Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2011 & 2012 Review

A friend of mine (who I admire) just prompted me to check with the record for his 100 hours of enrichment of the year, which has just reminded me that I still yet to review what have I done in the past 2 years.
Time to flashback:

Back to the big family of St. John Ambulance Malaysia after being dormant for a year thanks to my hair colour.
Took part in Roland Piano Festival.
Travelled to Johor & Singapore with my bff.
Performed in Russian Roulette concert with Taylor's University Symphony Orchestra as a flautist.
Involved in Pixies The Musical as a keyboardist.
Folded the 1st ever origami crane!
Played for the Fresco Harmonica Charity Concert, Borneo Jazz Festival Preview, Malaysia Day celebration, MJ Moon-walking in Taylor's & Halloween Fright Night as a flautist.
Participated in Lecturer's Day as a keyboardist & song arranger.
Finally watched the Southeast Asia Tour concert by Asian Youth Orchestra.
Helped out as a flautist in PJ Philharmonic Orchestra.
Received 1st ever wedding invitation in my lifetime and played for the wedding gig.
Attended my primary school classmate's wedding dinner, gathered with my long lost old friends.
Visited Sekinchan & Malacca with my orchestra mates.
Total volunteer duty hour: 56 hours

Musical, orchestra, symphonic band, gig, competition and song arrangement: exposed myself in several music stuff in a year's time :)

Applied for part time jobs during my semester break and ah ha, I got hired during the first interview for 2 jobs, on the spot!
Played for the French Language Week Opening Ceremony as a double bassist.
Performed 1st outdoor wedding gig in my life as a song arranger and pianist.
Experienced real fun & inspiring working life at Reliance College.
Performed with Seri Kembangan Youth Band for a charity event.
Went for my piano diploma exam.
Had 1st ever acupuncture.
Helped my sis' friend for outdoor photoshoot (though I rarely take photo of myself).
Organised & played in the Expressions Concert for Taylor's University Symphony Orchestra (which the idea of organising it were once flashed in my mind during my secondary school time). Expressions Concert should be the 1st and last orchestra concert that I organise in my university life.
Interviewed with Mr Nikolai from Livescape, Mr Chan from Chan Academy of Music & Arts, Mr Andrew from Genting & Mr Gared from Avillion Port Dickson for my courseworks.
Joined the debut concert of Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra.
Attended 1st ever korean cooking class.
Performed for Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2012
Entered the semifinal round of L'Oreal Brandstorm 2013.
Finally run in marathon (instead of duty): Penang Bridge International Marathon with my siblings.
Total volunteer duty hour: 55 hours

2012, a happening year with ups & downs, not to mention tremendous stress. Yet, growth and development while meeting with quite a number of inspirational people were added perks. Thank you for the enlightment.
L'Oreal Brandstorm 2014, I will be back!

My new wallpaper that I like the most...

Friday, February 8, 2013


Had a minor surgery on last Saturday.
Experienced excruciation for days, consumed the most painkiller pills in my life (though I really hate to take western medicine along the years), wasn't been able to chew any food for few days and barely speak clearly.

There was one point of time that I wish they are all sleeping pills that last for daysss

That was the period when food doesn't appeal to me.
Sleep, take medicine and rest was my daily routine.
Guess what, I even went through my first allergic due to that.
Red rashes and itchiness on my hands and legs.
Puzzled, I never had any allergy before and it was my second time changing the medicine or was it due to the mashed potato that I had.
My body cells repel to western medicine upon not taking it for years?
Impossible right? lol

Anyway, it allowed me to have the luxury in my life: sleep like never before.
I even got to loose weight for about 2kg.
Yeah, it was never in my mind to loose weight.
Till now I can feel the numbness.
Chinese New Year is coming and I wish I can recuperate as soon as possible!

 acupuncture again. still, I prefer TCM.