Friday, January 28, 2011


Gah... Time flies...
Though my final exam just ended today, IT's MY DOOM DAY TOMORROW...!
I won't expect any winning in the competition tomorrow as it wasn't my main aim for taking part.
I only wish there's no finger slips tomorrow...
Please cooperate, dear fingers~ 
Reduce my stage fright and be more well-prepared for this piece in my exam (hopefully) this year is my plan in fact.
Though it wasn't my first time to be on stage and solo but hey, everyone has stage fright! =(
Anyhow, went to Roland Music Development Centre @ Jaya One on this Thursday...
Tried the HP-307 digital piano.

Here's the studio where I practiced... 


I like it because... it's digital!
LOL... talking crap here..
Yet seriously, I won't recommend digital pianos to those higher grade piano players....
Unless, your work need to associate with digital one...
The touching is lighter than what I've expected...
Gosh, my piano is way heavier than this.. and I've use to the heavy touch..
It was so hard for me to control .__.
The acoustic sound is rather muffle but quite similar to grand piano.
Anyhow, I like the playback music very much!
It sounded just like someone is playing an acoustic grand piano in front of you without any noise.
Alright, back to the topic...
I must pray hard so that there will be not much error tomorrow!

Mentioning about tomorrow... Quite a number of my friends will be performing in a wind band concert tomorrow with Singapore wind band at Putrajaya..
Wish to watch their concert but the time is clashing!
Hopefully my competition will over early and.. I will be able to make it to the concert!
Wish us luck in our respective event :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I miss you

You're back to me at last!
I can barely eat, sleep & study without you.
Being apart for exactly one week, I miss you so...
Days without you were indeed awful!
After underwent some operations on you, I believe that you have no major problem :)

Changed a new motherboard & memory card reader, you are now running as usual.
Yet, I think there's some problem with my RJ-45 port..
Guess I have to send you back to the centre for check-up.
But it's only after I've done my computing exam.  =/
Till then, wish you healthy always and don't ever leave me!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Japanese Food days

It was dinner time and again, I stayed at campus for more than 10 hours to rush for my assignments.
Anyhow, it was such a bliss that Kim Fong picked me up and we went for dinner at Pasta Zanmai!
Uh oh, it was a random one and I did not order pasta this time.
Of course, it was a delicious one.
Denny & Kemmi, you both should join us :D
What's more, thanks KFong for treating me ^^

On the next day, MKit picked everyone of us up from our house in the morning for Alvin's birthday celebration.
Seriously, I did not know he was about to bring us to Tao Cuisine at Sunway Giza to have buffet lunch.
I wouldn't ate curry mee and yao char guay in the morning if I knew that .__.
Anyway, it's TAO CUISINE!!!
The famous and tantalizing cuisine that I've been talking and dreaming of since last year..
We finally made it!
It was almost fully-occupied but thanks to MKit who made an early reservation, they reserved a table for us :)
Without further ado, let the pictures do the talking!!

You know what, the lamb steaks were so appetizing and it has no nasty taste!
Yum yum~

Gee... The chicken wing is so big!!
Oishii ne...!!

After that, we headed down to Sg. Wang to shop.
Initially I wanted to go Lowyat to see if my laptop is ready for collection but MKit was kind enough to send me all the way to Bukit Bintang.
It was such a coincidence to bumped into Hui Sze, an old friend of mine who I didn't meet for years.
The first question when we met her was ''Where's your another half? ''
Haha... We were lucky to know that Wong, Allan, Jason and Tuck Wai were hanging out together at Time Square or Lowyat area.
Alvin called them then yeah, we finally met up at Lowyat.
On the way, I ran into JYang & JLeong.
I guess this will be the last time seeing them before JYang leaving Malaysia.
Gosh, except Tuck Wai & Jason, it was years ago since I last met with Wong & Allan...
Haha..  Thanks Allan for the drinks.
Hey Allan, remember to tell Alvin how to be slim!
Or else we will be seeing a bigger size of Alvin whenever we meet. xD
Thanks MKit for being the ''Tchaikovsky'' of the day and looking forward to the next trip!

Great Day

Wee~ It happened that my teacher wasn't available and I have no class on Friday night, hence I got to hang out with Moon, MKit and KLang for a movie, 天天好天 / Great Day on 15.1.2011.
But before that, I went to get myself a new phone since my mobile phone was certified dead.
Umm.. It took 1 hour longer than what I've expected because it has to be upgraded to Android 2.2!
* Excited *
We were burst into laughter by MK's joke, as what he always does before the movie started.

Hmm... Great Day is a local production movie, inspiring and promoting unity, family, love and filial pity.
It was touching but of course la, we didn't shred our tears like what most of the people did.
Nah... We were not cold-blooded.
Oh yeah,the lil girl was sooo pretty... haha
There's significant improvement of local production no matter in drama or movie.
Let's support local production and keep it up!

