Monday, December 28, 2009

Actually I don't want to bring up this matter, yet he has been acting too over and this is very unfair to me. Yes, he keeps on telling and spreading bad things about me to others (including those who are not from our school). I guess most of you heard of what he had spread. Well, here comes the story and tell me what's on your mind after knowing the truth. ( I wonder how he twisted the story to most of you though. )

* This gotta be very long.. so have preparation if you really plan to read about this.

CW was the chairman of a Board (a committee having supervisory powers) and I was his assistant, also known as the vice-chairman. I don't really know him after we were elected in the committee during AGM. We were cooperating well after the AGM. Yet this happy moment doesn't last long. After around 2 weeks, the asst. treasurer (WB) quarreled with him for some stuff which I am not sure about that. I heard it was due to the secretary was not being sacked as WB has personal distaste about him and wanted to get rid of him. Some people told me that WB was not satisfy with the small post that he got and thinking of after getting rid of the secretary, then he may get a better post. Oh yeah, according to their classmates, CW & WB quarreled due to some private stuff too.Hence, CW wanted to sack WB. WB barged out from IT lab during exco meeting before. According to CW, it is better to sack WB at that time as he is still a probate and hasn't change his uniform yet although he has been become an exco. However, the treasurer, YS and I knew that sacking WB will bring their friendship to an end. So we persuaded & pleaded him not to sack WB and tried to convinced him to give WB a chance. Of course, we both talked to WB so that they two will reconcile. After a short period, they be on good terms again. We were glad about that.

However, things changed in the second year. Yeah, the first conflict happened on 22 Jan 09. Before the meeting on 22nd, we had a few online exco meeting about the new rules and duty system for our board.However, WB always did not really show his respond during the discussions. Since any activity, new rule or system can be carried out if we got majority agreement from the exco and so we continued our discussion after he replied something like " you all decide la". In one of the issues that we've discussed, was about the attire of member on duty. And we've came to a decision that members on duty should wear blazer with long sleeves as CW insisted. Also, we've amended some new rules. On 22nd, when we were having meeting about the attire, some members were not agree about this and we had a vote about that new rule. Suddenly, WB shouted at me, saying that he knew nothing about the new rules and system. He even said that I was the one who simply made the changes without getting his agreement. -.- I looked at CW and was expecting he will say something & clarify about that as WB was approaching him. I took a deep breath and continued the meeting. However, it seems that he didn't clarify about it and standing at WB's side. Since then, WB did not talk or respond to me even if I talk to him nicely. This including during meeting. He kept his face glued to the screen ( yes, he was reading his online chinese novel) even meeting was going on. As we were exco, a small conflict among exco could affect the running of the board. I understand about this and tried a few times to solve this with him, yet he always gave all kind of reasons to escape from this.
Well, one day, Pn. Khaw told me that she received few complaints about WB from prefects and wanted me to remind WB or else she'll have to inform our teacher advisor. Due to the condition between WB & I, I told CW about this hoping that he will talk to WB. Unfortunately, he sounded refuse to and sort of ignore what I've told. Speechless.

April was the busiest month for the 4 main Boards of the school I assume. Yeah, we had Combined Boards' Day (CBD) in April. Each Board has to present at least one performance for that event, including our Board. I suggested to form a band with the members, yeah including CW. They all agreed. I spent lots of time on arranging the music score for guitar and drum part ( I never learn guitar or drum before.) I got help from my sis and others who know these instruments, rearranged and printed out nicely with music notation software. The guitarist, singer and I stayed back after school and even came on Sundays to school to practice for the performance. Excluding the drummer, CW. Never mind, we asked for his confirmation whether want to perform on CBD on the second last Sunday before CBD. He said yes. Hence after 3 of us practices in the school, we went to his house and had a full group practice at last.

8th April 09, Wednesday
Due to the fact that he has problem bringing the drum set to school, so I helped him to carry it to school. I remembered I sent the drum parts to school of Wednesday morning before school hour starts and put it in my class. After the chapel session, I asked him to carry the parts of drum and set up the drum set. The drum parts got a lot and the distant from my class to school hall is not near at all! As usual, I walked quite fast ( my usual walking style) to the school hall and yes, in front of him. He put the wallet and IT lab keys (keys and a key card)  on the drum and carried it. He was wearing sports attire, I think he has no pockets to put him belongings and so he placed them on the drum. After a while, he told me that he has stomachache and couldn't walk that fast. As a friend, of course I walked slower,  worrying he really can't stand the pain. Hence, after we reached and placed the drum parts, I asked him to set up at the stage of the hall while I will go and take the remaining parts. I saw a prefect was playing the piano which was located in front of the stage at that time. I returned to my class. Some of my classmates even offered help to help me carry the drum parts. I talked to my classmate for a short while and at the time I stepped out from my class, CW came and wanted to take the remaining drum parts. We headed to school hall. As I really don't know how to set up the drum, so I went down from the stage and played the piano while waiting him to set up the drum. There were few Indian students playing at the backstage, behind of CW. I don't really know what they were doing there so I continued playing the piano. After around 2 minutes of playing the piano, I wanted to back to class as I assume its about time to back to class before teacher enter the class. Before I left, I reconfirmed with him again whether does he need any help. He answered no and I returned to my class. Well, during recess time, CW came to me and asked me whether did I take his keys. I remembered he placed on the drum at the backstage of the hall but I did not touch it. I reminded him whether did he left at the school field as he had Physical Education (PE) class on the first period of that day. He went off. He asked some probates whether anyone of them saw his key. Somehow, they found a key card and gave to him after few days. Mind you , there were only few people who were holding the key card including me. Then, I did not catch up with this case as I thought it was settled while I was busy with the school event (Musical Instruments Competition) organized by my club,  choir performance and choir competition which were held in April.

