Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Flashback

As 2010 draws to a close, it's time to scrutinize and reflect.
Hmm.. I am gonna start with what I've did or accomplished in every month..

 immediately found a job & started to work with MHua, JYang & SHang the CEO. LOL
changed a brand new flute.
started to learn hip hop dance...

 dyed red & highlighted gold colour (I guess?) on my hair for the very first time!

worked on-site for IBM event! I love event management :)
went for S.H.E. concert duty, was placed at VIP area... woots!

 Made calls and actually spoke to CEO & COO level clients from New Zealand, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Vietnam & Japan.
Had an unforgettable trip to Cameron Highland with my siblings
Played ice-skating first time in my life and hooray! I did not fell down xD

Joined KLPac Symphonic Band. Whee~ 1 step nearer to my dream ^^
My dekstop computer is officially dead. R.I.P.

Had a small gathering with my sisters and Sha was back from Russia :D
learned street jazz this month and the dance coach is such a hot lady!

finally got myself a new lappy 
reconciled with a friend of mine at last who we had had huge fights and caused a sensation in school in 2009!
had pre-birthday celebration for CLing with JMiao & SFoon who was studying at Aussie using webcam :D
oh yes, uni life started!

hmm... a rather emo month.

 gathered with my ex-colleagues after year(s) of didn't meet =)

involved in organizing a charity concert in my campus, stayed over 12am in uni!

 performed in a music concert with a group of musicians, yes, KLPac Symphonic Band! 
1st semester result was out and I was quite satisfy with it! ^^
played the dreaded and exciting white water rafting, my mobile phone was dead as a consequence
lost my lovely purple water tumbler! 

1st time sang K at late night with friends
attended music workshop and played with around 100 musicians 
met up with my siblings and dear after months of being apart!  ;)

Basically it's like summing up of my whole year's blog entries... haha...
You may think it's kinda dull.. hah!
In this year, I've met and got to know bunches of new friends and yeah, quite a number of crouching tigers and hidden dragons among them! haha...
Some of them are even from foreign countries :)
Can, looking forward to your actual prototype in the exhibition at KLCC next year! haha...
Also, I've been getting closer with some of my friends in this year too, not to mention Khinzir, Hantu & Miang... xD
Well, there were some pivotal things that has changed my decision, and ultimately my future!

As usual, this year has been a busy yet eventful year for me.
Despite of ups and downs, I am still manage to pull through :)
Many thanks to my friends who have been supporting & encouraging me all the while~

Ohya, I was informed that I've yet to collect my birthday present from my friends... haha!
Guess I will be retrieving it on next year as I've no time to meet them yet... xD
Such sweet friends I have :)

Alright, gotta go for countdown at Bukit Bintang later..
Anyone's with me? xD
Signing off and
  Happy New Year readers!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh yes, the long awaited X'mas has finally arrived!

Received call from Hao Cherng in the morning when I was sleeping..
I was still so blur that I kept on asking " What..?" " Come again..?" "Huh..."
I can't remember if I've mumbled during the call.. Haha
Wish he didn't feel irritated... My mind hasn't wake up at that moment.  >.<
Anyway, wish he found what he's looking for.
As for the X'mas eve, I've had turkey ordered from Hilton Hotel Restaurant with my family and relatives...
It was so awesome!
Thanks to my lovely cousin :D

Aiks... forget to take the photos of the sauces...

Nevertheless, it was Friday during the eve, and I've attended music class as usual.
Uh oh, I've played the piano for 2 and a half hours, banged it to fff level most of the time and eventually got my hands and wrists numb and pain.
Many music teachers took leave and yay!
Many music rooms were not occupied.
I've took the opportunity to try on different pianos and played as loud as I can without having the need of bothering other classes' progression.

In conjunction with the yuletide season, I've taken several photos of X'mas deco in my uni and edited it using Adobe Photoshop.
They look rather simple but I enjoyed myself editing these...
Feel free to comment :)

Umm... In case you wonder what am I doing over here since it's X'mas today...
Yes, I am such a good girl this year that I've decided to stay at home this year and rejected my friends' invitations..  Haha..
It's great to be home!

Have a Blessed & Merry X'mas Readers!


It's Saturday today and finally I've got time to blog now.
Went for 2 concerts in this 2 weeks, consecutively...

Seri Kembangan Wind Band

An Evening of Christmas Music & Songs by Boys Brigade & PJPO on 11 Dec 2010 @ Stadium Titiwangsa and Singapore & Malaysia Wind Band Music Exchange Programme by Seri Kembangan Wind Band, Hin Hua High School, Bukit Panjang Government High School, Queenstown Secondary School & Westwood Secondary School @ Auditorium Putrajaya on 18 Dec 2010.
To my delight, there were quite a few of Joe Hisaishi's works were played!

