Thursday, December 2, 2010

Key Leader Camp

I was disappeared for 3 days from 20 Nov – 22 Nov. 
Yup, the day just after my final exam. 
Guess where I’ve been?
Away from the hustle & bustle of urban life, and here I was in the jungle, or rather a rural area, Gopeng, Perak for Key Leader Camp organized by Kiwanis International!

It's a place where there's no network coverage which you can connect with others from all around the world except here, this specific location which has unstable & low network coverage.
U can make ur phone call here. haha

Our campsite is located at MyGopeng Resort which we can only get there by lorry or truck!

After reaching the resort, we had a briefing by the facilitators, followed by lunch.
We were placed in different dorm/chalet.
Have a look on our place of accommodation!
                            Dusun chalet

Besides having personal growth talks by Cool Chong, Heidi Olivia Tan a.k.a. HOT and other team building games, we had a journey of adventurous activities. For instance, jungle night walk & white water rafting.
We had BBQ dinner and campfire too!
                     body rafting...                                I really tried this before! huhu...

 Raise your paddle people!

"When you dropped into the river, don't panic & keep smilling!" Water rafting coach ordered.

On the raft in Kampar River!

I've experienced the taste of death while body & water rafting for thrice!
Without knowing how to swim, I was nearly drown.
Of course, drank a lot of river water... >.<

At night, we had BBQ dinner where we can choose to BBQ our own food or let the workers BBQ for us.
Surprisingly, the mutton grilled by the worker was just nice and there's no nasty taste which I usually reject of!


                           Pretties~                             A hilarious sketch presentation...

drawing for our group logo!


               notebook~                                 Circle K club for university students

I like this group photo very much! 
Sze Huei, Zhi Yu, Jer Yioung, Seng Chee, Eileen, Joey, me, Siti

                 Instant Messaging boxes~                       See the Keyman by G6!

hmm... thinking of my goals to achieve...

morning exercise by water rafting coach

putting our priority notes

Here are the photos of the organizer, facilitators & helpers of the camp!

                         Alex, the photographer                  Andrew Chong
                            Elean & Sheryl                                 Cool Chong 

Andrew Heng, the organizer and the team

Seng Chee, G6 facilitator

Wen Yen & H.O.T

 Many things that I've learnt from the camp...
It was such a great pleasure to get to know loads of new friends meanwhile!
So how was the camp in short?

(photos credited to Wen Yen, Alex Hew, Cool Chong & Sheryl =D )


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