Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1st try on violin!

It actually stays in my house for quite some years...
Instead of continue isolating it in the store room, I've had a makeover for it - changed whole set of string and a new bow!
I don't know old is it, perhaps older than me?
Anyway, the bridge was broken during the string-replacing session :(
Shall I send it for checking since the "D" can hardly be played, shouldn't I?

My time is almost fully-occupied that I can't go for any formal violin class.
(If I have the time and money, I shall go for flute first D:)
Yeah, I have to learn it by myself..
Uh oh, I can only play it at night, after coming back from work >.<
But still, better than flute which I seriously cannot play it at night -.-
Internet is one of the good sources to D.I.Y.!
There are some thing that I discovered upon playing it:
1. It is a MUST to rub the rosin on the bow.

2. Your fingers will get sticky after applying rosin on the bow. (Anyone has the remedy for removing the stickiness instantly?)

3. Playing violin can be quite hazardous. No?
I realized that violinist may inhale the powder that was coming off from the bow especially the newly-rosined bow..

4. Learning violin/ viola is way cheaper than learning woodwind or brass instruments!!

So far these are my discoveries...
Need to get help from my violin friends for more inquiries and guidance! D:


Lastly, anyone knows where to get 2nd hand VIOLA? (not violin)

need to get a casing for violin as well........ @.@


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