Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Flashback

As 2010 draws to a close, it's time to scrutinize and reflect.
Hmm.. I am gonna start with what I've did or accomplished in every month..

 immediately found a job & started to work with MHua, JYang & SHang the CEO. LOL
changed a brand new flute.
started to learn hip hop dance...

 dyed red & highlighted gold colour (I guess?) on my hair for the very first time!

worked on-site for IBM event! I love event management :)
went for S.H.E. concert duty, was placed at VIP area... woots!

 Made calls and actually spoke to CEO & COO level clients from New Zealand, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Vietnam & Japan.
Had an unforgettable trip to Cameron Highland with my siblings
Played ice-skating first time in my life and hooray! I did not fell down xD

Joined KLPac Symphonic Band. Whee~ 1 step nearer to my dream ^^
My dekstop computer is officially dead. R.I.P.

Had a small gathering with my sisters and Sha was back from Russia :D
learned street jazz this month and the dance coach is such a hot lady!

finally got myself a new lappy 
reconciled with a friend of mine at last who we had had huge fights and caused a sensation in school in 2009!
had pre-birthday celebration for CLing with JMiao & SFoon who was studying at Aussie using webcam :D
oh yes, uni life started!

hmm... a rather emo month.

 gathered with my ex-colleagues after year(s) of didn't meet =)

involved in organizing a charity concert in my campus, stayed over 12am in uni!

 performed in a music concert with a group of musicians, yes, KLPac Symphonic Band! 
1st semester result was out and I was quite satisfy with it! ^^
played the dreaded and exciting white water rafting, my mobile phone was dead as a consequence
lost my lovely purple water tumbler! 

1st time sang K at late night with friends
attended music workshop and played with around 100 musicians 
met up with my siblings and dear after months of being apart!  ;)

Basically it's like summing up of my whole year's blog entries... haha...
You may think it's kinda dull.. hah!
In this year, I've met and got to know bunches of new friends and yeah, quite a number of crouching tigers and hidden dragons among them! haha...
Some of them are even from foreign countries :)
Can, looking forward to your actual prototype in the exhibition at KLCC next year! haha...
Also, I've been getting closer with some of my friends in this year too, not to mention Khinzir, Hantu & Miang... xD
Well, there were some pivotal things that has changed my decision, and ultimately my future!

As usual, this year has been a busy yet eventful year for me.
Despite of ups and downs, I am still manage to pull through :)
Many thanks to my friends who have been supporting & encouraging me all the while~

Ohya, I was informed that I've yet to collect my birthday present from my friends... haha!
Guess I will be retrieving it on next year as I've no time to meet them yet... xD
Such sweet friends I have :)

Alright, gotta go for countdown at Bukit Bintang later..
Anyone's with me? xD
Signing off and
  Happy New Year readers!


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