Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well, there are some rumours, hearsay or accusation that have been made by people.
And now, I would like to clarify some of it.

1. I don't look good, happy or friendly. Yes, I don't like to smile or talk. This doesn't mean that I am not happy, emo, angry or even dislike you. This is me and I have been so for many years. You can't expect me to change and be like what you want.

2. Any probate who lost or broke the tag will be fined according to the amount stated by the committee. It is not given out free and those who took it have the responsibility to return it in good condition after probationary period as mentioned earlier. And, this is not an order by myself.

3. One has to take full responsibility of taking care of the thing(s) which is/are assigned to. Don't accuse others of taking/ stealing it or make any false statement to escape from bearing the responsibility. It's such a shame.

4. I did not sack anyone before even I have the authority. The results were finalized by the committee in-charge.  There sure got reason(s) if one does not qualified or whatsoever. Mind you, I am not the only one who has the right to do so. Instead, I've reinstated some members.

5. I always do my best in my job & duty. I did not & wouldn't mix up between public & private affairs.

Believe it or not.

There are sure people who like or dislike you.
It's just whether you know or do not know about it. 

 Anyway, I will still continue my life and go forward :D