Sunday, January 29, 2012

take our time to.. rest by any chance!

 like a boss...

Alright, we were energized upon fully-replenishing our fatigues of yesterday!
Breakfast was the first activity of the day.
Therefore, XSheng brought us to have Dim Sum (yesh... my special request heh) and chicken rice ball for our breakfast!

oh my favourite kind of 'chee cheong fun'

 "where's my rice balls...?"

2 rounds of breakfast and we were seriously bloated!
After that, we back to the motel, parked the car over there and walk to the Jonker Street to facilitate our digestive system.

Here we go...!

 Malacca River and the Ghost Bridge of Malacca '奈何桥'

 spotted the big lizard?!


got myself a bottle of cold drink to quench my thirst!

handmade '麦芽糖'

 windmill at Malacca!

Before we back to KL, there's something that we should not miss - Nadeje's Mille Crepe Cake!

mille crepe rum  + raisin and double chocolate

saliva dripping... it's mine!

mille crepe double chocolate and tiramisu
mille crepe original and strawberry chocolate

spring and summer cocktails~

And here's the end of our 2D1N Malacca trip... ^^
Looking forward for more to come and we shall go again when you guys are back!


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