Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Yuletide Season!

Oh yes, the long awaited X'mas has finally arrived!

Received call from Hao Cherng in the morning when I was sleeping..
I was still so blur that I kept on asking " What..?" " Come again..?" "Huh..."
I can't remember if I've mumbled during the call.. Haha
Wish he didn't feel irritated... My mind hasn't wake up at that moment.  >.<
Anyway, wish he found what he's looking for.
As for the X'mas eve, I've had turkey ordered from Hilton Hotel Restaurant with my family and relatives...
It was so awesome!
Thanks to my lovely cousin :D

Aiks... forget to take the photos of the sauces...

Nevertheless, it was Friday during the eve, and I've attended music class as usual.
Uh oh, I've played the piano for 2 and a half hours, banged it to fff level most of the time and eventually got my hands and wrists numb and pain.
Many music teachers took leave and yay!
Many music rooms were not occupied.
I've took the opportunity to try on different pianos and played as loud as I can without having the need of bothering other classes' progression.

In conjunction with the yuletide season, I've taken several photos of X'mas deco in my uni and edited it using Adobe Photoshop.
They look rather simple but I enjoyed myself editing these...
Feel free to comment :)

Umm... In case you wonder what am I doing over here since it's X'mas today...
Yes, I am such a good girl this year that I've decided to stay at home this year and rejected my friends' invitations..  Haha..
It's great to be home!

Have a Blessed & Merry X'mas Readers!


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