Sunday, September 19, 2010

Huhu... Guess what, I was still editing my assignment at 3am on Friday before handing in.
It's a whole new subject for me and I wasn't confident on my work after editing for numerous time.
As a consequence, I can hardly wake up at 6am and go for class.
It was raining incessantly in the Friday morning, and just a nice weather to sleep.
It did not bring any cheer to my, however.
Rushed to class after woke up late and I was trapped in traffic jam on my way to campus!
Gosh... I had car sick throughout the way and nearly throw up in the car.
Received message from SEn that our tutor will end the class earlier and allow us to revise for the upcoming exam when I almost reached my campus.
I had a mixed feeling of happy & disappointment after getting know about this; happy in the case that I wasn't feeling well and I need to rest while a bit disappointed as I hope the tutor will show us more examples and enlighten us.
Umm... Friday night shall be a party or chill out night.
Yet, I need to attend classes in the morning and from evening til night, thus rejected Am's birthday party celebration and SB gang's gathering invitation...
How I wish I can join them... T.T

Well, nothing much to say about the fully-occupied Saturday.
As usual.
Skip it.

Oh yes, brought my lappy and transferred the Chris Botti in Boston from KFong today!

It's such an astonishing concert!
The music, indeed, melts my heart...
Emmanuel featuring Lucia one of my favourite songs.
(Uh oh, it's playing in my iTunes right now xD)
I used to dislike violin played in solo as the sound is quite grating for me, but Lucia's interpretation was just nice :)

They are so marvellous, aren't they? 

Watching the show makes me reminisce of the scene where Benny played his trumpet in school hall while we were staying back to practice for the promotion of musical instrument(s) competition.
Winter Sonata was our duet piece (yes, our favourite song!)
His playing and the echo projected in the school hall really intoxicating...
Anyhow, not to be forgotten, Yo-yo Ma and Josh Groban were performing in Chris Botti in Boston concert too!
And many guest players and singers who made this show an amazing one!
Big thanks to KFong for sending this to me ^^

Alright, signing off to study!
Exam's on tomorrow =x

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raya Holiday

One more day to go and here ends my holiday...
I didn't even have chance to really gather with my friends & siblings...
Turned down their invitations, again.
I miss them so much... sob...
I only have 1 week Raya holiday compared to most of my friends who have 2 weeks holiday!
Let's see...
This holiday I shall complete:
ECN, EWE, ACC individual and group assignments!
What's more, mid term exam is on 20th!!
Don't really have much time on slacking & lazing around...

Anyway, I shall be glad that this holiday isn't that pathetic as I still manage to celebrate for KLang & MYen's birthday at night!
Just came back from MYen's birthday celebration cum gathering.
Was kept yawning for the whole day...
Most probably due to being disturbed in barbaric way when I was sleeping early in the morning.
Yeah, my sister barged into the room and shouted at me few times for nonsense.
Bro and friend's message & morning call.
Twice in a day, and it has been thrice in this holiday!!!
Gosh.... I really hate this.
My mood for that day definitely ruined and most important, I really feel very fatigued in the rest of the day.
So friends and family, please don't wake me up by any means when I was resting unless there's any thing urgent.
I don't know what I will do when my patience is up to the limit.

Anyhow, I will upload some of the photos once I got the photos from my friends.
Signing off for rest!

"You are going to sleep at such early? This is so not like you..."
Sigh... My eyes can barely open currently or I will found sleeping in front of my lappy if I am not getting to my bed, now!

(wishing for a sound sleep till I wake up volitionally tomorrow!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Guess what was I doing moments ago...
Yes, learn how to breath!

You may think "LOL, who doesn't breath as long as he/she's alive?!"
I was having online teaching breathing session by Brian just now in order to play my flute well.
The funny future doctor, JS suggested me to get some adrenaline injection or tiotropium in order to solve this problem instantly.

But he added, he won't be responsible if anything happens and don't sue him.
Anyway, I really have to keep whatever Bruce, Brian & my teacher's words in mind.
It's in red alert and I don't have much time on it!
Practice, practice & practice.
Do it properly, patiently and with persistency!
Push myself and get more advices once I've achieved this simple mechanism!

Somehow, I can feel the emptiness in my stomach and started to feel hungry after practicing...
In fact, I am snacking while blogging in front of my lappy, with a glass of hot milk beside me.
I think that's all I can practice before sleeping (and snacking)...

Put more effort on it!! (after having a great rest... hehe)

I can do it!!

Nites reader!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yesterday morning was still raining relentlessly since the night before yesterday...

