Friday, May 27, 2011

Deep in the forests lies a land full of magical beings unknown and unseen by humans - "Pixieland". It was home to the Flower and Mud Pixies, until something bad happened.

Centuries ago, a tragic incident landed upon Pixieland. The killer-bees were poisoned by a mysterious pixie that had them attacked and killed many pixies in Pixieland. The King of Pixieland then had all the mud pixies that were in-charged of taking care insects, soil and fertility of the ground to be banned from Pixieland forever. Sad, angry and wronged, the mud pixies swore to revenge.

It is said in a very old prophecy that in times of despair, a pixie of white light will be born. With its power, everything will be possible. Hence both the Government of Pixieland and Mud Pixies searched for the baby. Once found, they will have it kill and obtain its power. The destiny and future of Pixieland lies with Eva - the child with White light. When her parents saw the light she carried with her, they were devastated and heartbroken. Her father who was loyal to his country wanted to obey the King's orders and hand his child to the government. But before he could do so, his wife casted an ancient spell which took her spirit and covered Eva, like a shield, sealing away Eva's white light and powers.

Will Eva find out about her powers? What will Pixieland become? Join Eva on her journey of self-discovery, friendship, love and the power of BELIEVING.

All these videos are just demo!

Mash up of singing, dancing, acting, magic, circus acts, live orchestra & tonnes of surprises!

Bedazzled & be amazed by the Pixies ;)

Come and join us from 27th - 29th May 2011 (3pm or 8pm) at The Actors Studio @ Lot 10, Bukit Bintang!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pixies The Musical

Pixies—the Musical, written by homegrown composer/conductor Jiaying Gan will make its premiere at The Actors Studio in Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur from the 27 – 29 May 2011.

PIXIES is staged as part of Jiaying’s Bachelor of Music Graduation Project at the Central Conservatory of Music Beijing, China. It also serves as a fundraising event for Jiaying, who will be further studying her Masters’ Degree in the States at New York University’s
 Tisch School of Arts’ Musical Theatre Writing Graduate Program.

“Pixies” is a fairytale that revolves around Eva, the pixie born without magic in a world of wonders, enchantments and plenty of pixie dusts—Pixieland. There are two tribes in Pixieland, the flower pixies and the mud pixies. Each has their own talent and specialty to keep Pixieland up and running. But thousands of years ago, a horrible accident occurred and the misunderstood mud pixies were driven and banned from ever entering Pixieland again. Raged, they swore that one day they would return and claim Pixieland as theirs. Eva dreams to be like her friends, to have powers and be just as special… but no matter how hard she tries, no magic would come to her. With Pixieland in trouble, Eva learned the true secret of her identity and that the destiny of Pixieland lies in her hands. As she stumbles along the way, Eva discovers that when you truly believe, magical things can happen.

The production team, casts and crew of “Pixies” are made of students, friends and family who volunteers to participate in this non-profit, exhilarating, heart-warming fairytale in support of the arts.

The Cast of PIXIES the Musical features Tan Yi Fen, Leong Hon Meng, Ang Joonkie, Andrea Tim, Strauss Del Mundo, Mardheanna Yasin, Ezra John, Leaw Jia Huey, Juno Siew, Tan Fung Ling, Mark Chang, Ho Hooi Ping & Quah Ling Li with Choral sung by OFAC (Of Feathers And Chapters). All Music & Lyrics are Composed by Jiaying Gan, Orchestrated by Junyi Chow, Artistic Directed by Jiaying Gan, Choreographed by Yikke Chan and Zen Ng, Sets Designed by Nicole Yoo, Costumes Designed by Bhaggawent Kaur, Image Illustrated by Katakuri Kaoru, Produced by Jay Yow & Jiaying Gan.

PIXIES the Musical is supported and organized by SIMSHEN de CLASSIC with A Cut Above as its Official Hairdo & Design, Styling Pavilion Academy as its Official Makeup & Bodyart, Social KL as its Official Food & Beverage Provider, Roland Asia Pacific as its Official Instruments Provider, MPH as its Supportive Partner, Official Circus Performance by Viva Circus, Official Space of Viva Circus by Viva Vertical Stage and Official Training Academy of Viva Circus by Viva Vertical.

English with subtitles

100 Minutes with 15-minute intermission

27 May 2011 | FRI | 8:00PM
28 May 2011 | SAT | 3:00PM & 8:00PM
29 May 2011 | SUN | 3:00PM & 8:00PM

Entry by Donation with a minimum of RM38 for side seats & RM68 for center seats.

Tickets can be bought at the following venue:
1. Simshen de Classic: 03-42942863
2. The Actors Studio Box Office: 03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009

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Bedazzled & amazed by this musical!

Hurry up, get your tickets now before it's too late! ;)