Actually there were some clashes with other concerts that I've invited to go for on 18th Dec but I've chose to turn up for Seri Kembangan Wind Band's exchange concert due to the promise that I've made much earlier.
Promise is a promise. To Yoong Wei and his juniors, I've made it to the concert!!!
Candlelight Christmas Concert @ KLPac, KLWMBC and Star Live Concert which I shall go for duty were the concerts that I've forgone.

Sorry Mr. Wang & Yu Wey, I will come back next year.
Star Live Concert a.k.a. 十分红演唱会 was my first concert duty, so much of memories ingrained...
Well, my ex-partner Eugene has returned to St. John after being inactive for a period.
Wish to see you all soon!

Oh yes, I've watched Reign of Assassins / 剑雨 casting by Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo-Sung, Kelly Lin on last Sunday.
I know it's rather late but I've no time to watch it in the cinema!
You might have not heard it before (ineffective marketing strategy I assume), but it's a nice movie that's worth to watch!
I like the plot and of course the action scenes!
There's a classic quote that I'm in favour with..


Watch it and you'll figure out the touching story behind it...

There's another quote that I've learnt from 14 Blades / 锦衣卫, starring by Donnie Yen ( 1 of my favourite actors!), Wu Zhun & Zhao Wei.

This is super duper late and yeah, I just finished watching it.
Here's the quote:

Dignity is not given by others, it has to be fight and earn it by ourselves.

Worth pondering isn't it?

Monday, December 20, 2010

X'mas cheer!
It's arriving in less than 5 days time...
Yuletide carols fills the air...
And, I had family outing yesterday at Sunway Pyramid.
It has somehow become my recent hideout... hmm...
Anyway, the ice skating X'mas show grabbed my attention when I was shopping...
In fact, it was the songs which were played during the show...
1 of the songs played was Childhood by the legend, Michael Jackson.
There was a group of young ice-skaters skating on the ice beautifully, accompanied by Childhood.
It was fantasizing!
Childhood is actually a lovely song... Click and listen to it if you've never heard of it before!

Have you seen my Childhood?
I'm searching for the world that I come from
'Cause I've been looking around
In the lost and found of my heart...
No one understands me
They view it as such strange eccentricities...
'Cause I keep kidding around
Like a child, but pardon me...

People say I'm not okay
'Cause I love such elementary things...
It's been my fate to compensate,
for the Childhood
I've never known...

Have you seen my Childhood?
I'm searching for that wonder in my youth
Like pirates in adventurous dreams,
Of conquest and kings on the throne...

Before you judge me, try hard to love me,
Look within your heart then ask,
Have you seen my Childhood?

People say I'm strange that way
'Cause I love such elementary things,
It's been my fate to compensate,
for the Childhood I've never known...

Have you seen my Childhood?
I'm searching for that wonder in my youth
Like fantastical stories to share
The dreams I would dare, watch me fly...

Before you judge me, try hard to love me.
The painful youth I've had

Have you seen my Childhood...

You will be wondering where's my story of childhood..
Nah, I'm not gonna write over here :P

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Semester break

Two weeks of sem break has ended finally.
It's short and yeah, I believe I had fully utilize my days nor a single day!
Oh yes, finally got the photos from Khew!
So here am I blogging now =)
Uh oh, hand phones are still under repair and I've grabbed his hand phone to snap photos all the while...
Hehe... Photos below are courtesy of Khew :)
As aforementioned, I went for camp just after exam.
Then, worked for IBM event and earned myself some pocket money for my expenses in this holiday!
my crew tag with colourful lanyard! ^^

Cupcakes from my colleague~

Of course, went shopping with my sisters.
Not to mention, my siblings too!
Really miss those days we use to hang out & chit chat.
Yup, it was English-speaking day!
(Duh, quite a long while I didn't speak English)
It was such a few months we did not meet!
Well, first thing that they asked me when we met was "Why cut this hairstyle again?!"
If you realize, my profile photo of this blog also has almost the same hairstyle.
I got my bangs!
Yes, I miss my bangs so much and so chopped off my side-swept fringe!
We shopped and bought some stuff at Zara & Uniqlo.

 Filled in our stomach at Pavillion before starting our journey... 

                                                               Guess what are these for? 

                 Escargots!! Yummy~                        Why only Khew is spotlighted?!

 cam whore at Zara...

It's Jackie Chan's Cafe...!

 Such a comfy place to sit back, relax and wait for KHeng...

 Met KHeng finally outside Jogoya, Starhill...

And and, I went for music workshop by MPO & High Winds Ensemble too!!
It was an awesome experience that I played with around 100 players, accompanied by the rain!
I wasn't from school band so it was my first time playing with so many players at once!
I like Ms Yuka and will do my best to achive purple sound!
Thanks to Poh Lee, Kean Tan & Vincent Kok's guidance :D
Not to forget, thanks to the organizer, Woon Leong for this informative workshop!
Laughed like no one is listening with Ji Xiang, Jiunn Harng & Yan Qi.
Glad that I did not throw up after having tea time due to continuous laughing.

