Sunday, June 27, 2010


Went KLPac office to photocopy the music scores with HTian
Kinda shocked when we reached there...

So do TKuan who purposely came & handed us the scores O.O
So many props & booths over there and... the crowd!!!
Uh oh, its Urbanscapes 2010!!
Argh, couldn't join the festival as we need to get our things done asap =X
Manage to take some photos before we left though.. Hehe

They were moving the wooden house from the main entrance...
Not sure why they were doing so... 

Before I forgot,
I went to MPYO Plays Jazz concert with my bros, Ryan, Zachary & SWei @ MPO, KLCC.
Now here's the programme of the concert:
- Nusantara Suite -
- The Journey -
- Waves of India -
- Colonial Waltz -
- Lantern of Modernism -
- One Malaysia -
- Night Creature -
- Harlem -

Love the colonial waltz a lot~ 
It's featuring the piano trio, while strings and woodwinds emerge with a strong melodic entrance and the piano solo soon usurps control coercing the orchestra to follow suit...

And yeap, the following night went for the De Azabache Y Plata, 
a Spanish music & dance show @ KLPac organized by the Embassy of Spain.
The dancer, Maria Vega & musicians are marvellous!!
Of course, the concert was FULL HOUSE

 The passes... :D

Went for band practice & meeting, as usual.
There's something important & special for us today.
Photography session by KLPac photographer!!
Umm.. I looked stiff in those photo... =(
Well, we played Selections of Up (yesh, it's the movie that I just watched recently with my siblings @ Shir's home theatre!) & Die Zauberflote a.k.a. The Magic Flute (wee~ there will be many piccolo & flute solo part... nice!)
Mr. Bruce asked us to take turn to play the solo part in Selections of Up, and coming practice will be my turn!!
Gosh, ZQ I need help!!
(Wish Bruce can't remember during upcoming practice... heh)

In the evening,
went to visit Pn. Leong & Dr. Chan.
Received loads of advices & guidance from Pn. Leong.
Once decided, don't look back & go forward!
Work hard, be focused in what I've set to do.
Never run away from difficulties as they are challenges to conquer, not problems.
Undeniably, I have a clearer view of my future.

Thanks for both of your precious time.
I will keep that in my mind!

Next station,
rushed to my sisters' gathering ^^
Sha is back from Russia while PMoon is going to UMP...
Looking forward to our next gathering :)