Sunday, January 9, 2011


Such a long while since I last put on this uniform... D:
Thanks to my sis who helped me putting on these buttons & chains last night..  =)

Waking up about 6am though it's Sunday today,
I am now blogging after coming back from KLMCCD St. John AGM 2011 which held few hours ago.
Huhu... It was quite a while I have been inactive D:
Reason? I've explained to my officer and person-in-charge about it...
Well, I can barely remember the foot drill, my bad =/
Bah, I am not gonna disclose what have been discussed in the meeting.
However, the Emergency Air Rescue and more nursing as well as first aid courses were appealing.
Before dreaming of taking part in all these, improve and hone my first aid skills first! >.<
Hmm... I may not be able to be very active in SJAM this year though due to the concerts in April and probably October that I am involve in in this year...
The rehearsal for the concert and St. John meeting clash!
Hectic Sundays!
I will try my best and arrange my time to turn up by any chance anyway...

Oh yeah, on the way heading home after taking brunch with Mr. Michael, Elaine, JYang & JLeong, we saw an old lady surrounded by some people beside the road.
According to the passerby, she fell down on the road...
Quickly, we approached her.
Luckily it wasn't a big deal; the old lady was able to get up and walk.
Meanwhile, we went after her son fetching her...

Umm... I am so gonna take the St. John exam, if possible in April!
Wish me luck...!


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