Monday, July 12, 2010


So many things that I have to decide lately..
Duh... Don't know since when I have becoming so indecisive and confound especially in making decision...

Actually I've never think about this until sir suggested me to transfer division...
Yeah, St. John Ambulance divison.
My current division is very far from my place and we use to have meeting on Sundays.
Initially it was quite troublesome for me to go to there whenever there's any meeting and hence, I am kind of inactive starting this year.
Of course, my coloured hair plays the factor too.
However, it has become one of my routine to go to that area since these few months, for band's purpose.
Lim Wei Ji's tragic incident at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 has aroused my consciousness of the importance of first aid and responsibility as a first aider, be it a St. John or Red Cresent member.
This is my main purpose of joining St. John Ambulance & becoming an adult member!
I still remember I was on the way to my band practice when the marathon was going on.
Looking at the members on duty, I miss the moments where my friends and I were on duty.
I miss KHeng, Elaine, JY, YWey, Madam, Sir and others!
I still couldn't return to my division and go for duty till my hair colour fades or turning to acceptable colour.
Well, my friends who are in same division with me will soon leaving me to study abroad or change to other division due to further studies...
"Do you want to transfer division?" asked my officer.
He knows my situation and suggested so.
Some friends of mine suggested me to transfer to their current division.
It's undeniable that joining same division with my friends is great and nearer to my place but I have some concerns in this too.
There are many members in that division, and this makes me relate to politics which I really hate. (You may think I think too much... LOL)
My current division is getting less member especially adult member as they are going to study abroad.
Don't know why, I feel bad if I am leaving now too although I am just an ordinary adult member.
I learn a lot and received guidance from madam & friends from my current division.
Well, EGM is on 18th July, this will be JY's (my friend who brought me into St. John) last meeting that he will attend and resign from committee before going oversea and perhaps my last time attending meeting in my current division.
I wish I will have the answer after attending this EGM..

I've just registered my course in Taylor's after long consideration of taking which course.
Don't ask me why I've chosen Taylor's...
Management & marketing, communication & music courses have been in my mind for pretty long.
And now, I've decided.
It's a course that I didn't apply during my application of UPU.
Another thing pop up which requires me to decide.
To stay in residence which just a stone's throw from my campus or stay in my house?
Let's see...
Staying in residence nearby my campus:
- only about 2 minutes walk to my campus
- new & fully-furnished room
- my band's mate will be staying in the same house too
- most of the roommates are taking same course with me

- can't practice any musical instrument at there
- no mom's cook =(
- inconvenient to go for work
- have to spend more compared to the cost of petrol & time taken to go to campus

Staying in my house:
- can practice my musical instrument whenever I am free
- enjoy home's cook =)
- convenient to go for work
- no need to worry about other expenses

- around 2 hours needed to and fro from my campus
- I will be darn tired after coming back
- high cost of transportation fee
- troubling my parents of sending me

Which should I choose?

There are more roads that need to be taken as we grow up...
There's no turning back once we have decided in certain decision.


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