Friday, July 30, 2010

Campus Life

Guess what, this is my 99999999999999th post!
Just kidding, its 99th.
Quite a long intermission before the next activity starts.
So here I am, blogging in my campus' library!
First time eh...
It's my 5th day in uni's life and everything is going on pretty well.
Irrefutably my campus is quite big compared to other colleges (except government universities of course) and most of all, it's still very new!!
Hoho... I like new stuff :D
Had sorta orientation in this week.
Yet, we had first test and lesson on the second day.
Umm... It's quite different from the orientation that I've participated before.
New taylorians are orientated by the lecturers, not seniors.
A variety of talks were given to us, ranging from academic to non-academic such as surviving skills!
Well, there are quite a number of international students over here.
e.g. Korean, Kazakhstan, Somalia, China, Indonesia, Yemen, Sri Lanka etc.
I wonder if other universities, colleges or institutions (excluding those international schools) would have such a diverse of foreign students.
The infrastructure and the design of the building is so futuristic & artistic.
Not to be forgotten, the scenic view in the campus!
Just love it :)
Took some photos but I will be uploading it sooner or later (yes, I don't have a bluetooth adapter right now for me to transfer the photos).

the green patches are actually real grass!

To my amazement, the library is actually 4-storeys and there are 5 multimedia labs!
Although it may be tiring for sometimes if we are not using the lift provided.
Oh yes, to my delight, there are more than 40 clubs & societies available in my campus!
Ranging from International Affiliation, liberal arts & science, nature & adventure performing arts & of course, sports!
There are some clubs that sound new and interesting like Jujitsu, FATS (mind you, it doesn't mean obesity xD), beat-boxing, sky adventure club and so on.
Sounds pretty cool huh?
Meeting new friends is inevitably another exciting part!
Yes, campus life has regulated my biological clock that has been disorder for years!
I used to feel quite energetic even came back from school around 6pm after one whole day and stayed up till very late.
Yet now I have to go to bed early and don't even want to stay up late.
I would consider so as a good habit.
Alright, gotta head for upcoming activity - team building!
After that need to rush to music centre to attend music lesson.
Guess I'll be half-dead when I reached home.
Okay, signing off~

Tutorial class is officially commencing on next week!
Aza aza fighting!


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