13 April 09, Monday
On the week of CBD, we had rehearsals for the day. On Monday, we had last all Boards' members meeting about this event (briefing). Yet, he left the meeting when it was going on half-way. Later on, we discussed about an issue whether where should we put musical instruments. They all requested to put in IT Lab as there are security lock and not many people can access without the keys and keycard. Since he had left and I have no reason to not allow, so I think it should be okay storing those amplifier, electric guitar etc.. at IT Lab. We were informed to be at the school hall at the given time for the rehearsals. After the adjournment of meeting, our Board's teacher advisor came to me and asked me why was the IT lab locked and no one was duty That was not the first time, she added. I did not know about that as it was CW's job to open the lab. I thought CW has already informed her about the lost key and replied maybe due to that and he couldn't get to look for her for the key to open the lab and that explained why. However, she was shocked and told me she did not know about this.She wanted to have an exco meeting with us during recess on the next day.

14th April 09, Tuesday
Yes, during the meeting, she questioned us about the lost key case and asked why she was not be informed. CW's face turned black when he knew teacher already know about that. Later on then only I found out that CW wanted to get my keys to duplicate it so that teacher wouldn't find out about this initially. =.= The key he was holding containing few labs' keys while I was holding key of only 1 lab. The consequence of the lost key case is very serious and should not be took it easy or will be solved after you've duplicated mine and replace with it. I was speechless when I knew his initial plan was that.

15th April 09, Wednesday
CW did not turn up during the rehearsal. We went to look for him at the IT lab and he really was at there. He was sort of ignored the guitarist/ treasurer and stayed in the lab continue playing the computer with asst. treasurer. I went in to the lab and took the music stand which I forgot to take. The treasurer tried to convince him to go to the school hall as the rehearsal was going on. Yet, he suddenly shouted F YOU to me loudly and said he won't go. Other students who were using the computers at the CC heard the shout and went out and had a look of what happened. Oh well, I knew he was still very angry with me of telling teacher about the lost key, but aren't I should inform teacher about that?
Anyhow, we found another drummer and back to hall for the rehearsal. We canceled our performance at last although the new drummer did a great job even better than CW.

16th April 09, Thursday
Once again, our teacher advisor had an emergency meeting again. She was very angry because there were 2 lab's computer placed at the classroom for overnight. These computers were taken out from the lab without her permission. She wanted to know who did that. None of us admitted but CW & WB told her that one of the CBD head, Robert Chia took it for CBD purpose. I remembered I was in the classroom and saw CW & WB was carrying the computer to the classroom but I did not mention that during the meeting as I haven't get the clear picture of this. After that, I asked Robert for what had happened. According to him, he got the permission from CW & WB. WB even said that got they two exco, no problem of taking it out. Another issue that teacher brought up during the meeting was the condition of the lab. It was all in a mess when other teacher and students wanted to use the lab in the morning. Our teacher advisor was unsatisfied with this and want us to find out who was the members on duty. For your information, we have allocated an exco to duty on everyday to ensure the duty is carried well. WB was the exco-in-charge on Wednesday. But he refuse to admit it but putting the blame on me that I was the last person leaving the lab. I used to go to the lab almost everyday and ensure the lab was locked after they left. Yesterday I was busy with the sketch of CBD and left after locking the lab. Usually I don't really check all the things in lab as we've assigned duty leader, exco-in-charge and members on duty of the day to do so. Also, they pushed the responsibility on Robert of taking the computers and pretended don't know about that! ... Pity Robert.. He took the blame in order to protect them. =.=''

17th April 09, Friday
After the Combined Boards' Day, he planned to take away my IT lab keys without my notice. Luckily I found out before he left and wanted him to return to me as I need to keep the projectors and laptop that were used for the event in the lab.He refuse at first but returned the key as Robert explained to him that the equipment need to be kept in the lab. He shouted F* Off at me and returned the key unwillingly then left. I stayed at there cleaning up, till things were settled and went to celebrate with other boards' members.

Letter of dismissal
On the week after CBD, he spreaded the rumours that I've stolen his keys. He wanted to get rid of me from the Board. Well, I reported this to teacher and teacher had a short meeting with us regarding about this. She wanted us not to spread this conflict among the exco to the others in this period to avoid any unnecessary havoc and she will probe into this and will have another meeting with us. However, they two kept on spreading the accusations and twisted story to many people, even other boards' exco asked me about this. He even mentioned the petition of sacking me to other members and probationary members. He used the oral survey method so that we will not get any black and white proof. He convinced others by saying that he already got the signature of 2/3 of the members, including the secretary and asst secretary's signature for the petition. Secretary and asst secretary was shocked about this since they didn't know about this and wouldn't agree of sacking me. CW even tempted some members that once they signed the petition when he show it to them, they will have an exco post. Hah! Of course I reported to teacher about this. Teacher wanted to have an exco meeting with us about this. Guess what, they denied about this!! They even said I was the one talking bad things behind them and twisted the truth! I was like wth -.- Do you think a newcomer of MBS like me will have that great influential? Anyhow, treasurer and asst. secretary was on my side. Notwithstanding, they attacked me using some ridiculous reasons and of course, attacked me using gender issue. Yes, I was the only female in the committee. CW sent a letter of dismissal of me to teacher. In it, he stated that

1) I always have club meeting concurrent with the Board's meeting.
Well, I hold few posts in school but I did not absent for the meeting. I always put the Board at the first place even I was the president of Music & Choir Club. In case you all don't know, there was a policy stated by Mr. Chin that Board's meeting shall be held on Monday, clubs on Thursday. Yet, they always have Board's meeting on Thursday. You can check with the secretary for the minutes and find it out if you don't believe. Most of the time, I was the one who conducted the meeting and not him. He did not even turn up for the meeting sometimes. Even if there were clash meetings between Board & club, I attended for club's meeting only after Board's meeting adjourned. Mind you, I did the same even though my choir team has to stay back for practices for the Prize Giving Ceremony & KL Secondary Schools Choir Competition in April.
Oh yeah, he did not turn up for President Council's meeting and even sent a librarian to represent the Board for the meeting!! I saw him on that day in the morning and remembered him about the meeting. He should have inform the secretary or any other exco to represent the Board for the meeting.

