Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's Saturday today and finally I've got time to blog now.
Went for 2 concerts in this 2 weeks, consecutively...

Seri Kembangan Wind Band

An Evening of Christmas Music & Songs by Boys Brigade & PJPO on 11 Dec 2010 @ Stadium Titiwangsa and Singapore & Malaysia Wind Band Music Exchange Programme by Seri Kembangan Wind Band, Hin Hua High School, Bukit Panjang Government High School, Queenstown Secondary School & Westwood Secondary School @ Auditorium Putrajaya on 18 Dec 2010.
To my delight, there were quite a few of Joe Hisaishi's works were played!

Actually there were some clashes with other concerts that I've invited to go for on 18th Dec but I've chose to turn up for Seri Kembangan Wind Band's exchange concert due to the promise that I've made much earlier.
Promise is a promise. To Yoong Wei and his juniors, I've made it to the concert!!!
Candlelight Christmas Concert @ KLPac, KLWMBC and Star Live Concert which I shall go for duty were the concerts that I've forgone.

Sorry Mr. Wang & Yu Wey, I will come back next year.
Star Live Concert a.k.a. 十分红演唱会 was my first concert duty, so much of memories ingrained...
Well, my ex-partner Eugene has returned to St. John after being inactive for a period.
Wish to see you all soon!

Oh yes, I've watched Reign of Assassins / 剑雨 casting by Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo-Sung, Kelly Lin on last Sunday.
I know it's rather late but I've no time to watch it in the cinema!
You might have not heard it before (ineffective marketing strategy I assume), but it's a nice movie that's worth to watch!
I like the plot and of course the action scenes!
There's a classic quote that I'm in favour with..


Watch it and you'll figure out the touching story behind it...

There's another quote that I've learnt from 14 Blades / 锦衣卫, starring by Donnie Yen ( 1 of my favourite actors!), Wu Zhun & Zhao Wei.

This is super duper late and yeah, I just finished watching it.
Here's the quote:

Dignity is not given by others, it has to be fight and earn it by ourselves.

Worth pondering isn't it?


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