Such a super nice weather to laze and sleep on bed
Nevertheless, I got up and went for rehearsal.
Yeap, went for breakfast with RFatt & YWei before heading to rehearsal.
The place where we had our breakfast was selling different colours of mee!
I found out that after taking order...
Rofe, you should tell me earlier what...

After reaching our destination, other members were having sectional practice as usual.
My eyes were browsing for flutist...
but to my surprise, none of them turned up!
I know some of them were involving in the concert & performance @ KLPac, 1 U & KL Convention Centre so couldn't turn up for practice..
So many performances & concert were held on the same day.
What a coincidence...
Never thought of it happened that really no other flutist present.
But it was really my first time to play alone in the section when all the sections gathered & played the songs together.
Another special experience gained!
Big thanks to Bruce for correcting, guiding & teaching me some techniques...

Well, we went to have our lunch after rehearsal.
Jokes from WLeong made us can't help laughing when the dishes were served.
1 Stop would b a nice place to dine in if the number of flies reduced.

Then, we went on our next plan - attend Music Exchange Concert performed by KLPac Orchestra with Penang State Symphonic Band (PESSBAND) for a relaxing afternoon & support our band mates !
All-time favourite songs & well-known music e.g. James Bond, Mission Impossible, Superman Returns as well as Mamma Mia were played in the concert.
We spotted a youngest and smallest in size player on the stage!
He was playing his custom made (of course smaller size of that suits his height) cello!
How cute...
Oh yes, the solo part played by the saxophonist, KFong had caught our attention!
The percussionists were so intoxicated while playing the percussion instruments!
Umm... I think the concert will sound better if the mic for the oboe player wasn't place in front of her or place at Brian there instead.
Yeah, the sound of oboe was too outstanding, in certain part of the music, the sound projected by keyboard was a bit louder and covered some other instruments, created imbalance of the harmony...
Hmm... Some string instruments were not well-tuned I guess...
Sound check before concert is vital.
Wish all these conditions wouldn't happen on the concert that will be held in November.
Anyway, KLPac SB players are still the best!
Round applause for them!

After that, I went to KLCC for Bookfest 2010 & Piano Fair 2010.
Thanks Kemmi for sending...
Ran into TKuan & Denny over there.
They both really energetic and still manage to go there after having exhausting days & nights of rehearsal for the music exchange concert!
Oh yeah, dropped by at Yamaha Piano Fair before going back.
Wish I could own an AvantGrand too!
* drooling *
A fully-occupied & contented day...
So wonderful~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

UOnline TalenTine

" Sorry, the book that you are looking for is still out of stock and we are not sure when is the stock arriving... " from EMO bookstore. 

 Aw.. EMO bookstore, now you really make me EMO!! ._.

Maybe you would think that I am very emotional... LOL
In fact, I've been looking for this book everywhere e.g. MPH, Popular Bookstores, Borders, University Book Store and EMO bookstores for few times and getting the same answer.
It's been more than 1 month already!!
How am I going to study without the book...
Life's so tough without books for referencing and completing assignment... especially TEXTBOOK!

However, I've received an email just now and it has really brighten up my day.

"Dear xxx,
Kindly be informed that we have already pack the requested item and will sent it to xxx Library...."
Yes, the book I've requested to borrow will be sent to my campus and I can collect it most probably on tomorrow!!

I happen to like my campus' library very much...

By the way, UOnline TalenTine Audition was held today.

My friends and I were quite impressed by the beat boxer!
It was cool!
Besides that, there were some sort of bazaar was held in conjunction with the audition, I guess.
We nearly late to class due to too obsessed of watching the performance by the participants...
Yes, Dylan Leong was there as 1 of the judges!
Not much performances that we managed to watch on account to time constraint... =(

Oh yeah, the mark for the first assignment is already out and my group managed to obtain the highest mark in our class!
Good job to all the members :)
Wish all of us can strive better in our upcoming assignments ^^

1 more thing that I wish to inform my friends...
I couldn't sign in as usual via Windows Live Messenger.
Hence, anything please drop me an email, inbox message or text me!
I don't online often, and even if online, I couldn't send any file to you through the conversation window.
Apology to any inconvenience caused.

Having difficulty in signing in has inevitably caused many inconvenience in my life.
I've tried many ways to solve it,
such as re-installing it, change firewall settings, change internet browser's option, delete contacts folder, online using other computer etc...
If anyone was facing the same problem as me, couldn't sign in with a pop-up window stating that contact list is not available, with error code 85ae000b, and managed to fix it, please do let me know how you did it!!

Not to forget,
Raya holiday is coming VERY SOON!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Malay friends!
Maaf zahir dan batin..
Haha... :D