2) complain about my punctuality
My parent came and talked to Pn. Gan about this already. This has been solved before you brought up this. Why you care?

3) Sudden decision to hold an unscheduled and uninformed meeting on that very day
Haha... Its not uninformed but you did not inform them about this after saying that you will tell them. You always said that you will write an announcement and pass to prefect but you didn't. Your excuse was always 'forgot' or 'late to school'. As a secretary of Computer Club, you did not even make the announcement of Computer Club's AGM even your president told you many times by giving all sort of excuses. As a result, only few people turned up for the Computer Club's AGM. Although I was late to school, I also tried my best and able to make the announcement required. Don't belief? You can ask Allan Lee, Benny Tham, Wong Jiunn Jye ( Presidents of clubs that I've joined).You always deny and wouldn't admit anything that you've done and will make you have 'no face' and push all to me. This is well-known.

4) Say want to sack someone during April Fool
Who was the one started to play with me during April Fool at the first place? WB. Don't believe? You can ask those members or even probationary members on duty. They witnessed it. You can play fool with me but I can't even say a joke on that day? Even if that was not a joke, from what you've did should qualify you to get a warning letter or even dismissal letter if I were to be take all these things that you've done seriously.
i) signed in and out in duty logbook but can't be found in the lab duty-ing. Secretary and some members reported to me.
ii) talking bad about other exco and gossip during duty with other members-on-duty.
iii) speak LA in the lab even though this is prohibited in the lab's rule and school rule.
iv) disrespect other exco besides me
v) signed in to duty in the logbook but in fact siting in front of computer reading novel at another lab.

I've tried to talk to you not to do so but you did not listen. But did I report all these to teacher? No. Otherwise I don't think you can hold your asst treasurer post for so long till retire.

These 4 are their so-called reasons to get rid of me from the Board which are untrue.
Who shall receive the dismissal letter in fact?

IT week

For those who are studying in MBS, definitely knew there was an IT week. Well, CW appointed a member, AL to in charge. We tried to assist him but CW said he can do it. Okay, we trusted CW. On the first day of the IT week, secretary, asst. secretary, treasurer and I looked for CW again to see if there's anything that we should know, help, do or whatsoever. He said no. We did reconfirm with him few times, yet he replied the same thing. Then we left. On that very day, after school, those who wanted to participate in the competition cluttered up at the entrance of the lab. Asst secretary and I saw this and went to IT lab to find out what was happening. Oh well, , supposedly the lab should be opened to have competition. But CW did not do so. I can't even see the shadow of person-in-charge for that competition. Luckily there were few probationary members came up and assisted throughout the competition. Of course, the competition started later than it was scheduled.
MBS students especially those who've participated in the competitions will still remember that there was actually no result was announced nor any prize-giving ceremony.
Because the member-in-charge had sent all the results to CW and he had lost it. The reason that he gave to others were " I wrote the names on the paper using gel pen but it got wet and the names can't be seen". Sounds innocent huh? Where were the other documents and information that AL passed to him? God knows. For your information, IT week is a joined event organised by Computer Club and Board of IT Brigade. The president of Computer Club tried to get the result from him, yet he got the same answer from CW. Do you think CW should take the responsible and solve this?
No, he don't even care to bother about this but wanted us to solve it.
Till now, the result of competitions held in IT week were left unsolved..........

Combined Boards' Day
He refuse to perform after the singer, guitarist and I had spent so much time on practicing the song. By right, he owe us an apology of quitting at the very last minute.Also, to the person-in-charge of the event.

Prize-giving ceremony
All prefects, librarians and the chairman of other Boards e.g. Sportsman & IT Brigade
are required to become guard of honour for the ceremony as there will be VIPs coming to our school on that day. He did not go for rehearsal and on that very day. Teacher had been asking about this and a member of us informed and reminded him about this too. He gave all kind of reasons like ' I am not necessary to be there' etc to avoid from doing so. Do you think it is unnecessary for a chairman of a Board to present in the ceremony but all the chairmen from other Boards turned up?

Money matter
As a chairman, he has full authorization of matters in the Board, Yes, including money matter. He was more clear about the Board's account than the treasurer. Why? Because he took over the money. Well, it was not the treasurer did not carry out his job but he trusted in CW and did not question about him on that. He took some money from the Board to pay for private expenses in last year. I realized about that in July and reminded him about this. Yeah, few weeks before the AGM of this year then only he returned the money. Also, there was a batch of probationary members who have paid him for the nametag in early of the year but he did not hand those money to the new batch of exco (09/10) nor even make the nametag for them. Until the new exco (09/10) asked me about that, then only we found out. Some members asked me what happened to the $ in our account after the presentation of account during AGM... You tell me how to answer...

Intake of new member
There was 2 intake in total for the recruitment of Board of IT Brigade. One was in Feb while another was in  July if I am not mistaken. There was a conflict between some of the form 3 members and him. He also has personal distaste towards a form 4 member. Hence, he disqualified them. All of you might think I've involved myself in the election of new members. The truth is, I only documented what they (committee of recruitment), CW and WB have discussed and concluded. Of course, I wasn't agree with CW's act of disqualifying the applicants due to his personal distaste towards them and tried to reinstate them by any chance after careful consideration with other exco. He's more angry with me and told other disqualified applicants that they were actually fired by me. Haha... I swore I never disqualify anyone but reinstated some applicants in fact. Due to the fact that he was the chairman, some people tend to choose to believe in what he said. Hah.

Web page of Board of IT Brigade
Well, every club, society or board has given an account to set up their respective site. There was a competition of updating club's site. Somehow, our Board did not have it. Very soon, it was found out by me and I asked from teachers many times till he created an account for the Board. Yes, I gave the account name and password to CW too after I've received it from teacher. After a week or two, he purposely changed the password so that I can't access the account. He did not update the Board's site till he was boo-ed by other presidents during President Council's meeting of did not update anything while other clubs did great job. Then only he started to work on it. I told this matter to teacher during exco meeting, and that only he gave me the password. However, it was too late. The assessment for updating the club's site had ended and I did not  manage to do much updating on it. Our board's site only got the consolation prize for that competition while the champion goes to Music & Choir Club, the site which I was in charge of. He only pretended like he was actually doing something for the Board by updating the Board's site when we were having Board's meeting. Yes, when the members were around.

