Friday, July 23, 2010

New Lappy!

Have been blogging for quite frequent recently...
Forgot to mention that I've got a new lappy!
Able to online whenever I am free and accomplish my tasks.
Of course, blogging!
Got a great deal after survey & bargaining.
Loads of freebies included too!
8GB pendrive
keyboard protector
usb hub
cooler pad
laptop lock
Special thanks to Jason!
Quite satisfy of getting it!

By the way,
Roland Piano Festival is coming!
* Screams *
Missed it last year due to STPM.
Wish I can take part this year with my sis...
Teehee... * drooling *

Anyway, my course is commencing on next week!!!
Guess my life will back to hectic & bustle one...


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