Wednesday, February 2, 2011


演唱: 许亮宇

跟随记忆的照片泛黄了    那最纯真的笑容都停格
还以为心够彻底    能留住那一刻    跨过时间的河

谁能了解我此刻的忐忑    离开始害怕寂寞的选择
耳边这熟悉的歌    筑起万般不舍    梦也许下一分忘了

人追逐的永垂不朽    让花树醉了几个秋
一风落叶岁月漂流    走过辽阔的予取予求
留不住海市蜃楼    宽恕眼泪就放手

放不下过去遗憾有多重    幻灯下突然视线很朦胧
面对无尽的空洞    心酸还要多浓    人散后是否一定曲终

人追逐的永垂不朽    让花树醉了几个秋
一风落叶岁月漂流    走过辽阔的予取予求

留不住海市蜃楼    宽恕眼泪就放手(百年后不及回首)

Nice song huh?
Undeniably, 伍家輝, 许亮宇, 李欣怡 did a great job!
Wanna own full version of this song?
Buy the original soundtrack from any authorised cd sellers..!
I bought mine from Speedy Video though :P
Support local production what :D

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  1. tiffany ong said...
    heyyy~~~i m shu xin...dun know whether u rmbr me or nt...hehe....if u dun know thn reply tis message~~~haha!!lk tis post!!!!cz i m in luv wit tis song also!!!!damn nice wei!!!!1st time heard i thought who's singer is it...thn find out is henley really surprised me lots!!!!!as u know he's a totally rocker also~~~& i m surprised also tat u lk tis song cz i ask many of my frens they jz hv the same comment...that is "so so only la~~"then i thought m i hearing gt problem sth lk after accidentally find ur blog n look at tis!!!i was lk freakin out sayin tat"oh mama i find my nation's ppl edy!!!!"wakakakakaa......^_^ 1st time visit also^.^hope u dun mind my late coming.....

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