There were few meetings held in this year. If you realized, most of the meetings where conducted by me. Sometimes, he doesn't even bother to have it and hanging around with his friends in front of prefects' room, Mc D or somewhere else rather than going for the meeting. We wont held a meeting if there's no reason. Still, he purposely did that. How many times he had been found loafing at somewhere else while we were having board's meeting? The secretary and some other members can tell you the answer.

He was found writing all kind of vulgar words in the logbook in front of the member-on-duty. The secretary was very mad about this and tore of the page then threw it into the dustbin. Sometimes, he even lead other students to play online games in the lab although the rules stated that no online game is allowed to play in lab.Also, he always speak LA and speak foul language in the lab. Some students and members knew about this too. Yes, the lab rules stated that no language other than English and Malay can be spoken at there. Do you think it is suitable for a leader to do so?

2nd Intake of new members
There was a second intake of new members in June. If you've noticed, there were actually two versions of the application form. Before this, during the exco meeting with teacher, asst. secretary, Lung Chuin ( chairman 07/08) and I was appointed to be in charge of this. I also showed the application form to CW before distributing them to those who have interest in joining the Board. He did not show objection about that. Yet, he came out with another new format of application form without noticing us after 1 week. And, he had made an announcement on a Monday that there will be an interview session for those applicants on that very day. Lung Chuin, asst secretary and I was shocked after knowing this. On that day after school, when I stayed back doing my chemistry experiment, I was informed that no one opened the lab and the applicants were waiting outside the lab. I left my experiment half-way and dashed to find out what was happening. Indeed, no one went to open the lab and seeing that the  it was about the interview time that announced during the assembly .. Immediately, I ran throughout the school to look for senior members, Lung Chuin & Voon Keong for help. Luckily, they were still in school compound and went up to help out even though they were not free. Another problem arise, we have no most of the application forms as they were with CW!! CW did not came to school that day. =.= On the next day, we found out that on Sunday night, CW told the secretary to make the announcement and the secretary followed blindly without knowing much information about that. =x
Anyhow, later on there were other senior members came to IT lab and helped out. We asked those applicants to fill in the application form again using some 'reasons'. Of course, I left my experiment half-way
and this has definitely affected my marks of STPM peka.. But I have no choice...

Pendrives lost case
One day in July, our teacher advisor came to me and asked me to open the cabinet for Kriskkumar to check the pendrives left in the it. Kriskkumar reported to me that a large amount of pendrives were lost. Promptly, I asked him to inform teacher. Indeed, some pendrives gone. I don't really know about the the existence of the pendrives as they were kept in boxes while I thought they were just some empty boxes in the cabinet till I remembered I saw CW took out the boxes before. We tried to trace out who took the pendrives through cctv yet nothing was found  as the record of the cctv in lab only kept for a month. For your information, he always bring illegal items like headphone, cellphone, mp4 player to school and kept them in the cabinet as not many people has the key. It was a good hiding place to avoid from the prefects. Due to that, he was also always keep those illegal items for his friends at there. Passing the keys among his friends are common. Anyhow, by hook or by crook, teacher wanted 3 of us, who had the key to compensate the lost.=.= I paid for the amount of lost after divided into 3 using my own money. ( It was a huge amount for a student like me!) I don't think he paid for the lost. But some people said that, the pendrives most probably lost due to the negligent of CW and he should pay for the lost. Well, what do you think?

MBSSKL 1st Graphic Design Competition
I guess all the members still remember that CW did actually told all of you loudly that he will plan another IT event due to the not-very-successful IT week during the meeting and let Robert to execute it? That was truly a crap. Indeed, Robert did all the things from planning to execution, from head to toe. What did CW do? haha... Why did I know about this, this is because all the while, Lung Chuin, Voon Keong, Robert and I were the ones who spent loads of time for this event. Want to get confirmation and more information about this? You are always free to ask Robert, the organizer of this event. Oh yes, and the members who worked together for this event :) CW only turned up and took few photos during the competition was going on.

Oh yes, there was a period where CW commented me with many bad words at his blog. Some parents did actually read it somehow and called to the asst secretary, questioned about why was the chairman behaving so and so... The parents sounded like know many things happened in the Board and we've no idea who is he/she. The asst secretary who is very well-versed and eloquent couldn't answer nor have any idea about that either. We were so worried that this case will be brought up to the principal and requested the teacher advisor to investigate about this. Anyhow, CW removed that part from his blog very soon.

I know I may not be a good vice-chairman but I've tried my best to contribute for the Board and assisted the chairman for what I can irregardless the unfair treatment. Yet being an assistant doesn't mean that I have to be the 'shield' of you of whatever wrongdoings that you've done. I am a human too and I can't help you to cover all the problems that you've created or jobs that you are not willing to do. Just because of I don't want to continue to be the 'shield' of you, you fall out and revenge on me.

If you have noticed, or been to the lab often in this year, you may saw me many times in the lab... Some members and juniors even asked me 'why I always see you in the lab?', 'you everyday duty ar?'

Some members did actually tell me that, the best part CW had did for the Board was he DID NOTHING but finding scapegoat.

I blog about this is not to show I am good, feel hatred, showing my low level of English or what. But I just want to defend myself from all the accusations that he have made on me. He did not stop doing so even after graduate. Some friends of mine told me that the way he talked about me will really make me feel like slapping him. I don't have a circle of friends nor talked to many people about someone so and so like what he did to me. So I am blogging about this to express what's on my mind and tell you all the truth in the mean time.

It is up to you whether you believe this or not.

From those foregoing things that I've mentioned, what do you think of this kind of people? Is he trustworthy?

