Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday Celebration

This is the last week of holiday before the commencing of next semester…
Must seize the remaining days and enjoy to the max!
So yeah, went shopping with sisters during daytime and celebrated Woon Leong’s birthday at night.
It was my first time sing K till midnight!
To my amazement, there were many potential singers actually among them!
“Gary Chao ”, “Jane from Y2J 神木與”,  “Lara”, “Han Hong ” etc., you name it, they can sing like them!
Of course, besides having the ability to imitate the actual singers’ voice, they have their own singing style too!
It was like having birthday celebration cum live concert by different singers from different range of age…
Haha… Trust me, you won’t get bored even if sitting and eating at aside!
Besides singing, they are very good in making uproarious acts & jokes too.

Let’s have a look on this short clip of how the visual effect corporate by Woon Bing & Kian Yoong using tissue papers when Woon Leong was singing… xD

The jazz version of 李香兰 or Ikanaide is so soothing... 
Ah, I want to get the music sheet!!

And this, taken pre & post-cake cutting time…

Woon Leong is always one of the best posers… haha!

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Woon Leong!


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