Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fresh and cheap seafood, scenic paddy field, succulent fruits, dozens of bird nest, Sekinchan is a place that you seafood cravers, photographer, nature and beauty lovers must visit!
It's a trip with Taylor's University Symphony Orchestra members: Joanne, JJie, Roy, XSheng, KHan and we're lucky to get our Photographer committee: KShen to be tour guide!
It was a 2 days 1 night trip on 27 - 28 Dec 2011.
The journey took around 2 hours from our campus to get there.

 cam whore caught in the act!
The first thing when we reached there was to feed our growling stomach!
Unfortunately, the 2 restaurants that KShen used to go were closed. (Quite a number of restaurants closed on that day, I guess they still haven't back from holiday?)
So, we went to 阿娇 Restaurant to have our lunch.

raw photos above credited to Joanne

 fresh lala... whee~                           

shark's meat!
We were actually quite shocked when the bill came.
It was only RM11+ each person after divided by 7 of us!

After that, we settled down at Harbour View Hotel before continuing our plan to eel-fishing!

sleeping BEAUTY!

Monopoly that I just bought on the day before was one of the entertainment to kill the time while waiting for the sunset.
The weather was so hot and the sun was still scorching after few hours of time but we don't care and started our fishing session!

burn and ciao?

 waiting patiently...

raw photo credited to Joanne.

It wasn't my first time eel-fishing and I've never thought of doing this again after my first try during homestay at Sg. Haji Dorani in my 5th form secondary year :)
We spent quite a long time on searching the holes made by the eels since most of the paddy fields were harvested and the presence of eels in that area is relatively low.
I must say that it was my lucky day because I got to fish an eel after placing my hook for not more than 2 minutes time!

Seriously, it was not as light as I thought especially when it struggled upon being hooked up!
Anyway, we decided to let it go and not to cook it for our dinner.
Next station: Tanjung Karang!
No, it was not a white sandy beach but full with shells and rocks.
Our plan to watch the sundown was failed.
Anyhow, the view was nice and we managed to take a few nice shots regardless of cloudy sky.


Hunger, was our, especially my frequent reaction. lol
Hence, we went to KShen uncle's cafe: Wong Corner for our dinner.

there there, Wong Corner @ Sekinchan!

 notice it?

We planned to have BBQ initially yet rain fell so KShen cook for us instead!
Thinking back, it was better to have uncle cook for us as BBQ not only will take up a lot of time and most importantly, it's kinda risky since we can't guarantee all the food will be edible!!
Guess what, his uncle's cooking skills was self-learn and yet his cooking is ichiban I must say!

Eat crabs until our fingers cramped. lol!

We managed to visit KShen's grandmother before returning to the hotel.
The night view along the street of the hotel was just like another i-City!
Yes, there were LED trees along the street, just that particular street.

We actually played a few lame games before resting which I really don't get it till now. /.\

meanwhile, we have some music at the night :)

On the next day, we were too tired and got up late.
Consequence? Missed the golden hour for photo-shooting :( and my dimsum.......
Nevertheless, we had nice panmee for our breakfast!

And, KShen's uncle joined us to bring us explore the attractions of Sekinchan after that.
We were slightly late when we went to the orchards as the fruits were sent out from the town on the day before.......

Still, we got to see turkey in real!

 the turkey is staring at KShen!

uncle introducing the miracle herb

Later on, we went to look for golden paddy field which has yet to be harvested.
Of course, it was a photography session! ^^

harvested rice are on the way to the factory

scorching sun.. we can hardly open our eyes!

 cranes on the mud! (my camera is not good enough to zoom and capture nice shots >.< )

Next station: Salak Tinggi Dam
It was locked and instead, we were busy capturing the photos of flowers, bees and butterflies around there.


 spot the bee! xD

random shot at Loji Air Salak Tinggi. lol

Last station: Getting local fresh fruits, prawn crackers, drinks and bird nest!
There was a rice distributor right in front of the stall and look, there are mountains of rice!

 fresh bird nest!                           "Sha Li" juice

mountains of grains~

glad to have uncle here to help us in changing the tyre :)

Our Sekinchan journey ended when we reach campus at around 4pm.
Glad that there was no major traffic congestion throughout the way and thanks a lot to "TchaikovskyS" of the trip: XSheng & KHan! :) 


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