Feel free to comment and leave a penny of your thought...

p/s: I really wanted to confront CW about what he have did to me and solve the problem between us but I don't get the chance and he is still doing something bad behind me till now. free polls
What do you think of him?
trustworthy untrustworthy   

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st St. John duty

The day has come...
Star Live Concert by NTV7 at Bkt Jalil Carpark A

Yeap, it was my first St. John duty ever since I am qualified to become a St. John adult member in this year...
( am a scout from primary till secondary school)
jotted down in the history of my life... :)

Reached HQ at 4pm..
All of us were sent to Bkt Jalil by ambulance vans after briefing session and divided into groups.
I was allocated to partner with Eugene Wong.

Started to duty at around 6pm.
I was placed to duty at VIP seats area...
haha... thanks to my partner!
it was the best place among all other duty stations.
Cold, not crowded, nearest to the stage :)

what's more,
my partner is one of the few members who accomplished 1000 duty hours badge.
In other words,
a very experienced member!
Of course,
he told me loads of information ^^

Not much cases happened throughout the event...
But there was a kind of funny case happened in my area... xD

We are prohibited to take photos during duty...
However, still manage to capture some photos before our duty get started.

Secretly took few photos with someone's help at the end of the concert...
He was tall enough to cover for me... LOL!
The fireworks were too grandeur!!! @.@

Splendid fireworks huh?

Duty ended around 12am... :D

Special thanks to JYang & Eugene W.

 Call me "LIM"!!! haha...

p/s: quite tedious to put on the accessories compared to scout!!! -.-!l

huhu... have to pack my thing for tomorrow's trip!
many activities after STPM..
will blog about it when I am back & free...
signing off... xD

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well, there are some rumours, hearsay or accusation that have been made by people.
And now, I would like to clarify some of it.

1. I don't look good, happy or friendly. Yes, I don't like to smile or talk. This doesn't mean that I am not happy, emo, angry or even dislike you. This is me and I have been so for many years. You can't expect me to change and be like what you want.

2. Any probate who lost or broke the tag will be fined according to the amount stated by the committee. It is not given out free and those who took it have the responsibility to return it in good condition after probationary period as mentioned earlier. And, this is not an order by myself.

3. One has to take full responsibility of taking care of the thing(s) which is/are assigned to. Don't accuse others of taking/ stealing it or make any false statement to escape from bearing the responsibility. It's such a shame.

4. I did not sack anyone before even I have the authority. The results were finalized by the committee in-charge.  There sure got reason(s) if one does not qualified or whatsoever. Mind you, I am not the only one who has the right to do so. Instead, I've reinstated some members.

5. I always do my best in my job & duty. I did not & wouldn't mix up between public & private affairs.

Believe it or not.

There are sure people who like or dislike you.
It's just whether you know or do not know about it. 

 Anyway, I will still continue my life and go forward :D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At last...
I am free to update my blog...
its never late to blog about this... National Wushu Championships 2009...
which was held starting from 22 Aug 09 .. for few days...
Because... that's what my blog entitled... to reminisce! xD

Here are some videos taken during the opening ceremony...
not very clear though... and kinda shaky... =X
I also forgot to zoom in during recording... =/

Wushu performance - Golden Banquet

Wushu by Elite Exponents

武 。 舞 (Wushu & Dance)

Nevertheless, there are other performances too...

here are some videos of the participants during the competition =)
They are very young and did very well! dO.Ob




Can't wait to back to World of Wushu....
Looking forward to the days after STPM...
I will be back!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tagged by Pui Jing

did this tag after around 2 months... =X
quite fun doing this tag... xD

Pass this tag to 10 people !
1.lp trace

3.chei thai

8. kar heng

9. waiyih


1. Would you date number 5?


2. Number 2 just got in a car crash. How do you react?
call for ambulance!

3. You see number 9 with your boy/girlfriend.
they know each other? good... xD

4. You come home and your room has been ransacked by number 4.
not many people know where do I live... haha!

5. Number 1 is acting weird.
that's normal... xD

6. Numbers 3 and 8 decide to give 10 a haircut.
that will be NICE! haha...

7. Number 7 just got tickets for him/her and you to go to a concert.
foc a ? xD

8. Number 10 takes you to a bar.
he is underage... haha...

9. Number 4 has to move to the other side of the world.
hmm... wonder what kind of world that he wants to move to...

10.You and number 8 are being chased by the cops for an unknown reason.
of being laughing non-stop? wakakaka....

11. Number 7 and you are sitting on the couch watching a movie when he/her wrap his/her arm around you.
hmm... his arm must be casted... lol!

12. Number 5 asks you out to dinner.
eat what? xD

13. Number 9 and you are sitting on a bus.
umm... we take LRT usually...

14. Number 6 calls you in the middle of the night because he/she can’t sleep.
pick up the phone lo...

15. Your walking with someone and number 6 runs up and tackles you to the ground from behind.
i cant avoid leh... he's president of athletic club & school's runner... xD

16. Number 1 is crying one day and you ask him/her why and it seems their boy/girlfriend has dumped them.
no worry dear, you'll find you mr. right ;)

17. Number 2 offers to bake you a meal. As you sit in the other room, the kitchen is suddenly aflame.
put off the fire & call 999!

18. Number 5 comes to your door one day holding a koala.
koala! ^^

19. Number 3 just got you an X-Box.
thanks but I don't play games... haha...

20. Number 9 challenges you to a children’s card game.
i sure lose wor... =/

21. Number 1 thinks he/she’s overweight.
she looks fit what...

22. Number 7 looks lonely.
let's go out & have fun! (when I am free... xD)

23. Number 2 asks you rudely to go leave her/him alone.
Hmphhh! he dares? xD

24. Numbers 5 and 3 decide to throw a surprise party for you.
WHEN?! I love surprise alot! ;)

25. Number 6 decide to dye their hair black. What do you say?
his hair is already black.. haha

26. Number 2 tells you he/she is going to go out for a while, and then later you hear about a shooting where 2 went.
I'll call him instantly.

