Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 1st Wedding Gig!

 ♥ is Sweet!
It's the wedding theme of KC & Jazzmine!


My KLPac friends: HTian, Abert, KFong and I were invited to play for our friend, Jazzmine during her wedding.
We actually met up and discussed quite early, somewhere in May I guess about the performance.
It's my first wedding gig honestly though have had experience in competition and other kinds of performance.
Well, we played some medley and a full version of some selected songs by Jazzmine:
Close to You
Top of The World
Fly Me To The Moon
Moon River
Rhythm of The Rain
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Over The Rainbow

Almost all of the songs were arranged by Albert!
Guess what, he has a cool music workstation..!
This is just part of it.. There were actually 2 full range keyboards, 4 monitors and 1 recording mic!

Besides music performance by us, there was a violinist, the bridegroom's violin teacher who played for the opening!
His name was Jon and guess what, he's my friend's bandmate!
The world is small, I'd say..
Especially in music field!

 The violinist, Jon

It was their first time being the emcee for wedding dinner but trust me, the way the host was very funny & entertaining! haha

All in all, thank you Jazzmine for the invitation and giving me the chance to play with strong saxophonists HTian, KFong & bassist Albert!

May you both live happily ever after ;)


  1. Magdalene Blue Rose said...
    nice gig :)
    ~* kY *~ said...
    thank you Magdalene ^^

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