We planned to have our supper at the night market outside Leisure Mall.
Yet we changed our plan to mamak stall as it was still drizzling after the movie.
Thanks MKit for sending us home safely and not to be forgotten, treated us for the movie
Alright, I shall be the next for Homecoming :D

Well, I was informed a shocking news when I got home.
My lappy cannot be turned on while the modem was not functioning!
According to my family, there were few lightning strikes at my house area.
I guess my lappy was affected though it was turned off.
Take this as a lesson and I will remember to plug off my laptop whenever I am not using it =/

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home cook food!

It was an impromptu home cook dinner prepared by ZQin, SEn & HPing...
Uh... It happened that my lappy was stroke by lightning and so, I have to stay back in campus to re-do & rush for my BCP portfolio.
SEn was kind enough to invite me over to her house to have dinner with her..
I am so lucky :D
Hmm.. The dinner was prepared in a way which was quite helter-skelter? Haha...
Even so, the dishes turned out to be surprisingly delicious!!

Since it was a random cook, they prepared it by using the ingredients that were available in the kitchen.
ZQin & SEn are really good chefs ;)

After having the dinner, there was also an yogurt drink for us!

What a healthy meal ^^
Anyhow, this has inspired me to learn cooking!
Guess what, the chief chef of the day is a male!!!
Gah... I am so embarrassed =x
Learn cooking will be 1 of my resolutions of 2011!
Thanks again to SEn, ZQin & HPing for the dinner  \(n_n)/

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Such a long while since I last put on this uniform... D:
Thanks to my sis who helped me putting on these buttons & chains last night..  =)

Waking up about 6am though it's Sunday today,
I am now blogging after coming back from KLMCCD St. John AGM 2011 which held few hours ago.
Huhu... It was quite a while I have been inactive D:
Reason? I've explained to my officer and person-in-charge about it...
Well, I can barely remember the foot drill, my bad =/
Bah, I am not gonna disclose what have been discussed in the meeting.
However, the Emergency Air Rescue and more nursing as well as first aid courses were appealing.
Before dreaming of taking part in all these, improve and hone my first aid skills first! >.<
Hmm... I may not be able to be very active in SJAM this year though due to the concerts in April and probably October that I am involve in in this year...
The rehearsal for the concert and St. John meeting clash!
Hectic Sundays!
I will try my best and arrange my time to turn up by any chance anyway...

Oh yeah, on the way heading home after taking brunch with Mr. Michael, Elaine, JYang & JLeong, we saw an old lady surrounded by some people beside the road.
According to the passerby, she fell down on the road...
Quickly, we approached her.
Luckily it wasn't a big deal; the old lady was able to get up and walk.
Meanwhile, we went after her son fetching her...

Umm... I am so gonna take the St. John exam, if possible in April!
Wish me luck...!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Actively sang in choir ensemble in the past 15 years in US, Europe...
Even in Disney Choir...
Returned to Malaysia in just few years ago...
He. who had been teaching in UPM, ICOM, MIA & UCSI,
was a great teacher...
a best friend...
With a gifted voice, Mr. Ian Tan Sui Ping had left us earlier, on 2nd Jan 2011, about 7pm to the heaven....
Not only become a singer for God, but also a best friend...
Undeniably, his voice had touched numerous of hearts...
He did not record any album, my ex choir coach who was his old friend told...
As he only had live performances all this while...

grabbed this photo from my sis...

p/s: I did take a photo with him and my juniors after the concert yet I wasn't able to find the camera owner who took the photos for us... It has become a fond memory... Engraved in our heart...

Well, pardon me as I am not poetic, a Christian nor taken any literature subject...
But this is what I can write...

There were hundreds of people who went to his house to pay him a respect just now...
Special thanks to Pn. Leong and Dr. Chan who sent us there for a wake ceremony.
I was holding back my tears though I am not very very close to him..
Indeed, it was a great lost to the music industry!

He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, may more present than the living man.

感慨人生的无常, 感叹人生的短暂。

R.I.P. Mr. Ian Tan~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Did some cleanup in my house and tadaa...
Found a stack of magazines, a series of it I would say..
Ranging from issue about ICT, Health & Sciences, Engineering, Hospitality & Tourism to Business..
They are still in great condition as shown in the photo..

Well, I can't really remember did I buy it or getting it from lucky draw...
Anyhow, I am giving it out for FREE!!
Not sure which road should be taken after SPM, STPM?
Grab it before it's too late to have more insight info about the courses that you are interested!
Anyone who interested in getting it feel free to drop me a message or comment as soon as possible..
It's based on first come first serve basis!
Well, I will just send it to recycle if there's no response.. HAHA