27. You catch number 9 by him/herself, crying.
impossible... he is a cheerful person

28. Numbers 1 , 3 , 5, and 6 all tackle you at once! Is it possible?
the possibility is very low but...
if it's happening... I m dead! help me! O_O

Tagged by Waiyih

dragged this tag for months...
kinda busy... =/
here you are waiyih...

1. 被點到必填,不填代表你不尊重傳給你的人和問卷。
2. 請老實的回答每一個問題。
3. 不行擅自塗改題目。
4. 寫完請點8位小朋友 (LoL!),不可不點。
5. 點完後請通知那8位小朋友他被點到了。
6. 那8位小朋友填完問卷,必須把問卷寄回給你填問卷的人。
****--------------個 人 題 - 10 題 --------------****
01 你叫什么: kY
02 你的綽號:ky, kit yee, hyun jae!
03 你的血型:O?
04 你的星座:scorpio
05 你是男還是女:female
06 你幾歲:18+
07 你住哪裡:KL
08 你現在的學校 : MBSSKL...
09 你有沒有手機 : yeah...
10 承上,那是多少: 2

****------------ 朋 友 題 - 10 題 --------------****

11 你最要好的朋友(限1個): kh =)
12 你最討厭的人(限1個):=D
13 你最正的女性朋友(限1個): a lot wey....
14 你最帥的男性朋友(限1個): numerous!
15 什麼樣的女生你最討厭:wanton, lala...
16 什麼樣的男生你最討厭:irresponsible, fake & backstabbing
17 你的好朋友有誰(不限):kh, mh, wk, yr, ys, ky, js, kk, kj, cf and many many more...
18 你經常和哪位朋友出去: not specific
19 你身邊最憨的朋友(限1個,不能自己): all also kind of smart leh...
20 你身邊最可愛的朋友(限1個): sl

****-----------感 情 題 - 15 題 --------------****

21 你有沒有喜歡的人:keke
23 如果没有,你希望什麼時候有另一半:when i m free... haha!
24 到目前為止,你跟多少人告白過:never
25 到目前為止,你被多少人告白過: around 7
26 到目前為止,你交過多少個男/女朋有: hoho...
27 你現在有另一半嗎: =D
28 你最好的同性朋友跟你告白你會怎樣:Good!
29 你初戀情人突然跟你告白你會接受嗎 : no?
30 你為什麼會喜歡你現在喜歡的人: i like la... xD
31 你和另一半牽手過嗎:=)
32 你的另一半抱或親過嗎: =)
33 你跟異性牽手過嗎: Of course got...
34 是誰,你們什麼關係: Friend
35 現在有人在追你嗎: yes =.=

****-------------- 混 合 題 - 10 題 --------------****

36 如果有天,好朋友離你而去,你會怎樣 ?: continue my life
37如果有天,好朋友背叛你,你會: continue my life =)
38 如果有天,好朋友對你喜新厭舊了,你會: Do the same thing...
39 如果你很受不了你的父母,你會離家出走嗎:of course not..
40 你上課認真嗎 : I look serious all the!
41 你功課好不好: depends..
42 你开电腦都在幹麻: complete my works, facebook, surf the net, chat...
43 你的即时通有多少个同性: O_O it's time-consuming to count la...
44 你的即時通裡有多少個異性:Same as above...

****-------------- 兇 手 題 - 10題 --------------****

45 傳給你這份問卷的人是誰:peanut!
46 这個人對你好不好:Not bad lerr... hahaha~~
47 這個人是你的誰:food =P
48 你有喜歡過這個人嗎:Hmm... should I answer this yes? LOL !
49 你們認識多久了: hmm...
50 這個人是怎樣的人:funny, friendly, talented =)
51 這個人正/帥嗎:yeah~
52 這個人跟你有沒有在一起过: *censored*
53 萬一你喜歡這個人,你會怎麼辦:hahaha...

****--------------- 聯 想 題 - 10 題-------------****

56 說到正妹你會想到誰: korean artists?.. xD
57 說到帥哥你會想到誰 : tvxq!
58 說到憨你會想到誰:ah wong
59 說到痴你會想到誰: cw
60 說到暗戀你會想到誰:hmm...
61 說到出去玩你會想到誰:wk
62 說到聰明鬼你會想到誰:kh
63 說到傻子你會想到誰: js
64 說到笑點低你會想到誰:huh?
65 說到愛笑你會想到誰 : kh

****--------------- 學 校 題 - 11題 --------------****

66 你的班導是誰: Pn. Nasriah
67 你的座位是第幾排第幾個: 2nd row..  middle 1...
68 你最喜歡的老師是誰: pn eliana
70 你的英文好嗎:what do you think?
71 你的體育好嗎:its been ages I did not play any sports...
72 你的数学好么:no
73 你喜不喜歡你的校長:haha...
74 你的學校好看嗎:not bad
75 你的班級是: U6M
76 你的班級在幾樓:ground floor...

1. min louise
2. yong shean
3. fishy
4. pui jing
5. wesley
6. jyne
7. grace
8. joel

p/s: for those who have tagged me... sorry to say that I will be doing it when I am free... x_x
life's hectic ._.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

For him, for her

For him & for her... ^^

Sunday, August 23, 2009

STPM 2009 Timetable released at last!
[click to download]

Strive hard & study smart for it!
(ky, stop blogging & cut down your time sticking to the computer! Insaf lah... =X)

Good luck everyone! ^^

Monday, August 10, 2009

Music & Choir Club's site had won the 1st place in MBSSKL Club's Blog/ Website Competition.
Still, there are rooms of improvement on this site actually.
Any constructive comment or suggestion about this site is much appreciated. =)
the prize includes an IT products voucher worth RM1000 & a 4GB pendrive.
As the webmaster and president 08/09 of this club, I've decided to use it 100% for club's development purpose.
The 4GB pendrive will be used for storing & transferring club's documents.
And now we are having some problems here...

Members, how are we going to spend the prize wisely?
Kindly leave your comment & vote for your choice at


p/s: The voucher can only be used at Computer War Sdn. Bhd.

