Monday, January 24, 2011

Japanese Food days

It was dinner time and again, I stayed at campus for more than 10 hours to rush for my assignments.
Anyhow, it was such a bliss that Kim Fong picked me up and we went for dinner at Pasta Zanmai!
Uh oh, it was a random one and I did not order pasta this time.
Of course, it was a delicious one.
Denny & Kemmi, you both should join us :D
What's more, thanks KFong for treating me ^^

On the next day, MKit picked everyone of us up from our house in the morning for Alvin's birthday celebration.
Seriously, I did not know he was about to bring us to Tao Cuisine at Sunway Giza to have buffet lunch.
I wouldn't ate curry mee and yao char guay in the morning if I knew that .__.
Anyway, it's TAO CUISINE!!!
The famous and tantalizing cuisine that I've been talking and dreaming of since last year..
We finally made it!
It was almost fully-occupied but thanks to MKit who made an early reservation, they reserved a table for us :)
Without further ado, let the pictures do the talking!!

You know what, the lamb steaks were so appetizing and it has no nasty taste!
Yum yum~

Gee... The chicken wing is so big!!
Oishii ne...!!

After that, we headed down to Sg. Wang to shop.
Initially I wanted to go Lowyat to see if my laptop is ready for collection but MKit was kind enough to send me all the way to Bukit Bintang.
It was such a coincidence to bumped into Hui Sze, an old friend of mine who I didn't meet for years.
The first question when we met her was ''Where's your another half? ''
Haha... We were lucky to know that Wong, Allan, Jason and Tuck Wai were hanging out together at Time Square or Lowyat area.
Alvin called them then yeah, we finally met up at Lowyat.
On the way, I ran into JYang & JLeong.
I guess this will be the last time seeing them before JYang leaving Malaysia.
Gosh, except Tuck Wai & Jason, it was years ago since I last met with Wong & Allan...
Haha..  Thanks Allan for the drinks.
Hey Allan, remember to tell Alvin how to be slim!
Or else we will be seeing a bigger size of Alvin whenever we meet. xD
Thanks MKit for being the ''Tchaikovsky'' of the day and looking forward to the next trip!


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