Friday, January 28, 2011


Gah... Time flies...
Though my final exam just ended today, IT's MY DOOM DAY TOMORROW...!
I won't expect any winning in the competition tomorrow as it wasn't my main aim for taking part.
I only wish there's no finger slips tomorrow...
Please cooperate, dear fingers~ 
Reduce my stage fright and be more well-prepared for this piece in my exam (hopefully) this year is my plan in fact.
Though it wasn't my first time to be on stage and solo but hey, everyone has stage fright! =(
Anyhow, went to Roland Music Development Centre @ Jaya One on this Thursday...
Tried the HP-307 digital piano.

Here's the studio where I practiced... 


I like it because... it's digital!
LOL... talking crap here..
Yet seriously, I won't recommend digital pianos to those higher grade piano players....
Unless, your work need to associate with digital one...
The touching is lighter than what I've expected...
Gosh, my piano is way heavier than this.. and I've use to the heavy touch..
It was so hard for me to control .__.
The acoustic sound is rather muffle but quite similar to grand piano.
Anyhow, I like the playback music very much!
It sounded just like someone is playing an acoustic grand piano in front of you without any noise.
Alright, back to the topic...
I must pray hard so that there will be not much error tomorrow!

Mentioning about tomorrow... Quite a number of my friends will be performing in a wind band concert tomorrow with Singapore wind band at Putrajaya..
Wish to watch their concert but the time is clashing!
Hopefully my competition will over early and.. I will be able to make it to the concert!
Wish us luck in our respective event :)

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    good luck and all the best !!!

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