Besides that, our club's t-shirts already arrived! For those who've ordered, please collect your t-shirt from Liew Zhen Yi on 17 August 09 (Monday), 2pm at U6M.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Green Awareness through Technology Graphic Design

Hey there, there will be an Inter-school Graphic Design Competition organized by Board of IT Brigade MBSSKL on 1st August 2009 (Saturday).

Do you know how to use Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop?

If yes,
come and join in this competition!

Date: 1st August 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: MBSSKL Multimedia Lab 2
Dress code: School uniform only
Registration: Kindly register before 1st August 2009
Participation Fee: RM10 per person (each team consist for 2 participants)

Grand prize: Trophy & IT Voucher worth RM400
Second prize: Trophy & IT Voucher worth RM300
Third prize: Trophy & IT Voucher worth RM200
Consolation prize: IT Voucher worth RM100

* Refreshment & lunch will be provided.

What are you waiting?

Come and join us now!

Fabulous prizes will be giving away...!
Don't miss it!

Any inquiry, please refer to or pm me!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LoL... What a day!

Oh well,
today during recess and after school I was busy with SSEEAP stuff...
Representatives from the company came today to have meeting with the teachers and... of course, Mr. Chin.
As a result, I can't go for the ICT & Robotic Carnival organized by Universiti Malaya.
Anyway, I heard comments from those who went to that the carnival was kind of boring... =P

They reached around 3pm...
yet some of our documents haven't well-prepared yet!
So some of us went to take them go around the school compound...
As such,
we have some time to finish it...
The funny thing was before they went to IT Lab...
I think members on duty knew what happened...
Skip this...
Bla bla bla...
I was rushing in few places, library, IT Lab & class...
thanks to YYang...
Or else...
I can't imagine what will happen XD
After going-around session (hahaz),
meeting started.
Everyone of us need to do presentation of activities that we appointed to take charge...
YFatt really can speak on the spot about the future plans!
Skip the content of meeting
the meeting adjourned after 30 minutes?
Can't recall...
Now we are crossing finger that they won't choose our school for the ceremony...
G.B. us!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Special week

This is a special week for me as during this time, in last year,
I have attended 2 AGMs and get to know more people.
Happy 1st Anniversary of those who I got to know after these AGMs besides those Form6 seniors...
Time flies...
We knew each other for 1 year and now looking back...
A lot of things changed in this 1 year...
Even our friendship...
Glad that some turned out to be very good =) , but some contrary.
I still remember a friend of mine told me that "who wants to have more enemies instead of friends in this world?"
I wonder why and what made such an awkward situation nowadays...
It's really pity...
We were once very good~

Thursday, July 23, 2009


School reopened for...
Hmm.. Let me see...
5 weeks already?
Well, I wanted to blog in the holiday initially..
But I was quite busy..
Until now, at the 6th week after the holiday then only can blog about something about my life...

Start with my days in the 2 weeks holiday...
VI's Carnival Day...
Friends' birthday celebrations
Back to school for bio experiments.. =X
Hanged out with friends and of course...
Had enough sleep too!
Sick for days...
My voice even changed! =.=
Very sorry to KKLoo, Alvin & Zatch for rejecting your invitation due to some undesirable reason...
Thanks for your invitation though!
I will make it next time... =)
And, I start to learn driving after getting L license for almost 2 years ago...
Can't drag this anymore as my L license is going to expire very very soon....
Yeah, I have no interest in driving... =/
Ohya, bought a new bag in the holiday...!
Went shopping yet still couldn't find the things I want... T.T

Okay, proceed to my life after holiday...
Guess what, I had meeting on the first day after school! ...
On the following days in that week, I had three meetings in a row... =X
Oh yeah, orientation started on Monday too!
I was allocated 3 personal juniors.
More juniors than others ?
Umm... I'm not sure whether is this a good or bad news for me & my juniors.
The good thing is I will help them if they come & ask for my help and I am always in school!
Yet the bad thing is... I am always walking around in school, busy dealing with many stuff, looking for teachers & students and they can hardly find me... >.<

2nd week...
Just as usual, busy all the time...
Had meeting almost everyday...
And, some meetings even clash!
Well, late to Presidents' Council meeting... >.<
Because I have to look for Pn. Muni to discuss something urgent as she's will not be around in the following days for 2 weeks!
All of the fifth & upper six formers are given 2 forms to be filled in for testimonial purposes.
we have to look for teachers to get their verification or acknowledgment by getting their signature...
Juniors were busy getting seniors' signature while seniors were busy getting teachers' signature..
I usually disappear during recess time & after school...
So juniors can hardly get my signature..
Yeah, I was quite busy and get to avoid them indirectly!
I am bad xD

3rd week...
Many experiments have to do in this week...
Need to stay back and even go to school on Saturday...!
have to stop tuition in these 2 months...
= ="
First round of MBS Idol was held on Thursday...
Everything ran smoothly...
So far so good... =)
Started my flute lesson late on Friday....
My teacher went for Taekwando training...
Preparing for an exam to get instructor license on the next day...
What an active guy...

