Saturday, December 29, 2012


I am not sure if it portrays the current society or I am just being unlucky to encounter these
Umm.. Maybe I am just an odd one or I am indifferent from them.
I feel that sometimes people just couldn't complete a task being assigned to him or her, even if it is just a simple or menial one.
No matter how long was the duration given.
It is not a question of who should do or should the person do, it is about responsilibility.
Many times, it is one's responsibility to get it done.
It's ironic when the person-in-charge don't realise about their responsibilities.
Was it really due to time constraint, zemblanity, something happen to backfire, negligence, mere forgot, procastination, irresponsible or incompetent?
In the end, I would be the one clearing up the mess.
I don't mind helping on clearing the mess till I got hold for the responsibility and worst, being the one who got blamed or put into trouble in the end?
Seriously, while people are cheering over some so-called handover or watching the glorious moment, have you ever thought of how did it come about?
I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, to be frank.
This would be the last mess that I should be found clearing up.
It has reach my limit.
Disappointed, really

Though it doesn't really reflect on the current situation, but yeah, I want to have LESS DRAMA

It's not that I have more extra time compared to anyone else.
And yes, I am so going to continue my revision for my finals now.

Monday, December 24, 2012

As the title says it, I'll be home for X'mas this year.
To be exact, it's including NYE too.
That's right, thanks to the final exam period that has commenced since last week until January 2013.
Well, there are few versions of the same title that I personally in favour with:

1. Michael Buble

2. Josh Groban

3. Flute cover (with Michael Buble's instrumental version)

Enjoy and Merry X'mas readers!
Feliz Navidad!

... suddenly discover my interest in certain subjects, realising there's not much time left for revision - life ...

Thursday, December 20, 2012


It's night time.
"Could you sleep earlier today? Don't leave me alone.." my lil sis pleaded
Awww, I was planning to do the revision until midnight.

Okay, the truth is I don't believe in apocalypse and so gonna continue my plan.
Move your bed to the study room and you won't be alone.
I'm such a bad sister

Big Bad Wolf!

"Refreshing* the news feed on Facebook, noticing that almost everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of Big Bad Wolf.
This reminded me of the few books that I bought few years back then from BBW sale.
I only managed to flip through few pages in these few years time.
Anyway, it has been weeks and finally, I can't resist the temptation and went for it TODAY, before the sales ends in this week.
Not as much as my friends bought though (yeah, they have been spending hundreds or even thousand on it).
Guess what I have bought:

 Wakakakaka... you know right

uh, free gift from Skinfood

Enough, I shall control myself from the enticement out of the book (including FACEbook) and focus on doing revision.

okay, this looks ugly. 
anyway, who cares?
* continue sipping my green tea*  :)

 by the way, just got to know that my group has obtained the highest mark for marketing plan assignment in this batch! 
*jumps high*

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Epic Assignments

I've been posting quite a few photos taken at Port Dickson and Wisma Genting lately.
And, my friends thought that I was having vacation.
It's a misconception!
Indeed, the purpose of heading down to Port Dickson and Wisma Genting (yesh, not the one at Genting Highland, Pahang but the head office building at KL) was to obtain some information for our assignments.
To my surprise, I actually received reply from the Marketing Manager, Mr Andrew Leong of Genting Berhad on the next day upon sending my interview request.
Due to our clashing of time table (yeah, it's a group assignment while we all have different time table), we managed to arrange a time and meet with him at the nick of time.
It was such a relief though it was very last minute.
The interview session was extended from the prior schedule of 1 hour to 2 hours+!
We were glad to collect some interesting insight during the interview that public wouldn't know of.
It was just too bad that I can't join the blogger gathering night by Nuffnang (yes, I'm a Nuffnanger too!) at Genting due to prior commitment when Mr Andrew Leong invited me.

Well, in order to work on our research, we were required to delve into the operations management of either 5-star hotel, beach resort or shopping mall.
To get that done, we really have to interview the person-in-charge or, we can't proceed.
While I was scratching my head of requesting which operations manager from which hotel that we shall look for or worst come to worst, getting my friends who are working in this industry for help... * poof *
You wouldn't believe that once again, I got replies from the resorts that I have sent my request to earlier.
We chose the award-winning Avillion Port Dickson after considering a few factors.
I've never thought of the first person that I met at APD was the security guard who was working at Reliance College.
He still can recognise me after a few months' time!
Seriously, we were fortunate to interview the Assistant General Manager, Mr Gared the Senior Operations Director who has been with APD for more than 15 years!

No, I did not ask for help from my boss this time though he was at Avillion few days before I went there.
Besides getting substantial operations information from Mr Gared, we got to know that APD, the flagship of Avillion Hotel Group was Dato' Gan Eng Kwong and Datin Irene Tan's dream.
Yeah, AHG is one of the subsidiaries of Reliance Pacific Berhad that is spearheaded by them.
"Their dream come true", Mr Gared told.
Guess what, I actually met Datin Irene and talked to her before when I was working at Reliance College.
Didn't know she was such a calibre figure but the mother of my boss at that time.
What's even more appealing to know that APD was named after the tale of Lord Jennings Avery.
In point of fact, the architecture and the naming of each room, each pier is evolving on the story of Lord Avery.

the story of Lord Avery

Another place that one must not miss upon visiting APD was the Avi Spa.

It is a sanctuary of recluse offering spa and massage treatment.
Kind of amazing to know that it is the brainchild of Ms Gricia Gan, the daughter of the spouse.
Well, we don't really get to visit the entire resort due to the rain :(
No photos this time as it was prohibited.
Anyway, it was easier for me to relate the info due to my prior working experience at Reliance.

Victorious sunset
Thanks Mr Gared for the treat!

As a matter of fact, it is one of the costly coursework that I have done so far.
We spent a day and overnight at Avillion Admiral Cove as the driver of the trip, Jayden brought his friends along too.
 Avillion Admiral Cove, another entity under Avillion Hotel Group

finally found this restaurant upon getting lost thanks to the gps =.=''

 Fun Fair after our late dinner.. Featuring "uncle" Alan and the "kids"

 massage by the pool                               I can't live without breakfast D:

at Marina & Leisure Club

 view from the room's balcony..

pet farm!
missing those days of taking care the rabbits in the pet farm during my primary school days...

 spot the baby bunnies?
 keep biting my slippers >.<''     when the turtles meet the rabbit:"don't invade my territory!"

 my 1st try on panorama using my new android xD

 gosh.... it was so surreal and picturesque that I can't help taking it

it's a trash bin cover!

 relaxing corner
Thanks to this research, I was able to reap extraordinary experiences with the guidance of our tutor though some of my course mates regarded it negatively.
Personally, I think it was really fun (provided that you manage to interview the key person and get the relevant info, otherwise be prepared to fail this course work) and eye-opening.
In fact, I have never thought that PD has transformed to such a paradise!
I'll visit this place again by any chance in the future!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thoughts of life

 Yes, pain that changes me.
And I always believe that "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
Appreciate those who have hurted you and those who have been enlightening, by your side during your journey of life.