Wednesday, January 4, 2012


December 2011 - January 2012 is a season of farewell.
I have a couple of friends leaving Malaysia to United States and Australia/ United Kingdom..
In fact, some already left :(

Some say that the loss of a friend is like that of a limb.
Time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired.
Yet, life must move on and we shall go forward!

1. Benny Tham
My T- Force partner. (haha..)
Got to know him when we went for Music & Choir Club AGM 2008.
Till then, I only found out that he was actually the PROTEM/ prefect's exco wannabe and being elected as school captain at the end.
He was a good leader I must say, being the Council Chairman and Drum Major of 1st KL Boys Brigade, School Captain as well as Vice President + Conductor of Music & Choir Club, we worked together well especially in organizing and carrying out Music & Choir Club events: MBS Idol 2008 & 2009, Show Your Talent Musical Instrument(s) Competition 2009.
He was a very good partner of mine and I need not to worry about any task that assigned to him which made my life much easier.
Besides, he's a trustworthy and caring friend.
Don't believe?
Ask those whoever around him ;)
I still remember the duet practice session that we had in the school hall playing winter sonata.. mesmerizing!
Multi-talented yet humble are another reasons he's well-liked!


2. Goh Chin Chuan
A very quiet and skillful yet low profile clarinetist.
He's a loyal person.
Nevertheless, he's a dedicated and responsible member.
That's one of the reasons I strongly recommended him to become the Woodwind Section Leader.
Yeah, he'll be there for practices though exam is just few days away! 
"Diam-diam ubi berisi" best describes him.


3. Ian Beh
A proactive member and music lover.
Yes, he self-learn the double bass and become our orchestra's first double bassist!
Regarded as 'gay gay one' with CKia.. hahaha
An out-going friend :)
okay, ignore the incorrect way of holding the bow.. rofl

4. Lee Chee Kia
Nerdy at the first sight, a super introvert partner-in-crime with Ian.
Always bumped into him somewhere near or in the library.
Got to know him since April but he only joined us at the end of November.
Yeah, the first and last show before he's flying after asking him to join us for soooo many times.

 there there, the most adorable one in the pic.. xD

5. Chan Teng Hooi
Multi-talented and a very dedicated member, acting conductor + arranger.
Playing violin, trombone, flute and piano is not a problem for him.
Less one friend to go and watch music concert upon his leaving.
"Cutie" is his another nickname. Haha..
Another road blind like me... wakakaka...

now I tend to think of 'beach' when I see him.. haha

6. Joanne Choo
Yeah, she's leaving slightly later in Feb 2012, still... I'm having sem break now and won't be back to campus if not necessary..
So the trip to Sekinchan will be my last time seeing her T_T
She's fun and cheerful.
Even an ordinary chatting session will turn out to be full of laughter whenever she's s there!
You won't get bored spending time with her ;)
Another dedicated member (yes, she will come all the way far from her hometown at Pahang to Subang Jaya just to come for the practice!!!)
And, a cam whore fanatic... ahahaha...

I like this photo coz... cannot see my face! keke
Frankly, it's kind of saddening knowing your friends leaving to somewhere far far away especially it's a bunch of them!
However, every goodbye makes the next hello closer!
That makes the 'good' in goodbye :)


 our last performance together before leaving~

"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes.
A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends." - Richard Bach

Coming from different states in Malaysia, be it from Peninsular and East of Malaysia, yet we met each other among gazillions of people..
Yup, music unites us!!
Cherish the moments we have together..
Appreciate you guys' contributions & dedications all this while...
May you guys be well, do good and keep in touch!
Friends forever and miss you all...

p/s: Sunny is coming back in May; Hang is coming back during summer, probably August! Yay!!


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