Monday, January 24, 2011

Great Day

Wee~ It happened that my teacher wasn't available and I have no class on Friday night, hence I got to hang out with Moon, MKit and KLang for a movie, 天天好天 / Great Day on 15.1.2011.
But before that, I went to get myself a new phone since my mobile phone was certified dead.
Umm.. It took 1 hour longer than what I've expected because it has to be upgraded to Android 2.2!
* Excited *
We were burst into laughter by MK's joke, as what he always does before the movie started.

Hmm... Great Day is a local production movie, inspiring and promoting unity, family, love and filial pity.
It was touching but of course la, we didn't shred our tears like what most of the people did.
Nah... We were not cold-blooded.
Oh yeah,the lil girl was sooo pretty... haha
There's significant improvement of local production no matter in drama or movie.
Let's support local production and keep it up!

We planned to have our supper at the night market outside Leisure Mall.
Yet we changed our plan to mamak stall as it was still drizzling after the movie.
Thanks MKit for sending us home safely and not to be forgotten, treated us for the movie
Alright, I shall be the next for Homecoming :D

Well, I was informed a shocking news when I got home.
My lappy cannot be turned on while the modem was not functioning!
According to my family, there were few lightning strikes at my house area.
I guess my lappy was affected though it was turned off.
Take this as a lesson and I will remember to plug off my laptop whenever I am not using it =/


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