Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Semester break

Two weeks of sem break has ended finally.
It's short and yeah, I believe I had fully utilize my days nor a single day!
Oh yes, finally got the photos from Khew!
So here am I blogging now =)
Uh oh, hand phones are still under repair and I've grabbed his hand phone to snap photos all the while...
Hehe... Photos below are courtesy of Khew :)
As aforementioned, I went for camp just after exam.
Then, worked for IBM event and earned myself some pocket money for my expenses in this holiday!
my crew tag with colourful lanyard! ^^

Cupcakes from my colleague~

Of course, went shopping with my sisters.
Not to mention, my siblings too!
Really miss those days we use to hang out & chit chat.
Yup, it was English-speaking day!
(Duh, quite a long while I didn't speak English)
It was such a few months we did not meet!
Well, first thing that they asked me when we met was "Why cut this hairstyle again?!"
If you realize, my profile photo of this blog also has almost the same hairstyle.
I got my bangs!
Yes, I miss my bangs so much and so chopped off my side-swept fringe!
We shopped and bought some stuff at Zara & Uniqlo.

 Filled in our stomach at Pavillion before starting our journey... 

                                                               Guess what are these for? 

                 Escargots!! Yummy~                        Why only Khew is spotlighted?!

 cam whore at Zara...

It's Jackie Chan's Cafe...!

 Such a comfy place to sit back, relax and wait for KHeng...

 Met KHeng finally outside Jogoya, Starhill...

And and, I went for music workshop by MPO & High Winds Ensemble too!!
It was an awesome experience that I played with around 100 players, accompanied by the rain!
I wasn't from school band so it was my first time playing with so many players at once!
I like Ms Yuka and will do my best to achive purple sound!
Thanks to Poh Lee, Kean Tan & Vincent Kok's guidance :D
Not to forget, thanks to the organizer, Woon Leong for this informative workshop!
Laughed like no one is listening with Ji Xiang, Jiunn Harng & Yan Qi.
Glad that I did not throw up after having tea time due to continuous laughing.

Ah ha, our result for final exam was out on last Friday!
I am quite surprised that I survived during the exhausting & hectic weeks!
Guess what, my mind was full of music playing in my mind during the exam as the concert that I've been involving in and exam fall within the same period!
I am quite happy with my result yet I will thrive and perform much better in my new semester!

Oh well, new semester has officially started yesterday.
Happy to meet my classmates again ;)
Uh.. Our gift of new semester is 8am class daily while our early X'mas gift is having mid term exam & assignment deadline on 27th Dec.
In other words, we have no time for celebrating X'mas and I have to get myself out from house to campus by 6:30am!!
how GREAT isn't it?!
Anyhow, we celebrated Eileen's belated birthday at the newly-opened Zhia's Kitchen, Chinese Cuisine in my campus.
Umm... Blacklisted this restaurant.

Today is public holiday and yay! I don't need to go for class.
My friends have been wondering & asked "Not going out today?"
Yeah, I am such a good girl, staying at home this time.
Instead, I spent my day watching のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 後編    or Nodame Cantabile Finale Movie II.
It was out somewhere in May 2010 and finally I've got to catch up with it!
Gee... It was truly astounding & inspiring!
I've falling in love with Piano Concerto No. 2 3rd Movement by Rachmaninoff , Piano Concerto in G by Ravel,  Piano Concerto by Chopin and many many more!!

Received invitations from my friends & juniors and I am so excited for what's gonna happen in this Saturday!

Honestly, 2 weeks of break is not enough!!!
I've not have the chance to meet up with my brothers and son as I've promised them...
I will try my best to hang out with them one day...!



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