Sunday, July 31, 2011

 Pixies Crew, Cast & Musicians! 

 Pixies Musicians

Months of practices, weeks of rehearsals, Pixies The Musical has finally come to an end after yesterday night of celebration party at the Lark, Pixies Commander’s house. Indeed, the cast has spent months of practices while the musicians spent a week or two of intensive rehearsal  for this 5 shows of musical. Of course, not to forget the key people behind the musical, Gan Jia Ying (Composer, Bookwriter & Lyricist), Chow Jun Yi (Orchestrator) & Jay Yow Wu Jun (Producer & Sound Designer).

The Actors Studio!

Well, my pixies journey started with my randomness of clicking the advertisements, links at the Facebook during my semester break (yeah, I was too free that time, haha….) and tadaa.. Pixies The Musical Audition Call event page has caught my attention! Quickly, I sent my biography to them and booked my slot for audition. Few weeks later, there I received an email that I’ve been qualified for the musical as the keyboardist after the audition. To my delight, I’ve never join such musical before although I’ve played for choir as accompanist, in symphonic band & orchestra. Musical is a new and exciting one for me. Yet, I was facing another problem which was the time clash of my classes with the musicians’ schedule, as well as the transportation problem. Anyhow, the world is so small that later on, I found out that my friends, Issac the oboist, Lance the trombonist and Angus the photographer were in the Pixies team too! Some of them stay considerably nearby my area so yeah, my transportation problem was solved. Haha… Anyway, it was sad that Lance couldn’t join us at last due to unexpected circumstances…

I knew musicians like me were rather annoying (LOL!) since we asked Jia Ying for the scores for quite a number of times. The score has finally completed after months of waiting and yes, they were freshly out from ‘oven’! I’ve been hearing friends of mine especially played in MPYO, commented that Jun Yi, the orchestrator of the musical’s works are killing! Uh oh,  Jun Yi was invited to compose music for MPYO before, so they know his style of composition pretty well. I finally got to play his work on the day we receive the scores and indeed, with the wide range of chords, running notes (blame on my small hands & not-so-agile-fingers) as well as fast tempo plus limited time to practice, it was really a challenging one!
All of the musicians and cast had intensive practices and rehearsals together 1 week before the performance days at the studio. Seriously, I was touched by the music during the first practice. Stunned , it was really out of my expectation that every single song composed and orchestrated were so nice and the harmony of the music played by the musicians was just so amazing. They were 100% made in Malaysia by young Jia Ying & Jun Yi!! And, you’d definitely astounded by the awesome acting & singing of the cast. Besides singing, they have to memorize their respective long dialogue! I guess I was the only 1 blurring during the practice. LoL.

There were a total of 5 shows in 3 days time. Yes, it was worth for me though I skipped my Friday lecture & tutorial classes as well as music classes. The overall performance of the show was getting better from 1st show till the last show. There was an unforgettable scene during the last show when Eva fell down from the boxes which stacked up together. I really salute her steadiness and how she performed when an unexpected incident occurred that time. Bravo Yi Fen!
I got to learn a lot of things, amidst of meeting all kinds of multi-gifted people from all walks of life in just such short period thanks to Jia Ying and the crew behind the scene. Joining this musical was of no regrets and truly an eye-opening one!

Wish to see fantastic productions of Jia Ying real soon and work with the fantabulous cast & crew again! :)

 Of Feathers & Chapters (choir) with Jia Ying

Flower pixies with Miss T~

Eva and the lil pixie~

Eva & The Pixies Commander~ So sweet... haha

Todd, the Eva's daddy

Miss T~
Epic scene in which Amaryl carrying Merle! xD

"You suck"  scene. lol

Amaryl the Princess!~

The Poison King~

Merle The Messenger~

 The Great Pixies Superior~

Commander Lark~

Pixies Cast!~

with Mark, the Pixies Superior... Somehow it looks I was added a hair ornament. lol!

 Yi Fen, the talented beauty and lead actress of the musical!

 Miko, the flower pixies and Lee Peng, the 4th keyboardist!

Strauss, the Eva's father, one of the great singers who sings my favourite songs of the show :D

Joonkie, the Poison King.. Be astounded by his evil laughs! xD

with Amaryl, the greatest actress and my friend :)

 Winston, the flute + piccolo soloist & Jun Yi, the tall + talented orchestrator

Aiks... I didn't really get to take photo with each of them due to time constraint... =/

Anyway, 2 months time have just passed but somehow the musics are playing in mind even till now!
How nice if there’s an original soundtrack of this musical~

If you realized, the show was ended like around 2 months ago.. Yeah, I’m only able to squeeze out my time to complete my unfinished blog post which was started to write on 1 month +, today…  >.<’’
But, better late than never right? hahaha... More accumulated blog posts upcoming!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Siblings :)

Yeah I've back to KL & had a random lunch with my brothers, Khew & MHua again this afternoon!
Uh, we are not really free today but still, MHua is good enough to pick up us and gather :)
Basically we were busy settling & thinking of our own stuff but I'm really delighted to meet with them within my 1 week of real short holiday.. >.<
"Android time" was so much of fun 
Wonder when will we meet again..
Miss our sis Shir... and my all-time favourite KHeng... @.@

* Photos above were not taken today but during our previous lunch after exploring one of the fun Android apps thanks to OMH xD

Till then, I have to busy dealing with both personal & work stuff =/
(Yesh I know I'm still on holiday & should be relaxing & enjoy my life now -___-!l)
Miss you all......
food of the day :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

闭关 Retreat

Attn: My lovely friends & siblings

  Invitations for hang out, meet up, movies, lunch, dinner, concert, trip, yam cha or what so ever entertaining, and of course gosh... so TEMPTING for me, please ask me after my finals & when I'm back to KL larr on 19th July 2011... I feel very sad when I can't make it either and indeed, feel sorry for keep on rejecting >.<
  Alright, it's time to continue my revision & can't wait to meet you all very soon!
  Till then, will resume blogging real soon of being hiatus for more than 1 month!!

p/s: sorry FLing, please give me a lil bit of time & I'll keep it up-to-date. haha

Signing off... and wish me luck! :P

*闭关* * Retreat*

Much  ,
Kit Yee :)