4th week...
had interview session for new intake of new members of the board...
announcement about this was made on Monday and it was shocking for us
as we are totally no idea about this although assigned to take charge of this
nevermind, we thought the chairman will take over this...
on the interview day,
no one opened the lab.
the applicants were gathered at the entrance already while none of the members were there not even him!
I was half way doing experiment but have to sneak out to settle this
Teacher saw it!
I wonder what will happen to my marks...
Everything was in a mess,
we don't even have most of the forms as he took it and did not leave any message or what.
What's more... He absent for few days and we were hunting him in these days.
Luckily LChuin, VKeong and some members turned up and helped out...
I back to the lab and continue my experiment after settling the problems..
My group member was not very happy as I left when the experiment was going on...
Nearly started to argue as my mind was still thinking of the interview session & consequences of being found out by teacher while my group member kept on complaining...
I know it was my fault but I have to go....
the interview session ran smoothly and we managed to deal with the unexpected circumstances
good job members ^^
He back to school on Wednesday.
Purposely waited until his extra class ended to have meeting with him and get agreement after discussion.
Of course, told him the troubles he caused to not only me but others due to being arbitrarily.
It is not first time and wish he does not have the mindset that there will be someone to always be there and solve all the things for him.
How I hope he will change...
even there's not much days we left...
Chinese Singing Competition held on Friday...
I was invited to become the judge...
Rushed to school hall just after I conducted the Board's meeting
Forced to comment on every contestant even I wasn't willing to do so...
Basically all the comments I gave were negative...
To be fair
I know many supporters dislike me due to this
Oh yeah,
MU was having a football training at Stadium Bukit Jalil...
The LRT I took was kinda crowded...
Had flute lesson without air-conditioner...
Teacher fall sick and did not want me to get infected...
Should inform me earlier and cancel off the class what...
So you'll have time to rest... =)
nagged by mum early morning in Saturday...
I have been sleeping in the sofa on almost every Friday...
It is very bad for my health and my mum is very worry about this...
I was too tired especially on every Friday...
Easily doze off at the sofa...

5th week
Second round of MBS Idol was postponed to this Monday...
Due to unpredicted event...
Cant be there when this event started...
Have to conduct Board's meeting which was held on same day & time.
Some serious problems occurred in this week...
He was absent for days again.
Had meetings in this week,
almost ended with fighting.
Everyone is pinpointing to each other and no one is going to take the responsibility.
How ironic...
Saw drug addicts near school compound on Thursday when Robert & I was back to school after dealing stuff about upcoming event.
Of course,
reported to teachers about this as this may affect students' safety.
Saw some drug addicts again..
Yes, again on the next day!
KHong, JBin & I took another path to go for our lunch...
Safety first!
wish JBin & YSheng manage to talk to both of them...
Hope enmity & misunderstand between us will be solved.

6th week
Feeling very uncomfortable in the Monday morning...
Still, I insisted to go to school...
Rest on the table whenever there was any chance...
My face looked terribly bad and was feeling like throwing up
Meeting which should have come out a solution wasn't held because some people were absent.
I want to end it fast as I really don't want to be stressed out with lots of things.
These things have been lingering in my mind all the time and distracting me all the time!
3 of my friends was either sick or admitted to hospital...
Sincerely wish you all speedy recover...
Especially the one who was absent for days in these few weeks lately...
Health is wealth.
Wish all my readers take good care of yourself!
Again, have to stay back almost everyday after school and even required to go to school on Saturday...
Have to redo the experiments...
We are getting fed up.
Teacher, please don't be so picky...
Feeling very pressured & disappointed recently...
Many things happened and most of things shouldn't be happening after all.
There are rules that need to be followed.
Being lenient had caused a lot of troubles but I don't think you really know about this.
This is what rules for.
It is not I am being unreasonable.
All of you should show a good example to others instead.
Wish you all think carefully before taking any action.

I am going to crazy soon...
Feeling depress, despair & sorrow
Its so hard to navigate while all sorts of problems occuring...
kY is on the verge of insanity

Friday, July 17, 2009


Too many things happened in these months...
All small problems lead to current serious trouble.
No point pinpointing to each other.
It's time we have to wake up, unite & look for solution together.
Yes, together!
I don't wish to see any innocent people to be in hot soup anymore...

Comrades, let's pull through all these TOGETHER!

Together Everyone Achieves More!
We can do it!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

MBS Idol 2009

Result of 1st round audition is out!

For any updated news, kindly refer to
Music & Choir Club MBSSKL.

Good luck to all qualifiers!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you Ah Beng?


  • dyed hair
  • souped-up car with a loud stereo blasting "feng tau" music
  • likes to squat by the roadside, at the bus-stop, outside shops
  • mixing his brandy, and/or wine with soda/ Otard with F & N Orange/ red wine with 7-Up
  • very telling hairstyle
  • loves Canto-pop band Beyond
  • overdress or dresses sloppily, complete with loud bling-bling accessories
  • always with a handphone
  • souped-up Mitsubishi inspired by Initial D
  • anti-thesis
  • normally Chinese men in their early teens to late 20s
  • speaking in local slang, which is Hokkien or Cantonese mixed with English and Malay, such as Manglish or Singlish
  • like to curse in their daily speech
  • wearing flamboyants shirts such as colorful decoration especially dragon, tight jeans and constantly carrying plastic combs or
  • Japanese fashion, with spiky and dyed hair, metallic ornaments, leather jackets, belts and pants
  • normally found gathering in the busier and more developed cities in the region
  • normally comes from Chinese villages or Chinese dominated communities in cities
  • typically come from the lower class or middle class families

if you got has some of the foregoing characteristics... Congrats!


Oh well,
this Beng-ism can be found significantly from the role played by Phua Chu Kang,
especially from the episode of Singaporean sitcom PCK Pte Ltd, titled "Lord of the Bengs" in Jan 14, 2003. LoLz...
:: He can spit into a bowl of exactly 3m away with a simple "Kaaakkk... Puuuuiii!" ::
:: He drinks coffee (or kopi, the proper Beng of pronouncing it) from the traditional porcelain cup and saucer, but stirs the contents of the cup violently and makes as much noise as possible... without spilling a drop. The Beng way of sitting at the table is with one leg up on the stool. ::
:: He has the loudest mobile ringtones around. The songs of choice are either Tarzan Boy or Barbie Girl. The point is to make sure others hear and notice his ringtones. ::
:: He doesn't do designer coffee brands. He won't pay more than 70 sen for a cup. "Decaf" isn't in his vocabulary. ::
:: He is health-conscious and that's why he sports a long finger-nail on his pinkie.. all the better to clean his ears with. ::
:: He has a unique command of the English Language. He pronounces "lounge" as "longe", Mercedes as "Mer-cee-lee" and "never mind" as"near mine". Or course, the stressed syllable "lah" is of utmost importance, such as in "Steady lah!"::

Do you have the characteristics as mentioned above?