Sunday, May 20, 2012


My Facebook news feed is now flooded with 520 posts.
Well, according to those posts, 520 = I Love You is a confession day to your love one whereby the high time to confess is at 1314, literally translated as forever.
I don't know why but it seems that it's a popular issue this year, perhaps due to the belief of end of the world in 2012?

It's been a while since my previous emo post.
Ah yes, I'm still surviving and now trying to squeeze a lil bit of time to blog.
Thank you to those who have tried to enlighten and help me in getting through that tough period of mine regardless of having such a busy life. 520

appreciate it loads

It was few years ago when I faced the almost similar level of tension & depression.
There's 1 thing that I find it useful in life upon getting the advice from my friend: Maslow's Hierarchy Theory of Needs.

For more readings,

According to Maslow, it states that one must satisfy each need in turn, starting from the first/ bottom level of needs. One cannot be motivated to achieve the target in other level when he/ she is having problems in the lower level of needs.

True enough, but I can hardly comply with this in my life at the moment.
I can't even fulfill the 1st level due to limited time to rest.
Not to mention the other level of needs.
Yet life must go on and I'm trying my best to cut down on unnecessary activities.
Thanks to the support from my friends, I'm now recovering from the depression.
(Yes, I was in the state of experiencing telephonophobia, insomnia, outburst of pimples, fear of checking the emails and whoever calls my name...)
Isolation is another word that explains 
Sounds psycho?
However, the stress is still here.
My upcoming piano exam is my main concern and I'm not prepared yet critically.
(Gosh, I don't even have the time to get a long dress for my recital!)
My timetable in this semester is really screwed up thanks to the new SA system.
Most of the time, I got home very late while my next class starts at 8am on the next day.
Few academic tests being held, even on weekends while having the need to meet the assignments' deadline.
Imagine that...
As a result, my efficiency & productivity level have dropped significantly.
I can't even get to attend the orchestra rehearsal and join in the recent event in my campus.
This made me feel so bad, especially when I'm 1 of the exco.
Notwithstanding, I squeezed out my time to join the Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra that is conducted by my teacher.
Initially I rejected his invitation for quite a few times as I have not much time left for myself.
Considering of few factors, I decided to join the June concert.
This is the most I can do.
In fact, I cannot commit further and now I have to stop my double bass lesson temporary :'(

what a heartwarming surprise that I received in my official letter of exam notification.
a simple note from my senior who works in the board :)

Today is a special day in which I receive a random phone call from my friend, also a band instructor, asking me to have dinner with a renowned band clinician - Mr Mitsuo Nonami when I am in the midst of rushing for my assignment.
I truly appreciate his help and Nonami-san willingness to secure his schedule ahead for us before he's back to Japan in spite of getting numerous band invitations across the regions.
My schedule is really occupied now and I don't think I am able help out in their concert in August.
It's a critical period for me as my final exam falls in July while the orchestra concert that I am organising is in September.
I understand the problem that the band is facing but I can't play in the band in return, this time.
I am not a good player nor a superwoman.

Obligation is seriously killing.

There are a lot of things that I do not mention over here which requires my attention and commitment.
Posting in Facebook and blog does not mean that I'm free.
Apology for any rejection of whatever kind of invitation that requires my high commitment.
I don't wish and don't like to say this: I can't
But I need to get some space and breath upon being bombarded with all kinds of event & activity besides academic stuff.
I may sound selfish yet I will be in real hot soup if I don't say 'no'
I would appreciate if you don't put high expectation on me......

Prioritise is always and very hard for me


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