planned to have a healthy activity in the morning - jog together.
Yet, it ended up walking in the park.
Still, at least better than none.
I can't remember when was the last time I engage in any sports activity.
I don't even able to go for uni gym upon registering in April.
I have to do more sports to de-stress.

We went for dim sum after that.

"Gai Wo Bao", signature bun over there... selling like hot cakes!

Bacon in dim sum!
something special to me

My favourite and I am now seriously bloated.
Guess won't have it in any near future. lol
They were planning to have other activities after that but seriously I really need to go back and work on my assignments and prepare for my music exam though I really wanted to catch up with them after so long :x
How many months ago when I last had movie at cinema?

childhood days... haha

different theme of other countries.. another ideal place for photography

 but seriously it's not recommended for close up

Anyway, that's all for today.
I miss you all...
Thank you for making my day!

And good luck MHua for your final exam on next week! ;)


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