Ah ha, our result for final exam was out on last Friday!
I am quite surprised that I survived during the exhausting & hectic weeks!
Guess what, my mind was full of music playing in my mind during the exam as the concert that I've been involving in and exam fall within the same period!
I am quite happy with my result yet I will thrive and perform much better in my new semester!

Oh well, new semester has officially started yesterday.
Happy to meet my classmates again ;)
Uh.. Our gift of new semester is 8am class daily while our early X'mas gift is having mid term exam & assignment deadline on 27th Dec.
In other words, we have no time for celebrating X'mas and I have to get myself out from house to campus by 6:30am!!
how GREAT isn't it?!
Anyhow, we celebrated Eileen's belated birthday at the newly-opened Zhia's Kitchen, Chinese Cuisine in my campus.
Umm... Blacklisted this restaurant.

Today is public holiday and yay! I don't need to go for class.
My friends have been wondering & asked "Not going out today?"
Yeah, I am such a good girl, staying at home this time.
Instead, I spent my day watching のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 後編    or Nodame Cantabile Finale Movie II.
It was out somewhere in May 2010 and finally I've got to catch up with it!
Gee... It was truly astounding & inspiring!
I've falling in love with Piano Concerto No. 2 3rd Movement by Rachmaninoff , Piano Concerto in G by Ravel,  Piano Concerto by Chopin and many many more!!

Received invitations from my friends & juniors and I am so excited for what's gonna happen in this Saturday!

Honestly, 2 weeks of break is not enough!!!
I've not have the chance to meet up with my brothers and son as I've promised them...
I will try my best to hang out with them one day...!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Woohoo.. Received this letter at last!
It's confirmed gonna held on 29 Jan 2011, which means I have 57 days left for preparation!
Well, I don't mind getting a place in the competition or not but instead, I want to get more exposure, reduce my stage fright (yes, it's still haunting me even though I've been performing on stage for numerous time! =x) and perhaps get some comments from the panel of judges so that I can perform better in my exam.
For the benefit of all participants, they will offer an hour free practice at their premises!
I am so gonna book for my practice time!!
Huhu... Have not touch the piano for days due to the funeral going on at my neighbourhood....
Yeah, a neighbour of mine has just passed away and we need to pay respect for him.
My condolence to my neighbour...
Hopefully I can practice tomorrow...
* drooling *

Uh... There are many things that I would like to blog about before my next semester starts..
Yet, I am still waiting for the photos from my friends before posting it...
Or else my blog posts will look dull & monotonous...
Can't wait to get the photos!!

Key Leader Camp

I was disappeared for 3 days from 20 Nov – 22 Nov. 
Yup, the day just after my final exam. 
Guess where I’ve been?
Away from the hustle & bustle of urban life, and here I was in the jungle, or rather a rural area, Gopeng, Perak for Key Leader Camp organized by Kiwanis International!

It's a place where there's no network coverage which you can connect with others from all around the world except here, this specific location which has unstable & low network coverage.
U can make ur phone call here. haha

Our campsite is located at MyGopeng Resort which we can only get there by lorry or truck!

After reaching the resort, we had a briefing by the facilitators, followed by lunch.
We were placed in different dorm/chalet.
Have a look on our place of accommodation!
                            Dusun chalet

Besides having personal growth talks by Cool Chong, Heidi Olivia Tan a.k.a. HOT and other team building games, we had a journey of adventurous activities. For instance, jungle night walk & white water rafting.
We had BBQ dinner and campfire too!
                     body rafting...                                I really tried this before! huhu...

 Raise your paddle people!

"When you dropped into the river, don't panic & keep smilling!" Water rafting coach ordered.

On the raft in Kampar River!

I've experienced the taste of death while body & water rafting for thrice!
Without knowing how to swim, I was nearly drown.
Of course, drank a lot of river water... >.<

At night, we had BBQ dinner where we can choose to BBQ our own food or let the workers BBQ for us.
Surprisingly, the mutton grilled by the worker was just nice and there's no nasty taste which I usually reject of!


                           Pretties~                             A hilarious sketch presentation...

drawing for our group logo!


               notebook~                                 Circle K club for university students

I like this group photo very much! 
Sze Huei, Zhi Yu, Jer Yioung, Seng Chee, Eileen, Joey, me, Siti

                 Instant Messaging boxes~                       See the Keyman by G6!

hmm... thinking of my goals to achieve...

morning exercise by water rafting coach

putting our priority notes

Here are the photos of the organizer, facilitators & helpers of the camp!

                         Alex, the photographer                  Andrew Chong
                            Elean & Sheryl                                 Cool Chong 

Andrew Heng, the organizer and the team

Seng Chee, G6 facilitator

Wen Yen & H.O.T

 Many things that I've learnt from the camp...
It was such a great pleasure to get to know loads of new friends meanwhile!
So how was the camp in short?

(photos credited to Wen Yen, Alex Hew, Cool Chong & Sheryl =D )