Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home cook food!

It was an impromptu home cook dinner prepared by ZQin, SEn & HPing...
Uh... It happened that my lappy was stroke by lightning and so, I have to stay back in campus to re-do & rush for my BCP portfolio.
SEn was kind enough to invite me over to her house to have dinner with her..
I am so lucky :D
Hmm.. The dinner was prepared in a way which was quite helter-skelter? Haha...
Even so, the dishes turned out to be surprisingly delicious!!

Since it was a random cook, they prepared it by using the ingredients that were available in the kitchen.
ZQin & SEn are really good chefs ;)

After having the dinner, there was also an yogurt drink for us!

What a healthy meal ^^
Anyhow, this has inspired me to learn cooking!
Guess what, the chief chef of the day is a male!!!
Gah... I am so embarrassed =x
Learn cooking will be 1 of my resolutions of 2011!
Thanks again to SEn, ZQin & HPing for the dinner  \(n_n)/


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