Monday, June 4, 2012


Life surprises you when you least expect.
It was an unexpected night with my orchestra friends.
The main entrance of the Dewan Filharmonik Orkestra Petronas at KLCC was closed for 25th World Gas Conference Welcome ICG President Dinner.
Therefore, the MPO concert audience need to take another route to get to the hall.
Ah yes, not to forget the MPO players too.

notice the difference between the 2 tickets? (except seating number of course)

As included in the programme booklet, this is the repertoire for Dances Around the World concert:
Hungarian Dances by Brahms
Dancing Girl in the Orient by Sugata
Dance of the blessed spirits by Gluck
Estancia Dances by Ginastera

Yet, I got exalted when they actually played Dance of the Hours by Ponshielli, Masquerade Suite by Khachaturian and Malambo by Ginastera!!
I have been looking for orchestra scores for Masquerade Suite: Waltz for so long.
And the Malambo that I have been watching over and over again at Youtube conducted by Gustavo Dudamel featuring Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra.
That kind of feeling is undescribable when the songs that you have been listening from Youtube or mp3 in your phone are actually showing LIVE IN FRONT OF YOU!
They actually played 2 encore songs which are new for me (yeah right, I'm not pure classical music student) but awesome ones.
Just realised that there are actually 2 songs are in the list of ATCL exam repertoire: Scherzo-Valse by Charbrier and Malambo by Ginastera.
The concert was inspiring and just in time for those who are playing the piece(s) for the exam.
Wondering when is my luck that they will play my exam repertoire...

Anyway, this is the full list of repertoire (excluding encore pieces):
Hungarian Dances No. 5 & 6 by Brahms
Dance of the Hours by Ponchielli
Suite Pastorale: Rustic Dance & Scherzo-Valse by Chbrier
Sketches of the Desert: Suite in Oriental syle No. 4, Dancing Girl in the Orient by Sugata
Samson and Delilah: Bacchanale by Saint-Saens
Orfeo ed Euridice: Dance of the Furies & Dance of the Blessed  Spirits by Gluck
Slavonic Dances No. 3 & 8 (Op. 46), No. 7 (Op. 72) by Dvorak
Aladdin Suite: Hindu Dance & Chinese Dance by Nielsen
Masquerade Suite: Waltz, Romance & Galop by Khachaturian
Estancia: Wheat Dance & Malambo by Ginastera

They are heading to Spain for next station!

Okay, gonna sign off and immerse myself into the slumber land with smile,and perhaps followed by musical sweet dream? haha

Nitez readers.


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