Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fully-occupied Saturday

Basically those who know me well will know that every Saturday is a busy day for me.
Yeah, I will turn down any invitation on Saturday.
Yet not this Saturday.
Bon Odori? Nah... Not interested at all.
I sacrificed my time and took a day off instead, for today's gatheringS.

In the morning, made reservation and bought a cake for tonight's gathering.
Later on, met up with KHui who just came back to KL for 2 days only, Alice & Stone at Paviliion.
Watched Despicable Me in eye-popping 3D version.

It was their first time watching 3D version, wish their eyes didn't feel uncomfortable after watching. O_O
Love the small minions... heh

You can barely understand what they speak!
Their pronunciation is so cute... ^^
Chit-chatted with them and had early birthday celebration with KHui.
Didn't get to continue the session with Shirley as I was on the rush... T.T

Alright, next gathering move on to Old Town.
Let me see... It was around 3 years ago since we last met!!
Yumcha with Moon, MK the god (haha) & Chew..
HTC Smart College Ambassador semi-finalist, WFong joined us after his competition.
Hmm... Moon becomes prettier :) , MK started to wear specs, Chew is as silent & comment-less as usual and WFong is turning to a man of great capable :D
They considered this as the 'blow water' session.
I was bombarded with all kinds of things from them, be it true or not but I know they were teaching me indirectly.. hah
Big thanks to them!!
Reality is cruel... Sigh...
"No next time" was just kidding la...
Looking forward to the "Part 2"... LOL

Last gathering of the day,
KLPac SB at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.
It was our first time of having such gathering...
Thank you to those who came all the way long and turned up!
Lance was actually carried his trombone, bags and walked from his school to there!
Imagine how heavy & exhausting it was @.@
Yay!! CRoei came at last =)
We actually had early birthday celebration with YWah.
She was kinda shocked actually as there are few more days before her birthday.
Wish you enjoy the cake...
p/s: Sorry, the cake was too hard as I bought the cake early of the day and the staff may had put in the freezer for so long...
Not to be forgotten, thanks Kemmi for sending me home...
We actually trapped in the Bukit Bintang area for like around one and a half hour due to heavy traffic congestion!!
Reached home about 12am... O_O

 The birthday girl~

Fully-occupied and tiring day....


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