Sunday, January 22, 2012

We moved on to our next trip on the following day to one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia: The historical city of Malacca, albeit deeply got tanned after the Sekinchan trip.

Food, was our first activity when we touched down at the land of Malacca and unloaded our luggage at XSheng's house.

Klebang Original Coconut Milk Shake to quench our thirst!

That's all for our lunch...?

Nah, we departed to have the famous laksa mee!

Look! That's what we saw right after getting down from the car..

And, they serve the famous curry puff too!

It was just about time to check in at our reserved motel/ lodge hotel after we had our lunch :)
Strategically-located, it's very convenient for us to walk to Jonker Street.

 cozy & clean ^^

 Such a cooling and refreshing indulgence under the hot sun~

 grandpa & grandma... classic~

It's far-famed Jonker Street..!

 this is the parking coupon in Malacca town!



 rainbow toilet bowls.. read the words!

 the ancient 3-inch foot shoes!
 she has no hands but her calligraphy is irrefutably awesome!

 for my mum & dad ^^

 百家姓 chopsticks..

 durian puffs.. hee

 with the muscle guy... xD


the famous asam laksa.. slurrppp...

cendolsss with gula melaka!


 chicken rice ballS? 
no, we did not enter this :P

After spending hours of shopping at Jonker Street, we had satay celup (dipped satay) for our dinner..

"where is my food...?"

 JJ with his endless lame games... xD

it was only 50 cent each stick!
fresh & cheap... what can you ask for more?!

Tadaa... the weather was just nice when we went to visit Christ Church, St. Paul's Church, A Famosa Portugese Fort and Stadhuys..

Fort of Obama? o.O

itulah dia.... St. Paul!

St. Francis Xavier Church

 6 of us! :)

7pm sharp and we heard the bell rang!

heard of 愚公移山?
here's the female version.. lol

photo-shooting session was going on!

 eeee... kinda phail with my entry level digital camera :(

When the nightfall, we proceeded to Malacca River and boarded the Malacca River Cruise..
Guess what, we met 2 foreigners that we bumped into at Jonker Street over there too.
We had a quick chat with them and yeah, they're are from Tibet and German!

 Venice of the East~

Though it was 4 days after the X'mas, it's a must-visit to Portugese Settlement!
It was the most atmospheric place during X'mas in Malaysia whereby all the houses were awesomely-decorated!
No, it was very different from the X'mas decorations in those shopping malls where you can feel the warmth...
 yesh... these are in the houses!

happy water fishes... no?

Then... Yes, it was time to have our supper!
Malacca is another avenue for seafood..!

my camera was kind of very phail in taking these photos at night :(

 Thank you very much XSheng for treating us this supper! :)

Before heading back to the motel... I had another round of supper....
You must be thinking I'm crazy but yeah, my appetite was very good and perhaps, always... xD
Thanks to XSheng, he brought us to a mamak that serves nice cheese naan!!
Aww... This made me recalled the toothsome cheese naan that I had back at Cameron Highland 8)

Hehe... Sorry but thank you to my friends who accompanied me patiently....

Back in motel, some of us dashed to the bathroom while Roy & THooi were so eager to check their academic result using the computer provided over there...
Here was what we did before falling into the slumber land...

Our very own starry sky~
It was actually a laser show.. xD

Stay tuned for the next blog post about the next day readers..! ^^


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