Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meet the two women who live in your head: one who wants new things and the other who knows that rainy days do come. This is one likely conversation they'll have in front of a pair of shoes for sale.

Ms Big Spender: Whoa. This four-inch platform heels is to die for! Should I get this?
Ms Super Saver: It depends if you need or want it.
Ms Big Spender: What is the different?
Ms Super Saver: Can you live without it? Will your life be dramatically handicapped without it?
Ms Big Spender: Well, shoes do come in "handy" as protection for my feet and soles...
Ms Super Saver: Maybe I should rephrase. Can you afford it?
Ms Big Spender: What? This? Pfft! How much is RM350 minus 10 % ?
Ms Super Saver: Its RM315 more than you can afford in this month!
Ms Big Spender: Actually no, I didn't pay my credit card in full. So I still have credit.
Ms Super Saver: You're treading on dangerous grounds here...
Ms Big Spender: Stay with me. Think of how many different things I can match this with.
Ms Super Saver: You already have two other pairs that look exactly like this. Oh, except that this is black patent, and the other two are... also black!
Ms Big Spender: But not patent. In the fashion world, that's enough to separate the truly stylish from the copycats.
Ms Super Saver: The last time I checked, you work for (fill in your company's name), not Karl Lagerfeld.
Ms Big Spender: But this is truly the most perfect pair of platform heels. I will wear it FOREVER and with everything. When you divide RM315 with FOREVER, the cost-per-wear becomes pretty darn affordable. It's practically free!
Ms Super Saver: What if this platform heels go out of style? What will you do then when it's not trendy anymore?
Ms Big Spender: But this design is totally me and it's quite well made. I promise I will love it till the day patent leather dies.
Ms Super Saver: Maybe we should check the other shops first to see if there are, err, better deals than, "practically free" ?
Ms Big Spender: You have a point. I hate that you're smarter than me. xD
Ms Super Saver: Yeah, let's at least sleep on it? Besides you have no space left in your shoes closet..

The Next Day
Ms Big Spender: I dreamt of the shoes. It's definitely a sign!!!
Ms Super Saver: Let's wait for a less ethereal, more physical sign.
Ms Big Spender: I see a black insect - it's totally a sign!
Ms Super Saver: Let me just remind you that your money would be better off spent investing in your future. Today you'll spend RM315, tomorrow who knows? It's to-die-for dress. Plus, you should be ashamed of yourself for splurging when you're in debt.
Ms Big Spender: After we get the shoes, let's look for a matching handbag!

[excerpt from "Shop! (like a man)!"]

This is so true~!
Voice of shopaholics I guess... xD
including mine... xP